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Fans welcome Linda gelatin you Chris Dodd today on the news 1110993. WBT could be with you here bidding 289. The that. That's a big question though this morning albeit news programs. Discussing it. More than the other point of view and also we've got to the president tweeting this morning with me was tweeting. And it appeared that despite the fact that he had individuals going out last night. Saying the Washington Post story that's the president shared some very sensitive information with. Many Russians job last week was vaults of the president's senate committee did it. And many have a right to do that so we'll discuss as we go along here similar horrifies don't know 1110 on the program to welcome to join this John. And Charles doing the F producing more operations of our program this morning of course we'll have a number of guests will look into this. The president seems to constantly. Throw others under the bus. Can't. What appears to release from the tweet the president put out this morning it appears that the president did cheer. I'm very sensitive information with the Russians that we don't know if it was highly classified that was in the Washington Post story. But he did share some kind of information dealing with the on the fight against terrorism it and if we can believe parts of the the U discussion in Washington Post story the CIA the NSA was concerned about what the president had said. To the point that they were alerted and they had to alert for a third party. Nation or group that apparently this Intel information James Brown. And we got a glimpse of life for this morning I think the president is tweet. This morning sort of confounded. The issue I think. Those who were very supportive of Donald Trump beforehand. Had put to rest the drug didn't do anything wrong. And that the Washington Post story was just part of the usual big news my truck. However. The president is tweet says he had a right to do this which he did by the way there's no treason here. You know some of the left which overreact about Donald Trump constantly. And in this may be something we have a right to be concerned about the president's lack of hailing this kind of information in the past. He is black of I'm back grounded in the area of government. Military and such and it's all sort of centered in this a real estate business. Tied the birth knowledge that that may be a problem but the president did have a right to tell the Russians even the Nomo. Less about him from it and if he wanted to do so. However that's not the way it normally. Comes down and so there's really trees this year but that's that's kinda the way the left is looking at it. There's something there may be of a concern. Because Donald Trump began his lack of experience in this regard sometimes can cause some difficulty here so let's I want you here. We writer the Washington Post story on CBS this morning noon and this. His conclusions later after drawn between it was kind of like minded drove it actually admitted. You know the the fact that he had shared this information but city have a right to do so this is Greg Miller of the Washington Post this morning. About the fallout and I think this is something else that really undercuts those denials we saw from the White House last night. If this was all appropriate and there was no problem here. Why was it that White House officials were quickly calling the CIA director in the NSA director do you give them a heads up on what had just happen. All right that's fair question comes in the fair game because they apparently did that and they were concerned enough. May Donald Trump and released some kind of sensitive information that. Lived there and do the contact the more some. Serious news agency I mean intelligence agencies. You know paralleling that to be down is really the issue here. They know drunk but I release some kind of information and probably based on his lack of experience of handling this kind of info in that because of that. We are in a situation where we have a president. That still wants to do the right thing. But his lack of knowledge in in this. You know maybe. A hindrance to him whom I was asking the question on FaceBook a little earlier is it possible the president do you know there's times gets in the way. You know is it probable possible that the president's. Lack of having people around him better may be. More of the nature of this kind of the other they're used to dealing with people of high egos are used to dealing with presidents perhaps that maybe he needs somebody. In their clothes doing that he actually will listen to doesn't sound like. The president listens to a lot of the people who are surrounding you Reese previous fears he really the strong enough guys chief of staff to say to the president. And I'm talking about president Donald Trump then we shouldn't there be providing this kind of information we shouldn't go there. Or does the is so it is the president and in other words sort of not well served by the people who he has appointed. To put around him I think that's a fair question when did your thoughts at 704. Five Simoneau live until of course he overreaction by the left is said to be expected here. From the standpoint that. The president has provided trees and now remember they had no concern whatsoever of Hillary Clinton. Providing sensitive information over email server that the rest of the world might get to now it is different when the president. And delivers information. In a firsthand basis like he apparently did with the Russians. The thing is their problem with the president's. Sort of mailing of this I think so present at trump said this morning and as president I wanted to share with Russia. At an openly scheduled White House meeting which I have the absolute right to do facts pertaining to terrorism and airline flight safety. Humanitarian reasons plus I want Russia to greatly stepped up their fight against ices and terrorism there's no problem there and now the kind of information the may have provided there may be a problem. But did the president do so because he had an intent to somehow help Russia. Sink the united states of course not. That's what's appalling. And offensive by some of the Democrats in some of their discussion in the past 24 hours president in Tim and armed the US. And its allies and and we're regaining some of our sources. The president may have made a mistake for him but he did not do so and an additional way. Covering the United States we'll talk about a get your reaction 9/11 is our time this morning and judge Alex setting up for Scots and you're listening to news 1110. 993 WBT will be right back. All right guys Palestinians and Scott's son who's 1110993. WBD good to be within this morning 704571110. And obviously the top story this morning. Here's why did Donald Trump still the Russians filings in the White House last week. The Washington Post other media would do saying that he provided very sensitive classified information. Now drawn between this morning that indeed we did provide some information. It seems to contradict. Clinton's some of the the other members of his administration that came out last night saying that this story was false. But the president of course has the right to provide whatever information. That he wants to do and and I think part of the problem here. Is whether the president will be able to. Learned from his mistakes. And that is that he is in the situation where. He certainly has this kind of information but. Will we learn but you really need to be very careful about. Providing this. To any foreign power he's not used to really dealing and using and having this kind of very sensitive information that's really the issue. He is this guy. They have really can learn on the job from his mistakes. Now you're not going to call the mistaken didn't go the mistake this morning to get right to do so he's kind of been the story which is moralist a Donald Trump way. Now some on FaceBook are whom are challenging me about their criticizing the president is tweaks. I like the fact the president weeks I like the fact he is doing the ability to get right to the American people what I don't like you some of what he does week. And I think it is a problem for people working for him. Many seems to eat things that are in dire prediction. Do stories that they are putting out in in the press listened to Leon Panetta former Defense Secretary this morning. I realize he was a Democrat under the Clinton and administration also be Defense Secretary under Obama. But boosted his reaction on CNN about the you know some of this of this information on new attitude back up apparently and it. It stopped army but Leon Panetta says he was in communities as he watches a the president. Rationalize a lot of this kind of thing. And a good argument these tweets this morning and he said the problem that really bothers me. Is that it undermines the credibility of the office of the presidency can go out later he called trouble loose cannon. He's as I think this president has to understand. They cannot just say whatever the hell he wants an expected doesn't carry consequences. I think that is part of it may be the concern that we have. You know I'm I'm very supportive of Trump's agenda. I think we need massive tax cuts. Especially in the corporate area to get the economy going I certainly support any repeal Obama care. Iso support the president when he comes to dealing with the illegal immigration building the wall and doing what we need to do there I've supported many of his. Executive orders overturning a lot of damage done in the past eight years by President Obama. So I'm I've been supportive. What. What the president is doing. However his personality and we must admit I think even if your child support you must admit his personality gets in the way. The president gets in his own way we're having crisis after crisis every day is not just media generated now here's a that I am not. Any fan. And those of you have heard me many times over the years here on WBD know that I'm not a fan of the mainstream news media. I've been talking about them and probably longer we're Donald Trump every bit. They newsletter we wanna call it it's more isolated news I think maybe ever is fake newsman whatever you wanna call it whatever makes you feel. Good about it the mainstream media is in the tank for the Democrats no question about it I I said wind down drove one of the election. He's used to giving adoration and he's used to getting good media. I hope he's ready for what's really going to happen because the media will return and they certainly have done that to their historic roots in the Democrat party no question about it. And there are going to be and I said this of the time they're going to be. The more visceral than they've ever been. Against anyone in the White House and no drug is as early experience that I think the problem is but Donald Trump. Is giving them plenty of information ammunition. The Donald Trump is sort of in the position now someone who he can stop some of this column but for example McMaster goes out last night. And says the Washington Post story as written is faults. In other words it's big news. As well I'm listening to this. And like many others. Table with a journalistic background. I realize it Parma McMaster did not want to see is buying an allegation that really was not asserted in the Washington Post article it seemed like. He was denying. He went through this and talked about a the president didn't provide methods and didn't. You know provide this and that what he didn't say it was the president didn't provide sensitive classified information. He descended the information that why shared was not a certain Major League Washington Post is not asserting that in any of the items that McMaster. I said we're not true in the story. They are you asserting that the president provided. Some of the most sensitive information. There's only