Chris Webber of Make-A-Wish

At Home with Roby
Sunday, September 24th

Chris Webber from Make-A-Wish joins Trent and Patrick to discuss the 10th annual Pitchin’ for Wishes cornhole tournament. Pitchin’ for Wishes raises money to help Make-A-Wish of Central and Western North Carolina grant the wishes of local children that have life-threatening and life altering illnesses. Chris discusses just how many wishes the tournament helps grant, and also gives a look at upcoming events that Make-A-Wish has going on in the local area. Trent, Patrick and Chris discuss the biggest moment of the tournament when a wish kid had her wish granted. Kylie wished to have a puppy, listen as the guys describe how awesome it was to see the efforts of everyone involved in action.


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Good morning up at home with review I'm Patrick as a president and reveal electric WH cops plumbing along with tree hasten president and CEO. And the ruby family of companies we are here host. Trip guy wanted to show him a lot packing in four segments. It is man I'm glad to be here. We got the culmination of our attempting impeach him for wishes this what this shows about today that's right I'll make a list. And thought about. What we did it corn hole tournament last Saturday. But for our lash. And the success we had were were proud of it and and a champion make a wasted the process and we might even squeeze in some time to give some hard and is analytical. Opinions. On Carolina Panthers. And and don't give opinions we'll leave that to the for a spinal. Oh never give an opinion many frank RC comedian taken astoundingly plane. I don't want to thank you as a little hot this week to be mid September. It license. It's a funny image now so quick to Leah. My neighbor announced Sunday morning. Got the idea that we we we are gonna get in an area which had done queries and a bunch of times he's this eerie. Your lawn when users expecting. Rain and yet cool temperatures well here is Raines was that rain this week. And it was super hot that we did not plan that well. On to have mad respect for people who theory. Did air did error re your W around the dollar immediately began the work and we Oda 88 will alert it was Sunday after. The coral in the outside and put that Villa with water like a big bowling weeded away we needed that thing. That's what the mop farmer buddies do that you other owners. Of the gates on the mountain and of course you know they have the weights on the front. Lou like you've been at the G moment to go GM that and then waits for a that. Hold that Joker I don't get it out at field what they edit they get is that what you don't listen we're doing in. About 2550 yards it was if that were acre wood even in the 32 and acres. And a smaller scale yes that's the weird that that we created time into an added sense of accomplishment after earlier done. As aid few bucks and ultimately what are you planning the grants where did all it needed it the same air rated in oversee. That is the proper term for god yes it was crisis fund into it. Bulletin lists and let's get on assembly more important topics and that's Cornel term Chris Webber from make Kuwait's desert gas. Like I mentioned it at the entry here. With got a wonderful show today for full segments really cool things to discuss. On the Chris Webber won't join us next thing and he's one of these part of it. He is saying hey he's a he's a tremendous asset to make Alicia central west and North Carolina. He's a threat tremendous assets at a red reef and we just did a good darn good gas. Would talk about Chris when he comes owners same entity Ullman now Lou is the generator market pop. Popping would be an understatement lets players they'll hop. It Wheatley had a lot of activity in the Atlantic. This hurricane seasons fortunately. I guess you can say fortunately unfortunately fatigue at this and made landfall hopefully that's all that we will have. But that has generated quite a buzz for the back of generator market. If your interest in getting the back of generators. Said this the last he says don't wait for something that can't do it now getting pictured here years assessments done. We obviously offer Kohler products through Nixon power we had were on time but rust Woodard on the show last week what are. In in if you wanna learn about generators and kind of how they operate listen to that last. He's he's a tremendous tremendous wealth of knowledge. In which had to try to get as much as that house because they didn't in one RE initiative but you trees going nuts in the problem is going to communism on concern. That the manufacturers are not going to be able to keep up with demand it a lot. What these two hurricanes. Are going across the whole building industry illness plots you right from a from a material standpoint. Best friends Britain obese and owns of Robert lash or business BW fiberglass he's been Alicia here. I mean he's talking about I mean they do backing border effort Stucco panels they do. Then there's glass goes in clan when the news in the guise and Ruth and materials. And he said man whose views crazy one while Harvey's done art and name felt face of our party was really kill you right Edison with our. With their affiliation their partner WH Hobbs climbing the client side of things is the resin is manufactured primarily in in the area are being affected and residents of big proponent and he VC pipe. If he CIPs. Is you can't get it right now I mean the price point as. I think Steven Tony is a forty or 50%. From where it was before hurricane pain in his race. That's pretty tough defeat Utah and get a budget on on built for plumbing or did that cost as tickets somewhere where there's a blessing in this gas. I was. Messing around all social