Celebrating Mother’s Day with Jeanine DeVaney of Charlotte In-Vironments

At Home with Roby
Sunday, May 14th

On this Sunday’s episode of “At Home with Roby”, Trent and Patrick celebrate Mother’s Day with Jeanine DeVaney of Charlotte In-Vironments.  Jeanine is an Architectural Designer, but first and foremost, she’s a wife and a mother.  This comes in handy when working with her clients.  Being a wife and mom herself, Jeanine can translate a woman’s needs / wants into a floor plan that works for her and the entire family.  She can then switch gears to talk “bricks and sticks”, budgets and timelines with the husband.  And while the husband may be more concerned with where the family TV will hang, mom wants space for indoor and outdoor cooking, formal and informal entertaining, holidays, homework, kid zones, teen zones, sports equipment, and the list goes on and on.  Tune in to learn how Jeanine works her magic to make it all happen! 


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Good morning and welcome to at home with ruby on Patrick Cassidy president wrote the electric along with Trent hastened president CEOs. But the ruby family accompanies. His Mother's Day this morning tranche. Happy mother's data Reagan at another state your mother. Yeah wonderful day and I mean. I just all of this but I'm so genius Indo American calendars here Mother's Day be coat comes before father's. There's a wreath got you and you are pretty Smart guy. But your right it doesn't today is a special day hopefully everybody has has given your mothers wives. Tom watts speed. Right to an end I just like Google origin of Mother's Day history of Mother's Day celebrations. Of mothers and motherhood can be traced back to the ancient Greeks and Romans who at festivals. In honor of the mother goddesses raid. In south believe. I'm sure that's not how you say it Google it if you don't trust me but they. Clearest modern precedent for Mother's Day is to early Christian vessel known as mothering Sunday. Todd so wasn't an by hallmark. Nowadays is to bring bullying. A when we have a mother to be in the studio as well interest in McCall also happy mother's data her as well we do and Christians carrion. But she she can think she says the name Jack. Old now the whole world based on regardless of these as he might come close to do is doing here is that it is. No CC. He said it was not on allies Generali stellar. Tell the story about how you know before I had kids. In this casino only notes you know I didn't think it that if a woman that. Especially glowing when she was sprain Anand thing than kids were cute Nina thought their little ugly little babies. Look like animal on the lack apostle but but notably she have a habit out. You released the whole tables turn and and you see a pregnant woman like Christian need in May just have ago Bynum and this is just wonderful. Agreed I had completely agree the united ethic and his guys were not as then we're not is. What does the word I'm looking perceptive on things like that. Going up and and as as adults and yeah I tell my friends that are that are about to have children or people that work with us. Am I whatever anybody tells you when you compare to what actually happened so. I tell handing you gotta sag no was cliche it is is this cliche but it's true. So Patrick. We'll give back to Mother's Day and mother's in females and all that stuff and wing and who to an Angel wings listening to mania Charlotte environments is our guest on the second and third segment today we love having to name this seat got to stick around. But a bone to pick with teetering on the did it to look at is can he played in the in Arenas corn hole tournament a third annual in reach. Look at. I Ian capital RE ACH. Wonderful charity and and about four years ago Kathy can near over there asked me if if I can tell them giving corn hole tournament started. And we did and they took it ran with it and and they had their third annual wonderfully successful Cornel term it. We got the support a menu and out played in it and. Opera is given day. Was not how heavy debt deal when you're carrying on your net solo bit I'm not typically carrying people and Colin hole. Did listen to this this equated my corn hole game on Saturday. It was a. If he faces hidden decent at radio it was that bad I couldn't when Arafat sat on the price is right I think says yeah the net and play well in that the most important thing is is a really did a nice job year righty you describe her really well. It's very organized. I think they made a lot of money. I guess some tweets he railroad ticket he ends so tiger world tickets that we can and I Simon is cool to see that the the ruby the ruby Stanley L as represented by. But Cornel elite donate we have an mallet their boards they had the other you know they have some boards but we donate about the ankle however after the boards. Which we love doing as a gets our brand out there we get to support and help on it. It kind of keeps the overhead for their tournament an owner and we love them but they get a wonderful job and they've really taken. The opportunity that we gave their home to thorn in south look under under the hood of our business model on the corn hole tournament for a charity. And they ran Wednesday and it in this really also so law. Checking and reach out. Check it out next year she easily in the spring is always in the spring. The injury should be the fourth annual next year and I'm gonna keep continuing. As we have fire. Pitcher for wishes that BRT and saying they shoot us in the fall so those seminars and dollars and spree. We have some of those guys the ones that we beat I think we are encouraging to come out to the carnal turn him in the fall so we can