the president a few others are ever privy to have and that he was of such a nature that the CIA. And the USA and other. Areas in the security apparatus had to be called win that is what they're saying. And that is daily doing. In itself but again the president does have a right to provide a lower. Release any particular information he wants to it is not treasonous this is one of the if they do things it is. We discussed in some of the the TARP program some of the democrats' response to all of this that somehow the president is releasing information. In an intensive in intention to harm America that's not the case then. I maintained Dow drop or whatever faults and he has many I think. As president of the United States. One thing he does not spent. He is not at fault. There's a president is not I'm nor the president is a trail I think you patriots. The president is trying to do BC is a country going in the right he's trying to do something big to correct some of the the problems that obviously exist. In our country but the president is another's. In this regard and when you elect someone that has no background in military intelligence or in the background and government and not saying that we shouldn't do that I voted for the guys so obviously I've always good. But they comes within some. Some issues. Now got the Leon Panetta clip. What our teeth every Donovan have got it OK I didn't carry les mis so. I guess I don't have it. I think there is a just inherent problem with the back to the president. It doesn't have this kind of experience in handling this kind of very sensitive information that now who does before they get in the office right. But some have had and government experience in the past. And that did they have been exposed to things they need to keep quiet. You know the president's been out there boasting idea gradient jail I get the distance bill in the world I get this in that. Well we certainly hope that he does. How we certainly think that that's that's part of being the commander in chief then you'll lose so. But again what you share when you share it. And I think this the other question on when I ask you this. Doesn't the president army does doesn't the president needs some people around him that and are more. In line with some of the background as the years to. To give him advice to people he will listen to I don't think that's a very big number. I don't think Donald Trump actually. Respects people who. Are known for their knowledge I think he's more he looks as success. In terms business he looks at his success in the terms of of the amount of money that's. Accumulated. Stay inside and there are people who are very successfully worked for the federal government. Or other agencies. Or other businesses. That the united is really accumulate speak out money but they do have the brainpower necessary. And sometimes make the operations work I'm not sure the president is Lisa isn't just someone who have been observing him. Really looks at people like that in the same respect then he does some of these billionaires sort of investor real estate types. And I mean whether the president seems to think and maybe he can pull it off that. But his knowledge is superior to others. And therefore he simply needs to you to have the information and he's able do. Ascertain the results that the American people voted for by the way. And though with a come some consequences but that's that's sort of the process that many. The top supporters actually voted for that we didn't want to do the standard operating procedure and have policy walks but I do think there's some there's got to be somebody out there. Sued Donald Trump thinks is of the great enough stature who's been in the government that. Didn't say the president dropped dozer. We can't do that no sir we're in order to read that knows there were not doing due to make this happen in their help guide him along. And down from then we'll have the chance of being a very successful president. He has a right agenda I think most of us elusive this program agree with that. He has an agenda to make this country better but the problem is we can't implement it because of his personality. And affected the Democrats are now reacting to the point this. Barring a hysteria. And dull throb as president continues to give them information to make that happen. There is a problem of getting the agenda through it only takes some wishy washy Republicans out there. And don't Lieberman they're not plenty of those in congress to start to. Backing off from residents romp. And and and really not pushing forward the agenda. He'll launch his agenda really fall through and then what is the the president asks. Okay will be bag we Moylan gonna join me here he's an expert in the area classified information military experts he was he today it was his taking is. And what the president actually did last week and maybe the impact or the reaction is it proper that we've been. Listening to all all morning. Dealing with a what the president did last week we'll talk about it and be right back in just a moment here on news 1110993. WBD don't. 936 here on the Scott FitzGerald program until until the end who's 1110 million three can be TV. This morning. Also done intro is doing many of our operations in producing a video program. And you're welcome to join us anytime during the show at 7045. Similarly limited and by the way my website is I did radio guy's done he can hit me up on Twitter my Twitter feed. Is that I dug. Radio and find him FaceBook as well I posted a few moments you on FaceBook what do you think Sean Spicer he's the white house Press Secretary. What do you think John's by two things would trump tweets every morning like you did this morning. That seems to get predicts all week. Know his last night did said that an elusive this a story was true that drove providing some sensitive classified info to the Russians. Drugs and basically yeah I did it he didn't say that way that so I'm paraphrasing but. Yeah I do but I had a right to do it what do you think Sean Spicer white house Press Secretary things when drug tweets every morning. I got a mobile Joyce here hey I hope he breaks his fingers. Oh no not again. So he just told me the opposite ten minutes ago. Our please lord let the Internet New Delhi the White House. And actually there can be many many more like things it could have would not be allowed on the air or. Or approval wonder Sean Spicer things. Went down trump is tweeting every morning. Lieberman's going to join me he's handled classified invoke he had learned their weapons arsenal during this time of the US military a delusion. When you know that that he also an author he's in the number of votes in his website is Lee boy landed books died and at least check it out Lee Williams. Looks like doubly good morning to you good to have you on the program this morning. Good morning go to thank you for inviting me did you is viewing entering the mobile joyous which one would be user I'm not sure I take any of them. Well let's let me let me start with something I try to teach my case. Kids and on trying to my daughter around trying to teach her grandson blood to blood test for you speak embedded it's the it is not what you say. It's what the other person heard Tuesday. And I tried to make them understand because. When your saying something people are and they know exactly what I mean but what you hear me say you hear something differently and if you don't. Make sure the person is can gut your message correctly. You have misunderstanding. You know that's a really good point you're making league because Donald Trump has not been in the environment where. Every comment he makes is going to be analyzed is going to be pars is going to be. You know there's going to be commentary written about it I mean here's a guy ran his own business. And when you're sealed your own business whatever you say is law doesn't matter if you're right or wrong or right nobody can really. Make any comments about it down drug is no law no longer lives in that environment. No he doesn't and my next point out we're going to make guests with a 140 character tweets you cannot be precise and up to. And when you do dish you leave yourself open for deliberately missed this interpretation because there is a hole. Army of people out there that don't like him to go over everything he says. But ticket to pieces and look for anyway to misinterpret his statement. And that's the real case anyway to misinterpret what the man hit by twisting it into something else and you. You eat these and he's killing himself with the weight because you can't beat first place and opened it and a complete. And this morning to perfect example. So let's get onto that subject. I had text books open and Manuel swallow of going to the new in the nuclear weapons program to contained. Equation that you could find in any high school physics book for example. Kinetic energy equals one nip MC squared. But that in that textbook in the context of the report that I would looking at. That equation with class supplies because the whole document was classified let's place secret restricted data. So if I discussed that with somebody else. Let's play from the atomic energy commission and I was on the middle army and we're discussing a problem and that comes up. And I mentioned this equation fit as part of our discussion. Somebody that was that got a report on the meeting could twist that to say that I don't hold. Sensitive classified information to another agency you're probably. Yeah I am I read that's probably you know we can't help but that right okay so. But you do think some information and was cheered. Other sensitive nature of into the Russian drive yet I mean and then the question is it would is that a good idea right I mean. I agree with the I think the reaction has been first of all the worlds like coming to an end because trump told the Russians something you probably shouldn't have told them. Now he did not established yet they didn't know that's true. No that's true but it was really let's say that let's say that he did the world's like coming doing and the reaction that somehow trumped committed treason is is ridiculous. No I think the trees and is being is in media or news media I really mean though I think it treasonous and a new media that won't do anything to hurt him regardless of the consequences to the country or beats are the long term effects or anything else. And I think the key I think it's really gonna come down to the affected until he literally. Grab somebody or one of the the Justice Department or somebody else grab some of these people and charges them with something like treason. It's not gonna end. Or you hit it well from what I understand. There was so few people in the room. Secretary of state medical security advisor and I can't remember the other party. They discussed they were discussing airline safety with the head of another country who has a very good intelligence organization. And they were discussing the fact. How do we stop these people from blowing up Al war power being Russian and American and European and in western airplanes. Because Russia had one of their plane blown up. So of course they're going to discuss. Intelligence that they've. Compare notes on how do we stop this do you know something that we could use the line or something you can use. Can we stop these people from pulling up our airplanes and killing our people. Now. That's classified discussion and of course it took place what was the point never in a meeting if you didn't discuss something like that that's why it was limited to a few people. Now that was an out take document of some type this summarized the meeting that was sent out to other. Other agencies somebody that got that report net picked it and came up with the fact that trump said something that the falch. People are human intelligence something its ultra sensitive that was generated by another country so let's play country. Six. Has faced