media this week. And I saw some some might have put together and tell them now. You know all the all the chart troubles and and problems that that come with those hurricanes all the devastation now all all the pain for families. It also brings people again. And you know if thank about the tragedies we have over a Vermont my short lifetime hopefully this is real short one when missiles and nine at this point. Watching this segments I mean the media walls that be so negative and so band watching these people get down at the neighbors. Rebuild America in the Tom and the thing is the bullets. Which it out to lunch and a few weeks in this right after Harvey had occurred. And it minister gains in the case and since basically Regis you know Charles Lee had people were yelling and screaming Eaton didn't even know it. In the unikom each turn it Harvey he's in year at one people helping one another that didn't even know each other. So that was early lessons were think about it is great lessons of think about adding quiet town today. We have Chris Webber coming out and tell Michael woods hopefully after all the bad things said about Christmas they'll come homes I'm just kid and now you listen at home with Roby. Back then helped the Red Hat as a member of the electric WH Hobbs plummeting along the that became companies can't talk about four hole tournament since the first filly had since the formal term actually occurred course last week. We recorded shows the foot and a payment lately say don't match last week. We gonna have a great car. That's right after they were right. There finally got some right and got some right. Easily predict any kind of score. If your handicap for don't take our pets because easily were wrong week at a pretty and so on sports scores. But this is a good prediction too and we had a really did turn out. The weather couldn't have been better console suffering from a little bit a sunburn because it got a little warm out there on Saturday freedom park this past Saturday. Or two Saturdays ago I apologized. On it in Oregon a chance to recap it with. With Chris Webber from make a wish. Time out. I'll. And is a Carolina guy you back in 1993 you can give him an those places armor morale was low. I was playing basketball my shirt while buddies. With him run and in the in a room with a TV check in school or. I remember royalist teacher and I grew up at the peak North Carolina in of course on my policy toward Iran and momma dean and CG. So negro Tar Heels I think had we had replica of North Carolina football uniforms I think I was wearing canceled and in the eight ball based in Anbar house wireless my brother where football uniforms are Massimo. It was the best North Carolina decked out situation that Indian practice. Yeah my love for football thing older and this state has statements and tiger. He's network then and now and we are human as of the recording it says. Hopefully Eritrean people actually listening if not them at all as a reported of this show the Panthers or two ago. All they can have. There again wait a Chris that was your like the panda grow up and down for yeah that was completely I think we think about. Lee thing about the corn hole tournament tenth anniversary pitcher for which was great it was carried it it was big this year it was awesome felt like they're more people there pressure. Signal an end to. This year which is counties today the nineteenth right royalties it nineteenth. Where were right under to 225000. Dollars raise a little over 223000. Dollars race analysts and the ship. You can still go pick him for witches the FTC eight in for which is dot com. I must say that up when Travis Thomas and Mack. And peace talks move. If he. But no please help us get over to Tony five rays been this definitely been each year is huge I think we needed 6300. Today. The we've done in the last five years I think it's outdated they were joined and yet they were enjoying themselves and others it allows the phone or really had the best. It's that it once our house and it was a raffle gap and I don't think outlining. Nobody called me and tell me to compete now granted the brother won a couple things abroad it is and that's good yeah knowing that he gave me money. Blond thing just lucky in that latter had a face and he's got a big heavy and physically yeah. Congratulations Travis I did not realize you want stuff. But reflect on the second mean 225000. Dollars mean. If you're listening really think about that and what does that do Krista talked about that before on the says that it is cool to hear from you are. You are make a wish is represented here on the says you're you're not trend Patrick. What is 225000. Tells exactly what that does. On average for us a which has about 6000 dollars on so 220000 dollars allows us to grow about 38 of those. Throughout the year. Austin can talk about as some point is arguably just 38 kids and even when it is in our area. You go into a life threatening illness which make a wish supports. In opt out in my opinion in and everybody had if they reported record internment was and we actually granted a witness which was the first time we've ever done yet to turn. Saito. Will let Chris walker stood before for the ten day it was a surprise to me that the today yeah I did not know so. Tell us about the wish we rent to grant because leading up to this that to the tournament. For the ten weeks leading up our last segment we talk about a different militia every yet to released down via an in a lot of the. Was kids that we gave you get stories forward kids that have come to the coronal turn the past OK you're trying to bring a full circle on and actually you know for the tenth anniversary for everything that Roby has done for me coalition for the community here we wanted to. To