have some obvious that they said maybe we can compete with this is gas pretty did trans. Well the funny thing give lots elegy. After after you choked. Bad bad it's an apparition right this is a terrorist you're not gonna end where I mean we're not mediocre we're above where works were high in mediocre players yeah I. And you start thinking you're gonna win some but you don't understand. The gradient of good in court upholds the great is humongous and we would get beaten like a shut out once we got that low also literally and taken the test kind of sodomy it's like occasional golf tournament whether he's not everybody can play golf anybody can play Cornel. And the cool thing about he's going to return receipt to see how good these professionals army it's like you're playing against some can DNA golf tournament right. Making a bring a professional golf round at most tournaments in Indy any stuck over air holes seven monetary easing your real hold me so you don't even have known how good the right the only and none of these warping you with a seven aren't. You know it's just like I dream about are getting hit with a seven iron and then he comes in with a 22 under it and turn. Yeah I can't choice. Two. No I mean NASA business model behind the corn hole tournament is as a family event everybody's together. You when you're not playing your socializing with everybody else. Women children you can bring in balancing house's and other things in games and based binders and stuff so with some very very family friendly Avaya so lots to turn up puts on the spot if you're charitable person or somebody that runs a chair to listen this news you need the business plan to keep pretty pretty willing to share that you have a will and a share of the business plan I believe polish your own damning you have your own constituents are resin tide raises all ships Elena do good in the community in the morgue that we do the better slow -- quickly T Evgeni and he -- a long history together who would you name remaining I've been working with a lot mod I against. She's gonna take a bag when I was digging dates as much toll to 24 years and in the business. She's only here. Herman gag also whale. She did her first job with my granddaddy and she's just a patriarch of of our business of of those design communities or glad hammer to stick around. Our Mother's Day special Geneen Emanuel will be with us when we come right back. Welcome back at home. Patrick and passing president of ruby electric along with Trent hastened president and CEO of the Robie family of companies. Course we are your host today is Mother's Day glad to be here and we have these famous demeaned as rainy in the Palestinian put John's final minute okay. During the break we talked a little bit about your. Relationship with trend of course is father and his grandfather. And you kind of reminisce on the first time he met trend and in what won't trend dealing. I met Trent he has teenager at the time. And he was I'm working demo on one of the projects and I guess he was driving tractors like you got the truck to haul the trash. Is it could son of anger about that. I think we have a company policy now that it did did did we can drag the pig beatle trucks is teenagers anymore about it not teenagers and it. College before we that policy came. Hunter in Rome and I are out. Here that are on the intellectual side door having no drugs but I am pretty sure those teenagers still drug if elect drought and dontrelle when I was fourteen when I started movement you know win Wimbledon she can start at fourteen and can't and Omaha school buddies. Then as sixteen joined doing the work force and I was the matter. But I tell a story. Alice make in minimum wage for Tony about it the town. Go look at and in my dad hired you know Moscow but a cease. And we were all three Macon for Tony Bob and dollars a pull and adult drought and a dog trouble much two birdies Poland a bobcat. She and foundations off ending in foundations. In my panelist and assist totals 167. You know. It in and that and that and that that the poor poor man wasn't I guarantee you wouldn't make any money Jonas he's that he does is tell lies you a market that's. Is more concerned about work in the bottom but I'm very fortunate for that. That experience and and that town I mean it's funny to me ye ye ye yes say that. And that was about that some analysts it to me a couple years in and start to make a little bit of money in and save a little bit of money to start being intrigued don't own more than a the managerial. Side of the business and and about sixteen when I was driving around town I started noticing. Yard signs. And and whose signs were paired with our science. And who signs. We're at house's where we were not and and then nicer house sung that we sound ones in and that is when I started asking Dan. What architects what designers we were witness who do we like to work it in and out told the story before you hit home to show bit. And this is the truth and he said he's. Passage inane the grainy in a cities that and he said she is the boss lady. She she snagged good and I assume okay Lee manes under Stella and that's just what she chatter remember boy. And and it did and then later to hear you know I mean I that I think you've Tellme in in more recent years that they're you came to town big cannot totally. And in the early eighties I think it was 81. You came to town and and we we get our first job together again and it was what your thought your. Grandfather you know going in. So lot death that was that's good good times I mean I'm. Could not be more proud that. Still today into set 2017. We share so much business together workers were so ingrained in in our partnership and a it is 