by. Or don't they get inside of one of these organizations to Hokkaido amounts. Crisis. Whatever and they were getting information and if he said I got the information from country X who has and who has eight. Well agent embedded in this organization that would have been supporting the type of information this beat he's being accused stuff. But the people in the room Williams said he did not do that. And appeared just kept their finger up to placate this thing would have died down. Now we're going to leave oil and he's going to be with us a few more minutes is half hours or be like to talk with a medallion right now it's 70457. Though. The 1110 and and talk with a cheer on the program about it yet we I think that is part of the problem he seemed today in the tweeting your right tweets are very imprecise. But I have to conclude you after reading it that he was saying something different then than the people who came out last night. Saying the Washington Post story was false in other words it was big news the president and I like the story was fake news this morning which I think is kind of interesting because. The way he takes a mainstream media and how he calls everything they news he did not say that in either tweak this morning. This is big pot this is the problem he has picked he's not personally. If he stayed out of it entirely it was settled no he's he's opened the whole thing up and made his own people's cell like state they lied for him which I don't and. Barely the house and the intelligence committee is now asking for you know maybe even president drive to come before the committee or something to explain what's avenues and this is really snowballing. And community can easily get out of control here but here's a thing Donald Trump didn't whatever information he gave. He didn't do so with the intent to hurt the United States of America that's absurd and people need to do is lay off that this is this is where the left is coming from. The president may have made a mistake you know you agree with that right he may have made a mistake. I I won't even do data from what you've been listening to my masters statement and Tillerson statement they were clear and they certainly know. What the whether he did or did not. They're saying that he didn't discuss anything it would at duke called a human intelligence from another country sort. He's saying yes they discuss classified information about what the meeting the sport to compare notes and see if we can't come up with a way to stop these people from killing us. Ask you something else about the fact give the Russians in the Oval Office here. The foreign minister embed their previous interview he said that he was that welcoming the the foreign minister because food no phone call ask him to do so. What about an the to me probably is all about optics does trump is a guy who understands you know television he understands. Yeah he's able to relate to the American people very well. Why would you do when we had that meeting in the Oval Office the day after you fire the FBI director when all this you know controversy surrounding whatever trump. And his campaign connection to the Russians are adds that when I didn't understand at all. I think your hit the I think you're saying they have instant spoke what you said earlier before I came on the air about him not having an understanding of the world we live again. He doesn't seem to connect. Yet to be different told unbelievable come right back in just 954 is our time here. I'll leave Moylan the Finland win the AMBER Alert classified information mid during the time we'll look into weapons arsenal in the US military I was in the top story this morning is indeed about. This story that appeared in the Washington Post lead yesterday. About whether have well nationwide whether I'm right now drove me to the Russians information about the intelligence gathering Endesa the follows him from there. Yeah I've I've posted this because I'm getting a lot of reaction and FaceBook this morning. Look I support no drugs agenda map from the beginning a vote for the guy. But I do think that some of us have to realize his ego in his personality is getting in the way. It's part of the flaws. You know person that we put in the White House here. It doesn't matter how much you support him if his ego his personality get in the way of accomplishing these tasks his agenda. He's just going to be something we talked about one day. And never accomplished. And though drivers got to come to grips with this. That it does matter what he says when he says it what he does. This he isn't he's not running the trials organization actually be United States of America here and even those of us who support his agenda need to understand. Good job is not to always conducting themselves in the way it's going to be to get this agenda done. Does it mean when you're overly critical we certainly do not. Buy into the account of the leftist trying to make their push for impeachment or no drug is committing some kind of treason. Clean in the whatever he's done and also we don't know and leave when news had a few minutes ago Lee's not ready to go that way that now drove even provided any thing. Maybe you should not have provided to the Russians let's go to done at least you'll this year done your next Dunn and his 1110993. WBT thanks for going. Are you hear a and I think ultimately it. They question but it eventually really all that much anymore didn't Hillary Clinton who bet it was the sheer. That all right but it went only. I think that's a great question I did mention this sort of done earlier in the program that. Yeah Hillary does the left didn't care about Hillary Clinton providing. The opportunity for the rest of the world did you know get information via hurt her email server then was only protected by Norton utilities are back if Theres nothing right I mean. You're right about that they'll Leo bring you in on that day and nine sick comment he said Hillary share classified info but they'll abuse anything really classified anymore. You have to wonder though too that's a very good point. Yes he did and she very possibly shared human intelligence information. That would that would out. The agent beat the person and he's organization to providing inside information and one new album they get killed. It isn't like they're gonna get expelled or not gonna get kicked out of the country they're gonna get their throat slit and I don't think trump did that and that's what the other people in the room said but yeah he's right overeat there was indication that she's. Included information that she shouldn't have even had. Think he'll net unclassified and now yeah did did well but those kinds of sources and people may have a night used the word may. Not not dead. Male and diamond can let let me say this to Don Don I don't know I think there is a different I think you need to he's different dear Hillary did something intentionally. That did not protect the United States of America she knew what she was doing when she put this a sensitive information over this unsecured server Donald Trump. Even broke yet but only a year. I don't broker right on that because I think he said that after being in the government for thirty years he still wouldn't know what is being met all of these the paper. Yeah I put got a break brought up your picnic so it way to go all right we'll check made Dodd okay. Which you know I mean think about it though here's she does is a potentially right and then Nadal dropped even even if he did it do something that he shouldn't have shared with the the Russians in. And some are not saying we don't know that he did that by the way but. If we did he didn't do so divert the United States of America and he didn't do so knowing that some other information might be used against us. That's why I picked up pollution they didn't do it now. And it just all it's a tempest in a deep water. A bunch of liberals once more he does total disregard for the effects this has on the United States and the amount of distrust that does. Hope that this is causing among our allies and people are saying well maybe we better quick sharing with this guy could be evolution Malcolm lets things slip. Which didn't happen and he just made it worked with just wait and that's the problem really a pain in the left it alone let met Masterson and Tillerson statements they had. It's just don't know that was a while he did not do debt to credible people in the room so that it knew was a third person who also concurred with that. So what he had to go to way to get an inaccurate opened the whole thing up again to four Mormaset interpretation deliberate this interpretation of what he said. And only done over the Golan we appreciate it yet fully well before between this morning I intended to come on the program in. And basically take the decision you're taking an active the week. Where he seems to me anyway to have he admitted that he did this and said basically has a right to do it in the story. Men I'm thinking again here we are with his personality is ego gets in the way be. The fact that he doesn't have the background. You know I'm not saying that you know there are no that's why some people voted for him that he wasn't in politics. But I think as conservatives. Who support his agenda we do have to admit that his ego and his personality is a problem. Well I'm not denying that. And I'm I'm I'm hoping that maybe this will be the last and it did hit that pits thanks to them. Because there's still that this is a perfect example of deliberately going after somebody and twisting their work. And he just keeps breeding of these tweets which could be twisted because there they're short they're in the first place. And it just leave cute you know as long as he tweaks you can take them turn them around and tournament does something that he didn't mean. And then ram it down his throat. And he's got to learn. No you're exactly right just quickly going a couple of seconds here. You think this is a guy edible learned from his mistakes if even if he didn't I mean if he made one do you think this is a guy that can learn from it. I think he must have at least be able to build the umpire business and further the good he has to let everybody makes mistakes you gotta correct them. Absolutely Lee thank you again leave Moreland votes dot com as his web site. And you can check out Leo on the Internet says get a number of great books some based on his experience. Failure nuclear weapons arsenal in the US military. We've got a news update next more of the Scott FitzGerald program coming out so stay tuned I'm the deal is sitting in 7045711. Tim will be right back. All right welcome back our number two yeah. Got your program the skeletons 11109893. WBD the phone number 704. 