really kind of bring a full circle and give you guys the opportunity to experience what are which looks like firsthand. And in give everybody there an opportunity to see what the funds that they're raising. Are going to support. And so we were able to we we found a family come that was a real good fit the little girl's name was Kylie she six. On her wish was to have a poppy and so we were able to get this real. Look like little stuffed animals so small and fluffy but so we're bringing out there yeah it was cute dog. And she had no idea she just thought who's going to be their dad says of talk little about her condition she'd been gone through treatment. And her family news she's gonna get the dog that was a surprise to them but it was a surprise for her. And we sort of but the dog in her face apps I don't know if you sentence him to use our fidelity there is just a lit up. It was yeah it was it was awesome and I got to take a couple pay. Switzer and be there win right when she when she got it. Her are the what was really great I'll love I mean of course we always talk about Boehner reiterated their scientific backing. Very clearly that this is is Issa is some Manson should be granting being granted they would says as he seeks Albert's house. Like a life threatening illnesses illness has a medication mighty two's that's proving. But always talk about how is goes beyond the challenge against the family 'cause the family's been live and then. Living in pain and misery for years and years and and the others the other children that are siblings thing in the world revolves around the child this Wednesday. The child has been statesman bill with the dollar pairs is just consumed her whole life and what it does Burnett and we as a gives them a breath of fresh share. And I think has a medical by you for the whole family what was really really cool was a seat. That was about. Thirty thugs he's from candidate's family this and that and it Grammy nose like a barbecue man yet which is what determined disposed to be. Always talk about how lawyer by hangs out as a big party navigate towners great league being in great drink and just social. And that's what they were Dolan. And I then that happen and I got the touts in. Her mom her uncle you know I got to tell you olympians other thing they were so happy so that the real and I have a six year old daughter my youngest overseas. Nothing could be better in that that teach about dollar without without. Teach. Without saying that he writes in a match I have a six year old dollars we'll talk about it by the it. In Lewis was offs this Wendy's it's a very emotional experience and Hampshire it is for the Stanley. Particular worry construction we had you know lots of contractors and we couldn't do it is Cornel turn it outer sponsors. There are teammates and our partners in the industry and CN construction were tough guys right where you work for tough strong diesel imitates something. There must have been huge huge win that did blue want to dust across that field is there wasn't a dry eye out there I think everybody sort of take a moment to reflect on what exactly we were there to do. It in it really was wonderful I kind of sought comment. I was behind her train your Campbell once and I saw. A solid Amy brenly NC make a wish was Tuesday and that's also an assault his thoughts are coming dynamite yeah advocating. And why so little girl's face slide out delayed it is is something I'll never forget. Was really cool is. I do a lot of talking or over there talking this done on the line of it at the court alternative and it's really hard because we have three baseball fields of people. And her drink in an and a fun and socialize a soulless kind of hard knowing on the PA in the senate again but is that dates and their body lies. Mostly shut up but the end when this sultan place and meals you can hear pins and that's right. So that was a blessing. And a ping family felt that a thing. Currently Kylie film that. It was beautiful and the dollar was great he says he'd touch. Muffin she named the done nothing in the market yet and yet that was called you in in any kind of there on the spot a little bit yes it. The what's the dog's name me Evernote a six year old say your right she had that name picked out along in a funny thing is not his talk about it all week in a bad hand. Then they can't say and of buff or partisan name column often. So mustn't think mainland it would like muffins small minute things get more than ten pounds and is tiny blueberry blue bear any you know. But very Alice proud to one a mom middle my middle daughter had. Her want her best friends from school had a birthday party this week. And Reagan my wife gave her the option of so yeah court. She says now going Cornel missive for world so that's pretty cool thing. I had another dinosaur like a team we had one of our or are new cells as David Boris came with his wife and I believe ago. Two of you is son's baseball game and he told me on the way and his wife with him sit next year during this turn over gonna tell the baseball team that he can't play. He's come to the corn hole tournament laps and I thought that was really cool as well and it. It does a lot of things really does. Well Chris we stick around us help more make Alicia we get back yet desolate. Are you listen now home with Roby. Welcome back then overthrow these attacks like as a from rugby electric into the top humming along fine Mason. But the rosy family companies we are here it's. We're here at Chris Webber not to be confused by the Michigan great from back in the day though the greatest rescue flare ever. Lila I can promise you I'm not him that on the goal that effect at a crisp volley it's really annoying when we say that that it. But Chris has as a wonderful