100%. Because we do do right by each other and our clients. That's right that's right and it's so I'm not just. Do you know building. I'm a house. It's a building relationships and providing them that kind of design and planning and then the quality workmanship I'll say he he can have left. A great. Plan and a crappy build. You don't have anything or you can have a really bad design and a great construction you don't have to think that when you pair great design and great construction I mean. Then you've got something there. We you know our our our logo on our custom residential side our traditional business a 67 years old our logo is is a perfect triangle. And we say it all atomic stands for. V relationship between the design team designer. The homeowner and the builder and and dangerous beast principle is we're not designed Bil because we faint. That goes to an artist that designs that were not artists were builders were brick and mortar would we get the job done and we try to perfect work and try and to improve every day don't on the process of construction and hire the right talent. And we thank you. Well at that point the budget striving to design Theo and I don't think the design should either drug the budget as well but what happens is. When we get a great design that gets approved. Primarily the budget disapproved of the quote gets approved. Then during the construction it's so awesome that year Foreman to superintendent comic to ensure that. That we maintain the integrity of the designed. In every aspect from framing. To them and the total finish out that some what what we have drawn what are drawings are very very specific from. From engineering all the way through you know tile designs and camera designs and everything. No meteorite and a right. I tell people on Thomas some if policy design build so my game yeah budget acted as I can sell every job we can that are as the company that did it. Every job wouldn't be quality I don't drink from a client's architecture or design standpoint clients like any what exactly they want when is this what being driven by either designed built contractor. Jeanne Odyssey company straw environments with a here on Mother's Day and some of the notices that we talked about the forehand. What the what is cool and neat what what what is going on in in the life of the mother it is you're seeing in the design world. Well I will say that. Actually have gotten a few contracts just because I am a woman because I don't then talking to miss homeowner. And she's talking to me about her needs wants and desires are kids requirements and you know the dump zone big you know she's she has a cook she isn't a cut she entertains. She you know whatever and I mean it's it's all those soft requirements. That I debt. Because I am a woman I was I am a mom. I am a wife. I am a professional you know and so I understand the the dynamics of talent a home has to respond to. Family living casual entertaining formal entertaining holidays. You know indoor cooking an outdoor cooking an office and I translate that those requirements in two. Bricks and sticks now the men like to talk about the bricks and sticks and themes and all that sort of faint. But I am I talk about requirements and to meet and so I get their they'll miss homeowners. Confidence very early on tonight I understand her needs wants and desires and I can translating that into a floor plan and until into a final her home. We'll eat in week in we talk about down the sellout I mean it's it's amazing how few women are in our industry have receded our involvement with Mary entrance involvement with the HPA. We're trying to get that awareness out of the younger face it it is a coal industry to be and it's a big opportunity. For women for exactly what you just mentioned that in the past chairman of the board chair woman of the board. For an international as a woman named Judy Miller isn't out of Atlanta and in sees a big advocate for this. Because there's such an opportunity because at that easy easy to come by dialogue YouTube you mentioned. So what are what are you seeing amino reuse decent what does it was a dump sand. I had dumped some well that's when I'm that rock candy back door. And you know the kids have all their book bags and their sports equipment and once they walk and it falls out of their hands into big pile shoes and that's big and says you know he we've seen the there's been a lot in the garage. Organization. Leave some of it outside in the garage and a lot of the sports equipment. But some of it has command charging stations computers laptops and that sort of thing so you see the lockers with Obama outlets NM. So that the kids you know it's it's about training kids if you don't train them they will be. Slobs so if you train them this is wary this is what you do you put your things here you go wash your hands you get a snack. Lets you know you run up to play go to the bathroom go. You know sit at the counter have a snack let's do your homework spelling words or whatever it is that we're going to do that to start training them when they get home that this is. Yeah you know I am. Ice is say you know in the old days. You know the women. You know had maids but now we are the made. But so you know we may have you know convenience appliances and that sort of thing that you still have to load them up. So good in also wiley say you know dishwashers. Are down under the counter because that's where children can load them. Got a little personal identity. If that is the that's that's good a good point. Can you stick around we got to roll out of this segment can you hang out sooner continued conversation about dishwashers kids and and you have have a have a couple. Lovely dollars in your