571110. I'd like to be on the program gives a golf. John and Charles doing these producing border operations of the yes program yes we will have some of the line time during the show today's. Also was some other guests will be joining me to talk more about. The story of the Washington Post yesterday and it's really caught fire it's all over everywhere and that is whether the president. Released classified information he should not have to the Russians the president did say that he wanted to share would Russia this is part of his tweet this morning. Which I have the absolute right to do facts pertaining to terrorism and airline flight safety. Humanitarian reasons Bozo want Russia to greatly step up their fight against higher ices in terrorism. He does have the right no question about it the president. Just by being president. Really cannot violate the idea of releasing classified. Information because the president can Sony's own declassified. Any information and have provided to sell another source the question would be whether he should have and did he do that and that's really what is being discussed. After this morning I think ms. we talked about there. Is a difference however of supporting Donald Trump and I do. I support Donald Trump's agenda I don't like with the media is trying to do to him reviewed in shreds I don't aboard Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. Ended their ridiculous effort to talk about. Anything bad to drop do they think he's done. They knew everything about debit support Hillary Clinton who have been terrible for America. You know no matter how bad if it turns out the Donald Trump he ends up being as president I will always thank him personally. For giving Hillary Clinton is far away from the White House is possible for winning the election. There was a reprieve I think. From sending America further down the tubes now let's get to the reality of the situation where conservatives or many conservatives I know. They're dead just absolutely can't stand down drop. Okay what the problem is is ego and personality now some of it is his behavior. Where he tends to act like one of these nutty CEOs at times you know you probably work for a guy like this suit. Plus there's one thing and all the sudden a few minutes later he's on to something else these you know it seems to contradict himself left and right that's what Donald Trump. Ten reminds me he actually reminds me of Billy Steinbrenner I mean. You have the he would endorse I really got used to fired Billy Martin all the time. This is the as a New York Yankee manager Vanilla until some of my conservative friends. They're distraught about Donald Trump. Prevent. Just really. Believe it they're not as bad as the Democrats but it's it's getting there. I don't you know George Steinbrenner. Do most people thought was a little irrational at times. You don't find Billy Martin bringing him back in this guy think he eventually got it right though because the Yankees became a major power that they are today. So maybe we should be somewhat patient here now drug is learning on the job here's a question does his ego and personality get in his own way. And is joined in this is where they we have do it least admitted as those who supporting that is personality and his ego. Could possibly derail the agenda that he has put order which is a great agenda for this country. That's the real question and if if if the answers yes to that question we must. Ask ourselves one other question. How can we reach him. And what do we do about it maybe that's two questions. Right in other words can we reach him can he understand that that's a problem and then proceed accordingly because Donald Trump has a lot of great ideas. You know there's a but I think the fact that some people are blindly supporting everything about trump no matter what he says or what he does. I don't know that that's actually helpful either because again he needs to hear from us. Women he steps have maybe a bit over the line what's your old cliche coloring outside the lines. Stevie does and here promise in that regard and he continues to do what he wants to do. And thinks there's no consequences to it so I think that's a question and I put that do you 7045 sim Nolan Tim I write wrong about that. I think is conservatives and supporters of don't drive we do have to admit. The guy does think he knows everything. So. Maybe he does maybe he'll prove that. In the final analysis but my guess is it's I've never met someone who does know everything he probably doesn't. And so because of that he's got to realize it's just the way the government operates on other people who do know things that I said this earlier and I do believe it in this is just an observation. About the president. That I am because of what he determines a success or listen to him quite a bit during the campaign of course like you did. I've listened to him since he has become president hate it build when he talked success he darted a successful people it's always in the business community. And while I deuce celebrate success in the business community and some of these billionaire investor dives in real estate died city. Has around him I do recognize that they have had great success are also recognized. Then that's their area of expertise and that there are other people out there. They have areas of expertise who may not make a million dollars in a lifetime are or a year. Or may not make a lot of money but they have great expertise of which they can provides. And do service to the American people here and I'm not always sure the president. Some respects people as much about their knowledge as he does about. Maybe the income they have received. Or they have them amounted or the the fortune they've made to themselves and I think that could be a problem because it government as president. You there's just no way to do it alone. And and he has always done it alone. And this is one of the issues we have to kind of admit and look at and maybe reach him about. That despite the fact you don't like it. You've got to rely on other people at times to get this whole agenda through. If you don't believe it just look at the frustration we've seen with then house Republicans here and the lack of really getting a full repeal of obamacare through. I'm sure that was a shocking this Donald Trump visit. Was to all of us right. And we'll be right back 70457011. Genuinely program and get your reaction. News 1110993. WB we will be right back. And Clinton seen here on the news 11109000003. Demanding to he's got programs that tell a filling yellen says the addition of a show here. Spend we've Daniel McCain right by downtown as you'll join me I just posted this and I appreciate the camera stationed off the air I'm FaceBook and Twitter my Twitter pages and I don't radio and copies mode downtown back ledge I don't radio as well as. Those calling on the show here are just supposed to what's the most dangerous job. Military deployed in the Middle East police and buyer about a radio talk show host who says anything negative about truck. Horror being John Spicer I think that's my choice let's bring Neil McCabe on the radio program here and feel good morning to you lectured him on our. Take. Glad to be with you. You know I always knew you had a little love bumper crop being on the finally came out. But he put conservative parts of post about a car that he just he met there never trump tendencies right. I guess that's all it is a blow my friend in Colorado jemile key not a money issue every week you're easy to is that I. I'm not a never trump reliability for the whole day and heart broke oh yeah. Recurrent or at at at that for a little bit yeah I clearly I think derby my for now. Doctor Neal is on the line Neil what about his personality is a problem what do you think. Now it's hard. Who pioneered like a weird little thin is me main Mia. On me hints Bloomberg. And then what happened boot the dust settled when people look back and they go ha. I guess that was the big electoral law. Like it here. They just blew it up. They are not. Alone since you've heard Derek that everybody here no matter. Hopefully it won't somebody yeah but what are we just stop and ask. All weighted format. World. Well you're right about less than earlier today Neil the sky's not falling down drug whatever he did pour is not a does not in the Americas we know it's not being didn't commit treason. As the Democrats are out there trying to say none of that stuff. Can the president be collapsing the political world that something that's no longer classify. Certain you low said that before I came on in and that's so so well legally who called jingle all up ritual he would clearance. And speak no clients like a snake in the grass. Simple and up to sort of. Look they even and it's like the second billion. What ever trump all the Russians. Does that make us pay part or not. I would say yes. So maybe clubs towards something to the Russians that would make Americans safer if you try to get their questions to join us. Fighting terrorism. It's something he campaigned on and the Russians have several won't back they would help but with terrorism. Apparently the brush and have been fighting I sit and think they mean not a Lowe's cobalt technical like the way it was going up barter or not. Or you know or if the court had an awareness. Of the terrorism problem and it's something that he that the Americans in the rushing and he'll work together and I can't forget that part about it all. I cannot prepare. That might your system bent on the Boston Marathon every year. 200 plus plus Q or ten minutes away from the ones on what those who bomb went off. In Boston. And then we find out who warned the Obama twice. Twice. And that about being about these guys and so how is it a little plumber come our. As a good guy. Or at about these big evil code. Well couldn't the god who warned us about a terrorist attack that is that Obama is rumored. How that that that didn't put. You know and I'm trying to. Let them trying to square where our military fact they have a personal connection with me with all the hysteria that spinning around the government sent in to. Yes that's a good will and you and I have talked about them why would prudently trying to help the United States in regard then he did. And so I mean that's a really good question is when I certainly don't have been injured two I never had a problem with trump trying to have good relations with Russia don't. You'll live to talk about need to do that. Now this certainly is no trump says president there's uninterested. And they might let's just a browser because I know you really want to could you comment about let's go to Bo Bradley next Braly thanks for calling Indra is eleventh in 1993 demand meeting. Good morning good morning Jim we first saw what the favorite you know I. I think what's important for everyone to realize as we should pick and choose ourselves what we think is important and what we think we should get upset about right now. And like everyone's for too many people are trying to you what. The media is telling us we should be worried about the we're learning what's sad that if you start off your wrong foot if you start off there. Mean case in point. First of all. Talk about unity talk about classified information like out what exactly depending I mean when represent the true. Foreign government your little girl talk about you know what fertilizer they use from all people that greens are grapple sector are stronger you are everything that the people are out. This caught the part to some degree. Since the so we're told what level publication were not told. Anybody at all and so I get a what what does going. Yeah I mean that's a good boy well have led to bad that it doesn't mean just a fact there was class a by the president. And we'll probably have can be classified in the heat there was a very much sensitive information classified information begin. He has the right to do that I think did the question would be you may this is another wanna launch a buzz is asking Ellis meal militants isn't a good idea. Necessarily was gonna do the right thing that would be the question right. Well in the donuts couldn't do it like people think oh gosh she didn't wrestle you just are calling. Me these priests per presidential. Schedules are packed. The misleading could have been scuttled back in February these thinkers will keep our comments are so good knowledge and other media is playing I would Russians still remember them actually do it now limited. And I think this doesn't happen that way. I mean I think probably. Yes. None of that would be different we have revenue are truly would have the right to decide when he fires Komeito army. Yet amid the optics of that's not their grade Grammy viral Colonia and yet that was my problem there but I'm Lenny fires coming. Certainly your marketing here from the Everett Crawford got talent I'm. Well that. That you could you clean sport minister or ambassador. We're in the Oval Office with trump. The exact same parent that the Russians visited because there was a European security count. Conference. In Washington DC. That all of these countries were attending. And