Best of the Week: July 14, 2017

Bo Thompson
Thursday, July 13th

Bo Thompson's WBT Podcast is back with new weekly episodes... featuring the best moments from WBT's Morning News, extended interviews, and exclusive digital content. This week, Bill Rosinski sizes up the new course at Quail Hollow ahead of the PGA Championship, Tom Sorensen breaks down the chances of MLB & MLS in Charlotte, plus his thoughts on a $5 Panthers FanFest ticket, new Mayoral candidate Vi Lyles on whether she and Joel Ford will both stay in the race, County Commissioner Pat Cotham on the MLS meeting cancellation, Sean O'Connell's extended review of the new Planet of the Apes movie, and more!


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Comes another office. I'll tips WPH t. Lot happening for a lot a lot of people say it's kind of a dead time of the year in sports. You know save the the all star game for Major League Baseball this week in Wimbledon if your if you are a tennis spam that's kind of a niche thing these days. But a lot of stuff going on on the Charlotte sports front and I thought who better. Two bring on haven't talked to mint a wild always loved to hear his opinion on things former Charlotte Observer columnist and he's the author of the Tom talks newsletter. Thank you write a book right now to Tom Sorensen I don't my friend. And in great oh you are not appreciate them. I love avenue on and so let's get right to it I am and ask you to kind of a forward thinking here for a second in ten years. Will Charlotte have MLB. MLS both or neither. MLS. And and they'll be in a custom task and MLB I think. I baseball at least ten years off maybe a little bit more than that much you know the sport a lot of bad ratings or attendance there haven't surged. Well that or not I don't know but I I. Think we look at soccer soon. And I think based on the way it. Were you surprised to hear on the commissioner. Drop the Charlotte name the other night. Now I think it's the obvious. I mean. When Minnesota needed a new stadium in Milwaukee needed stating what are having and it has eighty. Speech here he Q Martina and you names start with an and the new needed new stadium you sort Charlotte. Albert and they're gonna come here. And not a more serious. You know where it's an obvious marker and we're growing so fast. Stepping NFL NBA and I can treat one man trip mr. brought up but I just don't thank you on the NFL. Right where you draw with batteries are model. Baseball weekends may be on week nights no way and I I just stood on pink we have made and enough people to make war. For the first time the Panthers are charging fans to attend. Fan fest to the tune of five bucks each which you know will go to charity they say is this the big deal or much ado about nothing. A black first heard about disappointment and making calls and you know last year first time they distributed check. And 60000 of them because in the past had been overrun everyone at the front and yet trying to unwieldy and kind of messing. Such it. Stop after Connor that it is strategic. Name add. About 101000 no shows up for and passed last year that figure people have a little bit just in an even up dollars. But more like that show and in at 300000 dollars and so we're. Aperture. OK so you and Al Gardiner the biggest boxing fans that I know I remember something happens I'm called on both of yet. Would you spend more money to watch McGregor vs Mayweather or DeAngelo Williams wrestle mania. Actually yeah Angelo. Were so good in his debut rap and they'd be someday it wasn't a very yet. You attack on Sunday night you brought him in over and they EU. His opponent was conveniently placed and wouldn't able to look into it jumped from the row I guess is that aren't. It is in the camp that backed you one anyway. Yeah all bad and I would rather watch. Acting. You know I'm I'm a boxer and obviously and Mayweather greatest and burgers at the greatest fighter register and I ain't. I don't think it hit much but. Schneider aides are saying he's forty and opponents' 28. In parliament the longer reach but we quicktime and for a while and come back. I used to the same fire that's the only way. That he had the chance McGregor if not same guy he worked otherwise the back and it gains in the pop apartment yet. Well and obviously this is a form of base Dunn's you we talked a lot about how bock who will win Mohammed Ali died unite talk last year we talked about. How far boxing has falling from the mainstream. In American sports say is this the kind of stunt it's good for boxing. It Mayweather lose but what really eager we can't. We were last. Comment accurate flopped right ought to got him warrant I'm not burst and Australia not regret for free on ESP and by the way. Sector to ratchet and packing your worse. What himself and what he did best on an angle. Were you conscious and she and throw one or let alone land when he won that part easily. And that judges gave it too obvious or aren't people sit on Crockett. Well one of the judges. Listeners are. One listen Florida and one from Argentina. 