own and and you're proud mom on mother's base will continue conversation return OK thank you will be right back. Welcome back at home with Rosie I'm Patrick that's it from rebbe electrical switch. The handling of confidence. We are your post happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there and we have a mother in the studio now and you mean having any control environments. We're talking about cool trends there. Awesome in the design world. Four of the mother. Yes when asked what. Well out of the house is you know semi different roles these days that women player ranked well deal saying. If mama ain't having no by no LA yeah. But truly come in 99.9 percent of the renovations that I get involved in is because the mother the woman has the same this isn't working for me. I'm not tell you. We all think we're unique. But I keep hearing the same thing over and over again we want to be with our families we want more of an open planned. I call the lifestyle triangle they only cooking family dining family living living to the outside. Com. You know being able to see those smiling faces and not that the momma sequestered to the kitchen. And anyway as you well know. The best parties are in the kitchen and they never crammed in there and you can't get out into it and so let's just get rid of the balls and we define the spaces with. You know carriers. Large islands I call that island time. Because that's the best from the time is right around account or whether it's anything from homework to entertainment orders or. You know pain takes on Sunday and but it's just where everybody wants to gravitate. And then the open the living room space. Needs to be architecturally interesting I'm hoping that really drives me nuts is you know let me take a ranch house eight foot ceilings. You take out all the walls and almost send the ceiling feels awfully low. Because it's just that it's too much space for that high in the ceiling so we've been taking a lot of ceiling is out of eight foot ceilings and bolting them up so that. You down get of a sense of volume. And then. You be able to find them the best place for the television. And in the family can gather around that and then feeling dining work kind of losing me. Eat in kitchen a lot of the times. And having what we call family dining and if you wanna be formal thing just get out to China hits but other than that it's it's a comprehensive color scheme of that's a little bit more casual in I find in Charlotte a little more sophisticated. Look more contemporary not so stodgy traditional. And let's just let all of all those color scheme just flow and these are the kinds of things that I talk with my homeowners. Primarily the ladies. And then I can turn off that switch and then we can turn on the and how much does this cost and how long does this take so they'll get to and talk with the gentleman. So it's you know I've got to Wear a bunch of hats but I always say. Let me be beaten marriage counselor the designer the interior designer of the insurer detecting and all of that and let the bill to be the builder. Because it's just too many cats four and I don't wanna be the. Older either blown well when we heard of who we have orgasm with you know contractors dat men in the long are we were ordered her to a crowd sometimes not all. But most of whom are it's kind of a trade because would be into a contractor. It and we say hey. Dole. Changed the plan without talking to Geneen. And they got a whole lot CNET will I know how to build BA you know how to build but you don't understand that the effect on the design. Did this one little change could have socially ominous we agree we do our job you do your job and and and I think our company has has learned now well. As well as we have a lot of vendors and vendors in our fleet but. You were talking all about practicality of Allison and animals is not an Alice in Dinh I was gonna say it would bang wire here. Did the fire here designed so beautiful winner bill. And then you talk a little bit about rays in the C when you talk about the sophistication and the colors and so I'm glad I'm inclined you talk about that's still what this would of could he do. Slam. Equality of all on the dais that. Well and there's one aspect of design that. Kits come relegated to some very interesting theories of the house and that is and hand me don't look at. Oh OK now right yeah. Straight out sadly we've typically must adequately said the man. I commend Qaeda guys aren't that Smart that we we have only me has announced it yet well will be in the basement or will be in that had a couple power may be a Digisette stretcher I was curious that it's like but honey you're losing have a detached garage and we make a make great man. You know. So but he you know you've got to create that two and them but the heart of the home is where you know and kids failing entertaining and everything happens. In the outdoor living spaces. That's great. Will. It's fun doing projects together and all that and thank you for those tips now can we talk a little bit about your your family and in some special traits for Mother's Day I mean. You eat the funny thing is you your daughters were young when I was young and now all mulled the if they're growing up and grandkids are adequately Israel brag a little bit possibly well. Got three beautiful daughters and they're all very. They have my work ethic I think that's that the strongest thing I've given to them once an insurance one is a designer. And a mom. And one is an insurance and my question daughter and she actually has just purchased twelve acres of my farm and we'll be building at the farm. So she said mom I'll take care of the courses and then I'll send the grange is up to you. When