so it would have been incredibly awkward. Or Russian foreign minister. Warned Washington DC and not. Visit the White House it's just exactly ball if if they didn't know you were a lot of guys went in and out. And it was just thought it was a coincidence but I do wanna eat duck soup that you'll years saying that it tropical and let the suburb and I agree with you that Obama. Somehow the extra throw the ball. In George Steinbrenner but what I call me like just like gagged urged its stand that the gay after his I just came in the next decade like he wasn't fired. You know to put the started working again you know. Yeah right you really need change that would mean James likes on mile view any remote and. We do that throat is hopeful an affair when we elected him in office and he runs a company joke is that he's a Chief Executive Officer. Of the biggest corporations in the world United States when he does he do in the same exact thing that we can do on television 28. It is that he he sees something. He he spins up and scrambled and opponents and whether it's real cities whether it's accumulation of any type of about that he's doing exactly to the media what he does your opponents to watch how he built as well or look at this. I'm going is to sow what so we think that the in terms of being concerned about how he's doing is you know he's doing exactly what quake in itself all I believe essentially. You're gonna see this for what it is literally like well turn this guy he keeps the media rolling around because the rest of us who voted for a increasingly realize. That these he's doing this because he knows it's supposed to busy. Trying to create things into hysteria that only they are being hysterical Foulke. Meanwhile he loses he can focus on what we hired him to do. Trailer I don't know until brilliant stuff I appreciate yeah I mean I think drought is going to be. In the final analysis is going to be whether he is successful presidency and I determined by the number of jobs created. Whether the economy's going in whether Americans can't say I think in. Millions of doing about immigration you agree with a male. Or shorten it over the weekend I put it on. My son and daughter in law in the country town in that and pearl Massachusetts is such a complete talent. Well at Sunday mass they'll guide in flannel shirt I vote no confidence vote right. And they can't. It didn't people were angry about trot would go and in this town like. If you can keep up with washing his EC where everybody's having a coronary and am pop big gap it's. You've got to like you go back to like America. Very difficult problem voter who changed his mind because any of us stopped car there have been a single day. That troubled wide in 2016. That is gonna blew a 21 in because of the best. It's improbable happened it is because it's the. It think about what people used to say about Obama or even feel like. And yet it has no effect. Right what is the converse Hillary Clinton supporter if you could chill you to that principle will Ukrainian. She took got muddled political accommodation. Can get all that. She took 600000 from Goldman Sachs. Nobody so now Hillary Clinton supporter. Cared because they agreed with their agenda and they needed to get it got the people who voted for trump. In order for trump because they wanna turn the economy around. They only if the Bill Perry stronger than they want to burden they wanna stop having these cruel yolk that you're barked up the way. And until prop basically doesn't do got a. Then we have a problem. Totally agree listen you'll thank you so much appreciate it. Impairment and we only will go to union zoom right by that gun control again writings Neil McCabe at right guard. Not down but we'll be right back aboard the show here joining me just a lonely conservative document documentary filmmaker John Ziegler is going to be bellwethers. Mean I got done yesterday hit an article about it holders criticism. President pro women you lose in Coulter. And we'll discuss it Johnson is not some thing that is easy so blessed birds we give away from drugs so easily. We'll discuss that coming up more bongos you're on these 11109893. WBD don't go away. All right we're back 1037 year old 211109 million bringing WBZ dug in perspective this morning to all over the same civil war. I don't know 1110 to weigh in on the program. And we're gonna continue our discussion here how bad though trump. Home classified information as well. And we're led to leads to gender and we'll enjoy music leotard chose conservative commentator dark you have conservative. Documentary film with. Make sure as well anybody using gallon yesterday in the media I don't come. Based alien cultures comments. Over the weekend that she might you know there's some of the people because I think notre might be right in John didn't let our Inco dropping easy. He's also maintain some conservative commentators are being hypocritical by supporting trump decisions they would have attacked Barack Obama. The lower end. Democrats let's bring guns wouldn't you John thank you so much for coming on the program this morning hours of. I'm all right bank Troutman. You know hey I don't think you're right I think part of it is the reaction yet from. Some of the some of the conservative listeners because of I say any thing. Dead tens of the not government or your druthers is unconcerned that made that decision making his personality or whatever. I'm here we're left and right heart and a happy dabble in Ohio right. I would think about that. Well here's the problem. What has occurred now is that there's the conservative core group conservative media which are used to be. And apparently fairly significant part of for twenty some years in talk radio and the television commentator. And get TV guess what have you. I'm documentary filmmaker I. What it was what happened is that that base audience has become a cult. And it's a cold. In every way fashion informed and the call leader is Donald Trump. And the EU the worst one. One thing you can do as essential in English and now you're in those boxes shall become basically state run media. Most of talk radio has become stayed around. Me I can't little Cheney and Kazaa. A Europe despite in the mainstream news media and bad you know being very thankful for. Supposedly conservative media to come but it is not transformed into state run media whose job it is. To keep the cult in the dark. About anything mid day it negative people don't want to hear bad news people don't wanna believe they were duped but they work. David Corn grow conservative base was duped into believing that pollen count was one conservative would you not to qualified. Which he's clearly. Not to. And I am capable of being president and none of those things are true it's been clear it's now abundantly obvious and even Ann Coulter. A call people who wrote a book called and trump we trust. It effectively admitting that. Now how many people wool follower I I doubt very many Matt Drudge seemed to be giving some small very small indications. That he might be willing to jump off the ship. But as well a lot of the ratings gold. And let's face it the reality is that business model the conservative media try to talk radio has been broken for several years. That means the cold is even more important than ever has been before because. You need your most enthusiastic. The most fervent listeners and those are trumped cultists are referred to them as. 45. They believe that every time. Just being I was in the forty to present United States so that's the essence. Our dad I just relocate. Not a moment of PBS sometimes cover for example. As a conservative. Surely some borders agenda right I mean yeah I like what the he's calling for his first tax cuts at least most of his agenda that. The idea of you know bill repealing obamacare which we didn't really get through leave the House of Representatives this day they. As a conservative though we can still point out killing the the problems whose personality the problems we're losing ego that may be getting in the way of the agenda. Well you would think so because everything you just say there is not a percent true and I also support parts of an agenda although I've never believed. Most of that will ever actually become law now I'm even more pessimistic because of I've been shooting himself in the foot constantly like for instance giving highly classified information to the rush and the day after your fires the FBI director is investigating his campaign for collusion with the Russians gee I can't imagine why that might. Impacted the gender at all but are all the hypocrisy. Of the conservative media it is staggering. If if Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton did any of these things and I'm we're trying to do and the conservative media would lose their marks. But you know what because trump is the cult leader. And because people don't wanna hear anything bad about turnaround. The truth no longer matters and by the way I want the truth. One of the many troops here unfortunately is there's a very very very good chance. Then not only will Donald Trump not ever institute. Most of his agenda I'm not a very concerned ready in the tax cuts ever going through there's never going to be a full repeal a relation of obamacare. There's never going to be a law. He's already banned in many of us. Count signature campaign promises but I also believe in the long run talking about doing it for six years here. The backlash against tribe is going to be so great. That the Democrats take over. Both houses of congress certainly at least one of them. And I Andy anywhere in trouble somehow get Hillary elected to the Democrats can't find a decent candidate to go around again tip and he'll turn into a Democrat. Four Democrats control everything and the the tsunami of backlash will wash away. Everything will be info and far worse shape than we would have been at Hillary Clinton won and who would have been basically feckless president of the Republican congress not being able to do anything. And we would have been able to recover from Matt. This is something for which we may never be able to recover and and part of it is because the cold. That now want to hear the truth and the news media that wanna get the conservative media doesn't wanna give them the truth because it's bad for business goes. Well I mean I had that I UN Planet Green card picture really I mean there's no question about that. Let what do rush in the state today Russia so that OK I mean let let's talk about that because rushed to deliver the program here. Russia is thinking of conservative commentators Russia's been supportive of down drove he's also pointed out this blog is about drop inside to where what do you think would trust don't say about this latest story. Well like so many people I wanted to talk radio because Rush Limbaugh my grandfather died during Rush Limbaugh was a hero. I loved that Shia Arab. I've communicated with the Russian overtime to give them off tips for it via email would you very much appreciated. But I I. I am I embarrassed I would Rush Limbaugh has become. I wrestled now a joke and I'm sure that whatever comes up with fascinated to defend its. A downtrend will be local ideally he liked to rely on this notion that he's holding. Democrats and that's something that we're getting that liberals and media head to explode. Well that. It's good to talk that he's getting in the explode over and over actions that are not defensible but let's pretend that they were. He would do what and to what and when we actually accomplishing I felt the whole point of this was to make America great again. What makes America great again part. Also it and and bloodied and has it done on numerous occasions it has created incredible problems. Throughout our government and by the way created enormous problems Lagarde the precedent. The precedent that he is setting here are. They extraordinarily dangerous and will prevent us in the future