mission he's that make a wish to the foundation of western north Carolina central and west says central I get their on every time I apologize that we recapping our core hole tournament. If he's missed the last two segments in that we've we talked about. The fact that we were able to grant a wish in our tenth anniversary horrible term and there was not this past Saturday that he Saturdays ago. And freedom park it we raise closed at close to 223000. Dollars. That your enemy we. You tell the story all the time you never in your mind I don't even know his his Big Easy can think when he first started on this Cornel turned into everything you get to 220 like I asked that it. Asset on the last show us analyze assess that it had internment. My original. Being tagged me hairy audacious. Goal. Was a 100000 dollars raised in teen years over ten years or in in fifteen years right roughly seniors Els and that's. And the race close at 22 only five in the in the year in one year. It's pretty cool it's so puts us at one point I mean dollars for a senior Ron. Pretty proud. Being an icon Villa and an incubator to it a polish and are down and our network and our business can nations are customer our our. The people we do business with the on the subcontract your vendor basis but them all together to give you give them values. Is how we just. Will it I think that's warns that we're seeing I'm glad he brought because I want I think people that are out there listening at saint. Maybe they're part of a nonprofit and they say how don't I raise that kind of money with the Cornel turn it. It what you're trying to say is it it's really the partners a group of accompanies it. His support the ruby family of companies at all come together at the level of their comfortable with nick and Connie utilize it is their own charitable giving is well for the year flock to you this every dollar can. Now it's ever abided donates money to is a whale gets them full. Tax deduction and and the money does not go to Roby. And two that we don't have a Otto won three Siri like this setup that right beat all the horrors they Condo we basically say here right your checked Michael Lewis. All lined donated Emeka which you'll get the tax information that you need. And we're going to hear from addiction brain you'd do well for help which is ago. So that means and Obama transition for once sacking him brag on Chris Chris Webber for a second on. Spoke about this too at the turn manner manner corporate party. But that Chris Kelly bill Michael it about four and half years for a half years I knew Chris I don't know of the day one you record home hand. But pretty much we've heard in a separate what goes on to you from the border standpoint when you first first came on board and make the list com. But yet you've done a great jobs similar to Christian. Over at the Robie family who delegate and I'm Albright on her to she delegates she's been out with maybe. Delegated in in May disagree success in conjunction Chris. That always talk about the Roby way is to make each and every Klein. In the whole Robie family that we ever time it's whether you get money from him not get money what are we doing Al being Al small. Is when you're dealing with that client make them feel like they're your only and your number one client. And I preached at around our office all the time off preached in my whole career and and Chris you've done and those damn it. You have more tasking more projects than and the Cornel they're frankly truly from our standpoint. We are your only pride and we really feel like that's those solo whole hearted to Charlotte will Anke. I appreciate it thank you very much. Which has done a great job. He Crist the work doesn't stop at the Cornel term entrance point make a wish hasn't mission trying to raise. And your it's a continuous effort and fortunately there's there's the demand for kids with life threatening illnesses. In our area that you are helping to support sin now at the core alternative is behind us this year in the work but I'm sure for nation has already begun to. What what is next on the list or maybe out I couldn't make it to the Cornel tournament. Or I missed it and I wanna get involved to make a wish with and I didn't. Our next big event we have coming up we've got pumpkin carving competition in October. On this call guts. And it's yet guts is that he means he ballpark on the defensive graphic designers basically that it helped organize this with us. And it's yeah it's in a very similar way to Cornel just kind of a a festival edging come out and enjoy you can register and be at carver and her in the competition he can just come out and in enjoy the festivities that vendors that they have out there you better be careful not to invite damage swing because he'll bring is and that has hit a if you earned is that. Let me ask you this and I'm hearing that there would there is a little pattern in the cut out the little told that I get from hey there's there's no judge me remote everywhere. You may not win with that but you can bring about a entering hammer Jones saw it out and it has some of these things on the website the those rigs these people bring out in the pumpkins that they end up with unreal. It's it's really cool stuff if you -- it's got Charlotte dot com the website guts Charlotte Charlotte dot com I'll play some wonderful to do with the key is I don't think I'm will be caller if you know it's a long way to come out I'm Heidi so called camp except it's got beat in the ballpark which is that a fund venue and walk around the capital concourse blocked off for political in the command. Nate yes and outside the box of yet as it is it's it's similar Cornel right people think you can make money on food playing Corvel carve pumpkins with your ego. The PD