she has some so we're actually in the process of designing your house and coming up with although I'm. The finishes and figuring out you know what portion of the landless she actually purchase and and so is scary exciting test. To mount patent to have her there and so with better Delaney compound there. Stuck to her own as a surprise to ascertain knowing all the time not a minimal wage for seniors need to. Like to generic but we both have a right of first refusal we cells. That's good that's good. Thank you are gonna get along get along greatly. And we've been fortunate enough the rugby guy as you had a party last year and we just come off the Kentucky Derby. And and the first thing he said as she got to take a trip yeah to the Kentucky Derby this year and had had a blast a set I'll wonder why you didn't have another Kentucky Kentucky Derby party. With julep or whatever. Tony well we had the Mantilla so we were at the derby yeah and it was actually fabulously nor our sun hats and rain but it's our Willie's. Because it put this in yet I'm came out but it was so crazy an infield. All the millennial. They just buy tickets being in the infield. And it rained and then it was an absolute bloodbath and went crazy and I you know I was like come on down there so the Kentucky Derby. He hand. Coca-Cola 500 NASCAR race. After a nice rainstorm returning to the same of this yes it doesn't matter during seersucker aura or a tank top. It's a candidate is still brown in New Orleans economy might forgo billions lads that that city gee did you did you place any wagers on the Kentucky Derby. Yes I'm the one that what came bucking out of these gave was just like Cho was at number three. I'm it was number two on it and it was who thunderstorms thunderstorms he did not do well he did not do well I can see Patrick ED showed your inexperience and dollar face. It becomes. Blocking out of the day easily now when I don't know any guy and he's already nuggets thank you that it was good up hey listen I had Dillard hauler the I don't think that's a company three's not and I know our guys got stuff on attained it with the mud slide Tony Tony one NCA right. It. So how is business and well as you well grow businesses and a lot alive and well in Charlotte. A lot of people are house hopping and renovating again a lot of people are building again. A lot of people are renovating again. We are very fortunate to be in such a great all right city. And nom. But she just take one project that timing give it your all and give it all your attention so that it's the best design you can give and and then make sure it's got you know handed off to the vest you know contractors and everybody's busy and suburbs in very thankful. I agree I mean and a cool thing about working with the movies you have so many repeat client stated we also have so many repeat clients and we're able to work with them. At the same property a lot of times there a couple kids in generations a couple house that are racially generational throughout the families as well tee and an arrogant to the point where were the kids are as our as well looking for big design expertise and and in our expertise from the billing side so I think that's that's obviously did sign a a healthy companies from home and ordered and hopefully good job. Yeah that was great will lie any any last remorse how can people get it to get a hold of you just name please let the audience and well. My cellphone is is on 2.4 seven I doing answered texts and emails as well but don't call the office because my. Of voicemail saying this call my cellphone which is 704. 6088487. How you'll get me directly. He knew we talk about that on the says some people hate us because a testament he would give yourself as cannon and a lot of people give office number web site. But it only a few of the self knowledge I think is obviously much more personal touch just really cool. We you know what's really cool is is I haven't dollar her cell phones in. Probably a decade because you save it and and I had a camera as if she said it it was it was Reza you really. A lot of times ice that will still ballot because it's more convenient in the scroll on the so a lot. To name remaining Charlotte environments. Angle known become an up close to four decades. Taking care Charlotte design needs for the women. Yes and I will say that I have two men working for renowned and Willis to women's I'm. Diverse we have diversity but. With thank you for being here go go home. All Mother's Day enjoy your family. Thank you so much happy Mother's Day thank you very much will be right back. Mother's Day and it's Mother's Day. Can pace and as I did he say. Bow wow wow he'd be OUD day we EA is Mother's Day you eat it. It's a second breath Christmas present to you that that's the hill hard version of Mother's Day after the it is that you say babysit highest honor roll out and you sort of think about ludicrous it's terrible the funny thing is this past week Patrick and I and Christians salute. Short of Travis. Anti JR RI radio team work the golf tournament. And a funny thing is we're out at Providence country club great turn on that sports make a worse. Every year. We we support it. Is this all some. And we get to see the same grouping jazz out there come around and they raise a ton of money and has for a long time. So thank you bill for Clinton at home but. I don't want collier boundary it is this signal their Biden has now out of Providence. But he among you supporter make list. Thank you rainy brenly to see. To order comet known how. You know now people play radio winner golf cart yet and we got a different different versions of was popular you know yes some all all hip hop from the ninety's and only got some old