from that about how we would ever disqualified in the future. A democratic candidate for anything. Because it will use the Tom model on the and jump precedent. Everything's okay now. Everything. And that's not what. My era I thought be about. Now what about my buddies surely done I've lived a George Steinbrenner that. Yeah I eat these all over the place you buyers Billy Martin 45 times for those who remember back in the seventies but he got it right in the end of the Yankees were a successful program in Debian on in become this great baseball team is that possible if your scenario may be wrong in many minds right we need to. I would be for older that was the case I I without a lot of women where's the winning. Where where where it was. I think that you could someone show me where the winning has may now I don't say that. So if if it cannot be thrilled by it I'd say this primetime and I Obama about jump. But you know I've met trump. I know my father is telling him extensively in business. But go to the phone he's an intent to aid not qualified to do anything. He even narcissism he's got major personality issues that he's not knowledgeable didn't care about the country only cares about himself. And he's very very difficult situation. And I will only get worse now because now approval ratings will never get above when a bunch of major. Situation blocks a lot of people never get above 4142%. Now so yeah that's a very difficult position to govern from a special what your problem. I don't know our tribe got to run for time the united really appreciate to be nine. Interesting conversation John ziglar conservative commentators talk shows again his website John Ziegler dad we've got traffic Susan's got that course. And another hour of the show here this morning agility for Scotts you're welcome to join his 704570. Lead in Santa usual phone number John. And Charles doing the more operations in producing of the program of course. Maybe you wanna reacted to some of the conversation we'll get right to it it's 7045 to Nolan and standing just a moment believable lines and also this. Our as we down down to Rush Limbaugh who my previous guest didn't think much of any longer than rush. He's outlived his usefulness apparently in the conservative. Movement is all because of Donald Trump you know we know we have. The list vs the right we don't travel don't have the right verses the rice. In many ways conservatives. Many of them are my friends are not happy when Donald Trump and a lot of ways a lot of it focuses on his. How personality which I think anyone concede to review the wrong way. And this latest does story about the Washington from the Washington Post about whether he gave very highly classified info to the Russians. Is another sort of indication where the conservatives are are splitting its idea we've got Bob Parker of Tennessee. Says this so White House is in a downward spiral. We've got a number of conservative commentators concern about the the president leadership. Gaza and others meanwhile who are defending him. No matter what happens here that's where my last against John Ziegler was his problem was some of the conservative commentary eating class. Which he called hypocrites let's bring our buddy under the program judge in Billiton deep mourning nation that time also writes a column for The Washington Times and you know I judged and is a he's been a critic of drought at times but he also. Is like these aborted the drop agenda judge and how are you doing this morning sir. Good morning it's a beautiful day Aaron you do it. Yeah I think. Think of doing pretty well actually industry of the environment. You know 888. Years that Hillary is not president. And you know I hate it I'm realistic right now during the campaign I was never called. And people had to be there are people proper never drop in my answer to that is nighter. But I am supporting parts of the top the agenda are because he's put a good Supreme Court justice on the bench injustice war huge. And you know as we saw today. Where we got word I guess yesterday rather that the Supreme Court denied a a review of being North Carolina voter ID law voter integrity law. You know the fourth circuit. Dominated by Obama judges taught that and I Donald Trump is putting our sport but conservatives on the bench. IQ are replaced some lead liberal judges and we desperately need debt because if Hillary Clinton has been elected to go left would have a lock on the judiciary. Yeah this is my concern judge him all this hero more than you know left and right about down trouble he did this is. You classified information to do this that's my concern is about the agenda because you're right good Supreme Court nominee he's reverse a lot of executive orders from a bomber. He's also moved to try to move forward would tax cuts and you know be revealed Obama here you know we didn't get exactly well we wanted I'm really concerned about the agenda here. Yeah absolutely and by the way you know it's it's worth mentioning. Where the story coming from it coming from the Washington Post. Origin forty lit G. Gordon Liddy you've caught the Washington combos. Bob but well I HR McMaster national security advisor said he didn't rule and it didn't happen. And you know regardless into the could it happen the president. Eddie. Edit the executive branch I got into latitude in deciding what information to share in the course the diplomat. Hot so it gives a real not issue are as far as we're concerned it the other people were criticizing prop open bad. Others say people who cheer Obama a little while but did not thing and let I think there's just rug why don't over the middle. Now that's true I mean you can't really say much good about Obama and foreign policy or whatever trouble eventually going to be judged on the idea of whether these only creates jobs is the economy going. It's America's say does he do something about illegal immigration. Are we able to do do something about health care mean those are the things eventually downtown will we will determine whether he is a successful president or not. Yeah absolutely and you know we will look at what we had in the last eight years. You'll place Barack Obama with your success was in the media. Which I mean there can't bear our coverage of Obama and the Democrat. Should be treated as an in kind contribution to the Democrat party. But we haven't actually slack economy. We had. Help. Hey Ed at a function that Saturday that I. Are you laughing at us and our friends here. And that should be you know should not be there late. Are our innovation here is that our friend should appreciate us. And we're start this guy with a tribe administration is Donald trial perfect no artisan think she's doing artistry it was absolutely. But here's the thing conservatives need to remember. Eight Donald Trump is the president he is a Republican president. The price of failure is simply too great here of Donald Trump failed it has replaced in 220 by Democrat. All the Democrats are also charge left Corey I mean look at Tom Perez head of the DNC. Look at Elizabeth Ward who probably would be considered the front runner right now among the Democrats they are all single lap of coral marks. What happens if the Democrats take control. Of the national political structure yet. We look at California. Where they would use the power of government Obama started to do this but looked completely not complaining was a cop out because he was incompetent. Obama's targeted but if the Democrats ever get control of the national power structure again. They will ensure that Republicans never win another election. No it's very serious I mean that's in that's why whatever troubles doing. We need to make this word game and come out you know do the better because. You're right if the Democrats get control of congress will be worse than they've ever been. You know they will be worse they had. What we will say is like a complete erosion of the bill of rights. Perry not a not a low key situation and obliteration. You're the only other men in the bill of rights I can think that the Democrats might particularly care for is that what it. I and that is our you know it hurt for those who don't remember that went out popular at that site ID kit quarter. Troops in private homes except in times of war. Op but the Democrats wanted to race First Amendment right there are right I remember right they want to erase Fourth Amendment right there won it raised its seventh amendment. I mean you'll make it they wanna white but now I'm of course let's not forget about to hit the net. Otherwise just totally obliterate that. So go the issue we've got. President trump is the Republican president or if he fails. What is going to come after yeah. What will totally destroy America. Now here in your president Tribe's six states and Republican parties succeed. Even though they're not perfect even though they are paid far too much attention to cronies groups like the chamber of commerce. If they succeed we can start pushing some of this stop Barack. And you know what it will be perfect but guess what there is never any such thing as perfection. But it took progressives over a hundred years to get as to where we are day it may take conservatives are a hundred years up push back. To get us back on the track. Que La du eight base true government that respects the rights of the individual and is truly a small government. Judge and that's a good place to leave their thank you so much Camilo and Judson Phillips that's done in coordination that can also read his articles. At The Washington Times here we'll be right back some over the line coming up rest of the hour. Give me a call or lose 1110993. WBT will be right back. It's 1118 down who's 1110 minute greeted dvds they're jealous embers got. Seven horrified to know 1110 to mobilize the rest of the program today zero Walsh of ESPN's that she had an on air miscarriage. While hosting ESPN's sports center how does that happen. But apparently that is the story in the Washington Post OS or we don't believe anything there when they they put out. There. But anyway that says she's quoted in there. Your thoughts 7045711. Stands in reaction of the you know some acknowledgement of the program today. Getting plenty of reaction on Twitter and FaceBook today let's give back to your phone calls and let's dude too. Tennessee whose first year and it's a Tom Tom you're next on the show leadership. Earned my point and one I'd like to mention it what not pink it's got a in the new world order what is behind the all hatred are trump. There are people in both parties that support the new world order strongly and there are art call them they establish and and trumpet is outside the establishment. Intra religious belief in liberty. And what are competition which were warm on liberty equal opportunity. Well dad dude Tom it you know it did job is a fighting the global lists. And they are in the parties in the establishment wing of the Republican Party doesn't like no trials. Now there's no question about it I think what's interesting again is the fact we're not just having a left vs right. Debate about president trouble also right vs right you're right if not all establishment died so that. Has some problems would Donald Trump the global listen ma Lucille one world government all of that but there there's surely some of them. You're absolutely right. In pet. And that their credit. They didn't do what we're letting him as our area. The politic of it we're living a Nazi Germany the 1930s. Well ashes party to the Democratic Party. Not the Republican Party. Andrea peak pressure packed people like hiring people at Olympic and do our crowd having a rally in PR people. You know he had at what point where it's. Now the left always talked about tolerant today and they wanna be your head in if you don't agree Rem. We certainly have seen that. There's dude I don't I would put fascists in there but they certainly do oppose free speech had seen the college campus