is it all people can do it now I think that's that's a genius behind the Cornel turn and is it's not a golf term it if I don't like often at the golf tournament. This on a fishing is anywhere if I don't know how to fish and embarrass myself naymick Philippine aggravate the car upon his Akron. Anybody can I want an English Travis and I America ourselves in the second round of the court. Well I didn't sinking chain I was playing with Steven downs and he runs out funny in the same thing that we did pretty get to the first round. And and yet the second round and and person Dixon Texas Tech is down. So Chris what else we got guts coming up and out. We've got guts we've got the next they went after that we've got which ball in which in January January 19 at believes was ball this year I'm at the Weston. Little earlier this year than he usually is but that's a big black tie gala event. Pollutes I guess the caller from it was blue. But it's our big that's our annual ball that we do every year. And then we've got. We've got to trail blaze hike that will sort recruit for around that time as well I'm so people wanna mountain hike twenty miles an elephant on your talk with you guys but yet before here. How's it got another one of those that were crude for January in those hikes will be in May and June. We've got to derby event may mean is kind of it's always something going on derby that's like Kentucky that can tell you don't is yet they of the Kent yes it is and isn't dirty it's a gala themed around derby clubs into the greens are raised in Greensboro area because march a hundred goes from Greensboro basically yet pretty much yeah right and only after the Tennessee border Travis Thomas he's in this Diaz told me that he was gonna go and volunteer patrol base troubling talent that's here he's the only show that's why he was under stress in his fifth season but it Walken in place. While. Yet will. What and what I love make a wish for so many reasons. As teaching tool. As a hey if you're not doing son get off get off the buck in do solemn but I love that. We our own region and the money that we raise and central western North Carolina stays in central west and north on. And helps. His life threatening illnesses in this reached yet stays locally we've got 360 wishes are on the schedule for this year it's 206360. So I lose. We just granite roughly 38 race. And Patrick and believe it was 38 region and our feet and one count any reason I think it is. 360. Our goal right and they're still wishes us there again that's that's been so our vision as make foolish is to grant. Every every opportunistic. Out with a life threats and on the senator region grand demolition had indoctrinated beat me. And we're still not there when you know that's that's the goal. But aggrandizement is we can't and the more money we raise the more people that volunteer in the more people to get involved. In the more we can do outreach to make Florida matter would it semester division of our offices to go to Disco and a hospital hospitals and dockers and let them. Then it's it's not a bad thing it's a wonderful thing and educating people on the up to a lot of. Think there's a big misconception still and that's what medical coverage is so important that make which is a term organizations that kids coming in right if you get aways that injury design and that's that's not the case were nicely burning in it's it's any child with a life threatening illness. You know. About 70% are kids who want to be happy hope the book the great thing about the worst out the other Alice thought to her mom Saturday was she she's she's. In 100% in remission cell treatments such fun celebre it was a celebratory. Rent. And now she's gonna get to spend time with her new doll rape and marks a turning point and yet different. King king game better can it gives me chills it's him. Speaking about that image of forgetting that dollars and so have that now for harmony years that it kind of data via a moment shall remember when she got that it was it was for her which experts in this tournament I was pretty pretty special. We'll Chris happened people look make Alicia how can people get all of you can now visit our website and see dot wish dot org it's got all of the events volunteer opportunities we have you can call our office settle for. 3390334. I mean we've got in on the website as well with Chris. Thank you for all you do. We love make a would actually love make a wish of central western North Carolina. Here listen now home with Roby. Well back at home ready. Patrick Cassie from birdie at thirteen WH tops plumbing along with ten paces from the ruby family of companies. We are your post tree and Chris Webber. Not to be confused with the 1993 miss in Chris Webber man that Chris ever from make a wish but I always Rehman this home North Carolina. That's champion she is bowling running and a pour pour pour a Michigan Chris we ever had school if it that the literate is like. How many times he think that someone has come up to him just in the timeout signal. He'd tell us all my might do he just has taken to keep walking. But the the deal is hands are so Beagle such a large town I was at the rams couldn't miss it a big time out in more ways than one after that. But now we're talking about some really important if you miss the last couple segments gave back in and listen to them on the podcast. We were reminiscing in recapping our quarrel then there was not this past Saturday that he Saturdays ago. The freedom part. Tremendous success whether it was great. In 223000. Dollars raised. The tenth the anniversary just a lot of great things happen. And in all that went to to go to tuition right enemy in there also in this area. No you're exactly right Patrick it was the great Tom. It's been a