seventies hair band. Eighties hair man you guys 70s60s. Beach music industry has some modern day country music so kind of funny. Jimmy Buffett Bob Marley that's why I'm here yes I guy he'll pop in my mind he's the alt country these days this this kind of funny but he said roll out a toady story before is like when are never ready at a school in the morning us council's car must sound a roll out. The sub Tsongas. We do you to listen to some good music do remind me. A descent Atlanta they crisscross yet thanks very close it. Chris Carlson might need to tell a joke. Jill I'm sorry some of the Arab audience tried as an all these we're home out or they do because they heard her kids listen and tool back 25 years ago and it is mothers don't matter with these on the funny thing is now all that stuff scandalous and it's a yes not funny that's that that it was true. Flick yet. Go it we're talking not in the bright Eric yet in the U log out and talking about how were actually don't lean our Nicole Oglesby runs our our Raleigh office which were very proud of the Mother's Day let's talk about it tell about how we're trying to embrace. Women have we're trying to embrace diversity as a whole in our industries. Both on the server side and on construction sent. But Nicole goes reruns are Raleigh office if she's a very strong woman and Geneen. Had a client in trolley and it and they got together says so who's. Did Nene in the color gold project to get a rally this is wonderful. On and also were I mean just the way the world's spans where we where we have our office in Raleigh. I think the can nation tainted Jennings daughter into one of her daughters' lives and Aaron and she's in the same building in and that's how we got hooked up together on that deal so would. That's screening should we talk about this all the time minutes that's thirty women there industry industry is is dying for diversity is dime for more women to get involved. And I think it's almost like a lack of of knowledge of what all is entailed in in construction. It date McGuire from from injury to be good CO both. Chris and I twenty Dave Mecklenburg County. Career fair in totti like 3000. High school kids that they were they're trying to figure Hillary wanted to you're joining Howard and we talked to a lot of young ladies. And eighty Aussie unit once it got interest at a construction were like hey Richard sit and design. In those silicon design and civil web designer graphic designs like they've thought about construction because they're set aspect involved there as well on the and they all said note. Will would eat you brought up Caylee McKay we have all here in economy sees she is. You know a represented an electronic. Bring up the workforce right see and try and women are diversity she's just trying to bring up the work and low skilled craftsmen shared craftsmen and arm machine is is a strong woman says television show and all that stuff with had a Alicia we lovers is great for in. But people ask me all the economy clients airline oh wow glad to see you have loved. A woman running near Raleigh office about Tonya got some women in your business all unlike does there's an early work force is notably now that I had to hire somebody did has never gone to trucks or doesn't know how to talk it. So he got a groom on now gas we got a groom him now. But there's a humongous opportunity. For women certain to come along in the construction industry and frankly. Think they can make as much or more must be he had that in the long term because they are an asset. But big data knows that wondered young. Hindered gay gay marriage case Willie and it would Janine said if you miss the second and third segments which mean to me get back listen to that podcast. If she says it all that'd that'd be imported decisions are made predominately be Jeanne between Geneen and and the female of the house. Been in the man comes in screws everything up allied demands of our best man clients are best men and women client's family clients tell you know tell me here to our project manager I look I only wanna deal with you haven't barbecued drinking a beer and I'm right a chain re animosity if I have to go beyond that where is not going to be good fund also thank you to the women house. All wanna say thank you Gamal wife Reagan Hastings teases she's a wonderful mother of four children put so much Grady Little tail. And thank you for my mom she's a wonderful mother of three children. Live beside her I had a giver really hard time because as she she she's my mom and ask them so subdued she puts so what. My Craig's little tail living next door my crazy little four tales that followed around. But I think yesterday some ice birth there was some ice birthday special to you right hold on real quick you're not supposed to give your mom a hard time especially not today I know you're not supposed to do it he used it anyway saying I guess is it again I'm not cut the woman's grass so lawless 34 years OR BC candlelight deposited at the count not that it credited as a citizen just as this that aren't here cause water fund to err is human hyperion it I would love you mom. I love you ray and thank you so much site noting you leadership are eagle seventh this is a double whammy from my mom her birthday was yesterday Saturday may thirteenth in the in today's Mother's Day. And obviously want to thank my wife Jenny and my mom love you both. It is it is that for me it's always nice to my mom for grandmothers and CNBC is like the double whammy to reduce his Mother's Day. What will make it twice is now less said well look thank you for joining us they're gonna aches and all happy birthday for Sally Macau's had to be buried today. Okay. Yeah. Had he birthdays. Lee. Oh.