and laundered campuses. And I demonstration you're right about that they don't like Chevy V series of me on the radio they don't like you want a boycott your sponsors and if you're advertisers rather than just turn the the dial that's directed there's a lot of that going on us. Well in the Democratic Party to party you know it's sad because I know there but I'm good Democrats out there and an air freight to speak up. But dopey Jack Kyle from the party take that they would get their debt to Germany. That the younger you you have to try to Kirby oh. They had Tom there are some of the of the demonization going on within the party you're right I mean it in an average in America and speaks up and says something that even. Remotely be may be considered conservative they are hammered I mean look at the was in the miss universe graduate Emmys or get the guest and yeah I mean she's now change your story about day answering a question. About whether health care is a privilege or right in geez it it was a privilege in the the left in like it now she's trying to clarify her statement. After she won the pageant the other day and say well you know it is sort of a right. That that's part of what you're talking about those things. It's exactly what I'm talking about them and the out the public I hope they don't call forward all the teacher reduce the payload. Or just eat these people Martin eight United States so markets it was found a gun. It'll go away tailored and Ivan do the other is a notion many of them do and I would suggest to the previous occupiers in the Oval Office had some problems with. The way this country was founded Don like you very much for the call we appreciate it. You bad 704571110. Let's go to Vito next to talk with a son who's 1110993. WB TV don't. Hello there will call it that go out brackets are Spanish or Robert. Being run around the room and also learn my game not week. I'm ma traveling down and expect Obama urban third period. He relented leaders and croquet. The credit are both strong brand. And their care unit and its people their staff. Very they're I guess that he's. And risk here and you don't know what bill and art down. I mean it should be obvious to our common sense are but certain not a dumb and and that he did in power here you know product. You know I know how to run a business for sure but I. Let it had a couple of other words he would you react very get go how would you say they do things based in the extreme left. What about reckless well about may be a little bit of a modest whose work I will do is. I think that perpetrated this. If was further their twelve. And I wanted to call the Bob Barr yes. Non conservative media that your weapons. I'm not beat them permanent action it might throw all my solemn. You have pretty yachts. Then none. One city and that city mark in the city that's still what the only Russian so Kirkland. So let me. Selling I do love a bad down drop in C would you thing I first of all Gloria Borger comes out and criticizes him the other day. The the senator from Maryland used to be mayor of Baltimore and into the programs as is will they be you'll look back to wind Cory Booker was running as mayor and didn't remember what district he was in and and this guy I I love that about trump that he fights back because no other Republican would actually do that only the the conservatives sort of talk radio plasma ever point that kind of thing out so there's a lot of you know a lot of positives like dead the fighting sort of attitude is Donald Trump brands. I think that's appealing to a lot of people do. Quote lack of greater power. There. Didn't he path. You'll see whether he come out with positive result so whether they come up negative result but I guarantee they're going to be parts. All right I'm hanging on every word you're saying it may dough. Roberto state that you don't go get your producer Sarah did that the I spent issues terrible of course let's go to Keith knicks debut Iran news a limits in many 93 WBT thanks for going. Well thank you very much I remember and I'm sure you do too and Obama or speaking with student. And that's something along the line up wait till my second term I can build a bit more or you are not. Yeah he was starting RT news that these are you due mid middle of live or whatever his. His number one in charge till till that Amir you know that I'll be more flexible after the elections yeah I remember very well yes. I think now there's an upside I don't know like what Trott said. But there's not die if they're looking for lakers. They just found another one well that's a pot. It was a drop our so well tropical liquor hurt circuit leaking information to the newspaper. At a early and kind of wondering out loud do you think the Russians actually league this. I mean after all yeah I mean don't they were in the room and. And it did look make it look like there's chaos in the White House here. Okay they get whatever information drug gave them but they also sort of lead you to their buddies. Over the Washington Post here and and make drums look bad in that regard and they win that they get a 100% their return on their money nova. They certainly weren't. Have heard anybody say that in the in the media than maybe what about the Russians you know we can't miss stuff. Kate thank you for the call be to hear from you as we continue some of line here 7045 Simoneau led until obviously the big story today. Jane well actually came out of yesterday Washington Post some say you can't. Trust the Washington compost. Some say they may be true did provide some information trump himself in a tweet this morning. Zinni gave some information to the Russians but they needed it. And the right to do it and that's Stenavich so. OK Cory Booker was may have dorks are New Jersey says that's what they did I say Maryland so guests. Thought everyone of those left estates up there. Let's go to day and makes Dan you're and there's 1110 WBT had. Oh way to mid day until hold. I ran into a commercial timeout will be right back newsletter din thought the beauty team. 1136 here and lose eleven to end any name in three WB ET John and Charles Taylor boldly. Operations of our program apparently the national security advisor HR. McMaster is gonna make some comments here shortly may have been during this half hour or so week. Might join some of that it's all in reaction to this Washington whose story. Because. Europe from my last night. There's been denials from the administration but also you have the tweet from Donald Trump this morning I actually think this wouldn't. Would have come down. And these denials by having mastered played yesterday and in some other White House officials who wrecked in the meeting would have kind of ended this. The Dow drop would destroy this morning. Said I think he admitted that he gave information to the Russians. And their boy can open this thing back up again this morning but still we'll see what. McMaster has to say. The national security advisor let's get back to the phones I started to against all and then had to go to a commercial time out today and your next on news 1110993. W meeting thanks for going. Good doing great sir. Fabulous trip to portrait like super cup I think first we might be initially when troops detractors we talk about. Not only doesn't have to place the Democrats and liberals he'll solicitation conservatives. And Republicans fact of the matter is. All of the above fall into the category of establishment politicians. I think if you watched before the election and I joked about this before the elections until that very morning of the bait the November. I think Paul Ryan I think. So many of the alleged conservative Republicans will vote for Hillary Clinton opened to allow somebody to upset they're. Global war fraternity apple cart in. Washington. I think that's. Well there's no doubt yeah how that I ended our. Daddy mean interactivity is no doubt that some Republicans did. Vote for Hillary Clinton they many of them Paul Ryan included didn't think down drug would win the election. And you're writing it and there was insight on the program this morning said well we've been bettered Hillary Clinton and the want and expect this president vs dollar trouble I surely don't share that opinion. I'm the serious part is that the morning of the ninth when the speaker Ryan came out in front of America and so I'm so proud liberal trump I've been behind him for so long have them all be it's like. I call thought you know I was more it might but not last night Paul. I was so far behind him I was out the back door did exactly. For a second quarter. Or as you know actually ball right to do some one in my old those sports partners used to say he said did to the coach and we would do. Interview before the game he'd say I'm we decode wintertime. As banker type actually it was or thought exactly. Due to other forest fires foul trouble leaking information to directions. You I agree with what your previous coalition. Perhaps bill proposed Damaso fox I think he might be sniffing out who's leaking information. Well he might be I mean I don't believe he has no drug because he is so unpredictable. That is part of the charm about it right. These are very strategic player. Yeah I would say that it time maybe some of the things that we're mistaking it may be more regular mistake we're. We think did he's making some kind of rare but in reality is some sort of planned strategy gambling they're in the benefit of the doubt on. Fact that I used to work for a fellow like that from Chicago and he made every attempt to make it look like he was dumb as a post. And at the end of the trail the guy truly was a genius and everything you've been had a plan to purported purpose. Yeah you know I said earlier in the program in some I think maybe they misunderstood me I said I think the Donald Trump is George Steinbrenner the the old yankees owner and I can't say that a criticism I did actually are. Yeah I mean because diameter got a ride in the final analysis. I. And everything is that yeah I'd be delighted to be compared Steinbrenner. The summer taking in his criticism overall you know on on social media but I didn't mean it is a criticism I just I think it's sort of an analysis of of how the guy operates. Exactly temporary trend or show. I thanks a village called very much as to begin airing next year a year under his eleventh in 993 WBD thanks for holding. Beautiful yes deregulated. So Chris your next all right Chris we got to announce he got. I do go in with an in my answer. All buttoned up Mumbai and are spent almost. What are our partner that murder. It laptop. And a communication with WikiLeaks democratic vote today. Why I'd back guys midcourt or right I meant to get to that story and what you're talking about is really a story that's out due to their lives have got there in front of the year. Written by Rebecca is a brand ski the Democratic National Committee staffer. Says rich. Was killed last year in Washington he was murdered. Had contact with a WikiLeaks before his death I think a lot of people really thought that was the case right did this may have been the guy who leaked to the NC emails to WikiLeaks. Yeah I did not rush and by the way these democratic national Tibetan understaffed. And they had to come out made the won its first tablet try to they would a robber or that we now know that logic is there a wallop was there or not it was taken. And there are a lot of clout of the conspiracy around that the majority of our. Robert 1000 dollar reward for a great show. Big into Iraq or they capture that murderer's. Dark Jens yeah it right there. Prison as a matter item they we would have heard more about this story and we would have had Hillary Clinton won the election because this was another one of those. People who knew Hillary Clinton and all the sudden had an untimely death story you know the the long list of people live that the clintons have known that indicted under mysterious the circumstances I. And again