great senior Ron Wood and keep the gold for another team and hopefully many many many many more. Hopefully it never stops with a red B family and our connection with Michael Lewis in this great thing we have to when you Gotti mob it. I mean it is seems to be worked and people have a blast you know another thing we didn't talk about on crystals all here a unique and the said it. Is Kana how you get others that don't claim anything they can do it this insurmountable. Lead starting give them back to a charity. Bill Woolley done with some partners like like pinnacle and enterprise and in these very these folks pinnacle routine the Canon family. And Nina enterprise car rentals and we do business with them they do fleet management forests. They they are to give bank but David Champion will and Harris teeter obviously Aristide is back in the heat away. But of the twos. Roughly 25 we're not there yet hopefully you don't want and donate some after the show today. But that Aristide who gives seventy fast there are they're presenting partner with a figure of 75000. Dollars of that through their charitable. And in enterprise. Had a golf tournament and in donated some proceeds from and then also what was a platinum sponsor rep Bob thousand dollars well they may it may river thirteen thousand of that so let's not. You got some single as he got some fifty dollars and ten dollars and toy dollars and hundred dollars. But you also have a couple doubles and triples they help you get there that's only due to a numbered. That's absolutely right it's a lot of people had a lot of different levels coming together to do something special. At these kind of cooled it did and we can't ease our vendors and our subcontractors. And uniting our bankers insurance it's anybody that really supports our businesses were the foundation to. The sponsorship of the coral turn it it was really easy C company like enterprise. That has their own group of vendors and now they've included they're open vendors to the golf tournament. It's kind of like going second dissect as you know. And now working you got a champion and you got to stay consistent. And those gas and gotten on board I mean a cool thing is out I overseas since Sunday. In the last three days to chase random texts from friends that were there and sponsors. And said hey so and so that's out so let's not total how much fun I had Derek they're going to be a sponsor nature put him on the list when you start vulnerable people. People litter. Never sponsored any thing from the corn hole Michael usher road that school I've had that is well. I mean just indirectly you we have had chance talk about it that debt. It is cool this is growing eat it feels good to be part of it it whether you apart literally family or your part of that. Extended Robie family it is one of our our trusted partners vendor partners. This is something good that we can all be to come together and no one's talking about you know problem on this job and a problem that's how it's all about coming together. Community and camaraderie in our donors donate people trying to tell business out. The TUR had and it was a high class amid a summit of the turn it's all about let's I wanna give him big remodel on house summit yes. Just keep it. So who Panthers played today. New Orleans Saints Mulally opposite point who both. We'll see how okay it KM is right now always yeah he said he and yet they think they've. They've been given a whole lot of they have been giving up a lot of points but then Adrian Peterson it's kind of cool. Lob while still the game lastly where I played the vikings and ending up the base that was suffered bad I don't know those kind of little playback. The AP need to come to Charlotte. Mojave Desert at we definitely not elaborate undated will have a no wash race. A plus Heidi I think between Johnson Stewart it Chris McCaffery pretty good backfield I'm telling you one thing they are giving Christian McCaffery the ball. You know. He sees a pretty good player I'm not saying he's not. Good I'm not I'm not really often seen a rookie get that many touches in this first two professional games personal pain. Well Sid I guess is what we're trying to. Just trying to make their lives a lot easier when they come on air like that follows knuckle heads were getting a much say it is if you haven't ever seen old it was all FaceBook going around about draft time. The drills a Christian McCaffrey was doing when it was like and you know his promo videos that I guess he put together dissent in the scabs that my buddy and Sarah and now watched it all my goodness gracious I mean I know there's people out there that are as quick or quicker but I have never personally seen. A full well a foot. A full Lou we use the footwork display so move quit. We constant some pretty good stock used as Ed McCaffery in the NFL he played for the Broncos for class. That EA and his mom was also great athlete I think has solace this is when he was at Stamford I think when his Heisman. Candidate das who has a better athlete between his daddy played in down his mom. Someone's gonna have to help me I can't remember what she participated in college he says mom was a better athlete of the team. Well of course he said day two season when the slabs in new mobiles and low blood and money. Daddy never buys you those air jordans when you own a mommy some keys to begin at. But not when he was in the eighth grade I FF I pay little what a wonderful show what a wonderful couple weeks is been. All things to make a list. I mean that you got back a couple more weeks Hobbs bombings and Allen and Robie family says listen for staying mainly hurricanes come around back of generators now's the time again negated before they get here and thanks for join in this have a wonderful Sunday.