number I don't know about it in yellow label buy dot org Bible talk about it more because. You know I'd I'd look I'd let the market their neighbors are on your regular story about trawl. Releasing classified information barrage in every personnel in the rule besides the Russians to your previous point. Have come out not only didn't release anything that's what I think you're released. When B laptop technology got the iTunes player they're using. All playing. So a bit but Obama as just a trial would you'd like to beat Obama or portly or circle most of all I watched. Which why. They beat writers start a relationship let the arts and government know eight B mobile laptops they are laptops. We now bear laptops are playing come from Europe there are prepared middle aged. So I'm just so frustrated right now the day but I think we're out that morning. I don't I don't regard. Eleven and hear from direct selling new government of all economic job supporter. According or don't like that art it would demand you are so. I know that's true crowd but also you got here the other side because is not just in this story talked about on the program it's not just blue Liberal Democrats who're. Concerned about trumpets it's many Republicans as well I mean there are a number of Republicans who have come out since. This story came on the Washington died yesterday very concerned about it I mean million Bob Yorkers saying that. Feel loose administration is in a downward spiral soon to be incest in Nebraska. Made my way Kyra it's about a lot out of you know the usual look you have got the usual suspects of course John McCain and Lindsey Graham that but I do think that there is. A concern about the way the of the white ass is being handled I think we're making a mistake is conservatives if we don't admit that there's a problem would we Donald Trump's personality act. You're always getting you know I think. Well nobody in other armored personnel and I think trots smarter than everybody that the dinner throw and we're gonna be all according mighty well. If people here. Certainly they are well eight I agree is he's certainly think so I have my without anybody I assure that yet relegated to measure that true but I think he he surely think so. Well you're proud of the United States are well I thought I understand that but that's then you haven't run at you. You know Billy Crystal that just because I don't doesn't Donald Trump wind blood we gotta be honest about this. Now drowned in a great job and in pulling a lot of people it that thought you know lose. And winning but he also was up against Hillary Clinton which was was helpful and Hillary Clinton's. Arrogance and a lack of respect for America is a national security that also helped I mean it's. It was a series of events down drug got to be president writer thought up. Robert part of the Russians and didn't have the media comment quote all the doors. Don't every single Democrat every single establishment Republican all of it opponents all want to know what Al Gore out of that role. And the good job just put all the centered on high alert and play today and who go everybody claims it is. Collusion partner and I think that you would normally get I think diet not great they not got me. I understand that Przybilla I'm interested in your good perspective though because after all you're saying well the people didn't know what would win on the road we did you're done you'll win on in the room. I mean that are all beyond the CIA the national security administration we're we're alerted apparently did something that he said. And therefore it went so rare outright but they did not denied christening a minute. And this is why they were gonna hear something from the masters there was not a denial of the accusation in the Washington Post last night make no mistake about it. Bibby was in not denial is something that was not asserted. In the Washington Post story the Washington Post story asserted that the president trump released some kind or told the Russians. Some kind of classified sensitive information. That's not what age are masters it didn't happen he. There's quite a big difference there. Think you're gonna hear more about and I'm sure as we go along. All right we almost made it Rush Limbaugh's coming up after the news of the top of the hour detail in the skies today similar horrified to know 1110. On the program obviously the big story is this so Washington Post story that broke last night. I believe the last callers mentioned. You know well. The White House is denied this and therefore there's nothing to it I'm gonna beg to differ. A bit over the last host first of all Donald Trump to we did this morning being gave some information due to Russia. And the Russian officials. Bad in my opinion sort of contradicted what was said but I understand twitters a 140 characters downtrodden is not a guy he's very precise in his language. And their borders have room for interpretation there I will grant you that but I go back to last night maybe it's vice skeptical journalism background. But I'm listening to HR McMaster who by the way is speaking out he's not talking about. There's so duties and the president's upcoming trip which includes Saudi Arabia. But it last night in the denial. And another picked up on this spin but I think of on this as well they did the denial. Be released it came out of the White House at the the kind of binding master because a lot is being said about the people in the room they've denied this. What was deny aid and others quoted him close and I was sources and methods. They had denied the president. Drove it revealed intelligence sources or methods to the Russians that's not the assertion of the story. That's that's a whole issue that they were I think this was in no way very. May be true on their part because a lot of people picked haven't thought it was a total denial of the bush of those story let me remind you that did Donald Trump. Didn't do something this morning that he always does he did not call that story fake news. I think the last caller did Donald Trump didn't do that. A do or fake news Donald Trump would have said that was big news out of the Washington Post again make no mistake about it. Also. Again. The denial was about sources and methods now drug didn't give that that was not what the the assertion was he assertion was. Is that there was sensitive information of the highest level that was provided to the Russians. We don't really know what that actually is. The last caller I. We don't really know the Washington Post is we have that information but did not publish it for national security reasons. You can believe what you both tonight I tend to believe only but verify I go with the old Ronald Reagan view. You know it's. It's it's it soon you would you accept him would you verify. What is true this story will clarified if it becomes available to us right I mean it's it's closing if it's true middle it to it will be true. If not it will be not I have no. Mistaken understanding that Donald Trump is under great attack by the left in such what is another obligation. Do does this stand up for trouble and every issue becomes about here in fact is good Americans are good conservatives we need. To also be skeptical of some of what's coming out of the White House otherwise we're no different then what we are accused the previous administration from being. I'm very much in in favor I've said this over and over again on the program today a prison drug agenda I'm also concerned. As an American citizen who believes in the agenda that has been put forth that the current. JR has been going out of the White House is getting in the way that it. I'm not concerned about Donald Trump for his future I don't know about you but I'm concerned about America and its future. And getting some of these things through that I do believe we'll make America. Are great again but make no mistake then denial. Was very well handled and and I'm one who have over the years. And covering it whether it's a city councils are state legislatures. I learned commenting on their presidential situations. It's something that I have I have seen before. And I thought it was very well handled. On their part but you didn't see the exact denial of what was said now. Yes endless sea of McMaster is talking about an out if he denies it now let's see what he says if we can pick up on some of the of the counted your because. That's a whole issue is he denying. Or is he changing exactly what they say didn't happen here. Tolerance and moderation dude. Anything else tells this crazy idea person as an equation used be a reporter for decency to your information. I. So what what we don't discuss isn't what it was a class by where we'll tell you is in the context of that. That's that discussion what the president discussed with the foreign minister was wholly appropriate to that conversation and is consistent. With the routine sharing of information between the president then and any leaders with whom he's engaged look and then to. So let me say this well just jump in is that that that's very possible the president certainly have a right to giving information as he pointed that Newsweek this morning. He may have been a good idea to have provided this information may be very helpful in the fighting vices that sole issue. The the president is has their prerogative. Making that decision now McMaster apparently it's in the premise of the Washington Post story. His faults again. Was it also be provided very sensitive information the question I would ask you I've been asking some of our. Yes in the program not whether he did because I think he admitted that he did provide some information was that a good idea and a course that is something that the national security apparatus has. To design and I'm not sure what conversations have been helped develop Carol. And Jim butcher who do we know Wednesday may be it from an overblown some cost but I'm not sure I mean I've not I've not talked to thought. To choose from buster about about that about why even why he reached up. Thought I was in the room. This server state was in the room you know. The deputy assistant. The W visor. Offer national security I give copper strategy I was in the room. And then none of us felt. In any way that that conversation was inappropriate. Bob decides to. Interagency fire. War and decision making. As you know that the president is whole liberal for the present to share whatever information he thinks is necessary to advance the security the American people. That's what he did as to your question on how. I meant by the way is exactly correct the the the president gets to decide whether he wants to declassify something and shared with other individuals it may be somewhat. Unusual for the of the way the president did but he certainly has. Right inappropriate so just think what what this thing's worth recapping one thing here. The president was meeting. With with the foreign minister about about the terrorist threat you also race and difficult issues. What do you what we expected in terms of different behavior from Russia and in key areas like like. Like Ukraine and and as in Syria. What did the president was emphasizing that we have some common interest here we have to work together as a critical areas we have an area we have an open air cooperation. Transnational terrorist organizations. I just in particular. Organization that already taking down a Russian airliner and murdered over 200 people. All right let's HR McMaster the national security advisor to president Donald Trump news conference going on. As we speak Rush Limbaugh coming up after the news has been a pleasure as sitting in for Scott today. You can there be a bunch whether my Twitter feed is that side Doug radio or find me on FaceBook FaceBook dot done. My pleasure I don't radio my website is I don't radio dot com or email address is up there thanks to John Charles doing the producing aboard operations of our programs are abusive.