888. It's inexplicable and things like that really. Her Arcandor. Parts of going back to the ten years from now scenario. How will we look back in the year 227. On the Dwight Howard trade. I've met that's really interest we've been given and everybody's kind of give them attract such. When you change when you have that kind of talent and move a team that cheap routine some problem. But he obviously respects might sort it all color and even afterward. Clifford street took the head coach is a tough guy a really good act and released Erica. And he has worked with our at two different debt based and I think that. Posting to get them Michael Cain Clifford I think she's gonna have a good career also. He. His career not almost over the agency VN. And it boxes page and are they happen they care about their like bank will look back well to get Mubarak's chairman art. Well you know there's winning there's losing and there's being interesting and I think at the very least and someone to both of us you know who witnessed the Alonso and Larry years with the hornets when there were top of mind in the NBA and their Benson mother. Parts of or at slash bobcats over the years but. For the first time in a long time. I think that the hornets are interesting again an editor at the very least that's a great thing. Yet that England and they also attracted really well mom can and play at a chicken sacker out. Sort of state went bacon good for a couple one of which is. Turner talks sports and I reckon our paper they conscious. Thought. Just Hackett. I Google bacon sizzle when I got it 200 it yet entry exit package which is a testament to note socialite. I mean it. We're gonna you gonna reach only vacancy at the headlines you can missed it good crop it. Well I found what. Website at www. Bacon sizzling sizzling bacon act are. All of shows for three pieces of bacon and a hand. Four point 92 loop it's repeated endlessly. But you're right yeah. Well and you know why at the very least as well we have. Big time personalities got a bigger than life personalities. Not just at Bank of America Stadium with Cam Newton but now you have Dwight says that the inner play between. The two Superman is going to be interesting that. Are absolutely and you want those guys who were so those outside personality. And and it had a good draft. Mean they've really gets passed in Egypt you. Got two guys run and instead of Newton sharing the ball ought to be right quarterback. He can dump it short pass and kick out IVR Kenya arts fifty year. And I just think that really needs aren't you sharp sports and got. At least rumored to baseball. And the possibility soccer and he got an NF LP and BHD net. Really worked party can better and guys or what Mort. Tom Sorensen so why you have you're Tom talks newsletter that you can subscribe to that Charlotte Observer dot com and the occasional look you know Tom talks columns in the observer and you're also write a book. I am I wrote a restriction. And it's titled sit down. What I want is a testament to wretched excess. Diet so much space and I accurate or with an end it was. I'm not crouch but I don't mean be aired in this book less worse. Well hey look guys appreciate talking to you in a chicken and from time to time and I'm sure as the panthers' season gets closer to beginning. The real thing will jet like we always do that thanks for thanks for coming on Tom. Thank you Imus and years now so I really greasy at. Whenever you're ready. This is boat Thompson's WPH t puck to him. I'm starting this. You know. It is WBZ's Friday morning news time to bring on my friend Sean O'Connell from cinema blend dot com. Happy Friday it could be with you always yes sir and I guess I should start by asking you how many times have you seen Spider-Man now. And I've got to pray and that that's probably enough I'll wait now but you know. My favorite hero of all time in the I love what they did with him in the marvel universe and so. I thought one of the press screening and and I took my boys diggers see it at the local Charlotte frustrating and then my wife but upon achieving it does say it could revolt and raving about it that we went as a family so. Furry and it is sort of they get better every time. Well it's three to nothing I mean to catch up I need to see it once and then probably. Based on what you said will wanna see it again but you know we so we start today with the movie and a series quite frankly that. Seems to just fly under the radar I mean every one of these movies and this new one included from the chatter I'm hearing. Planet of the apes there was the rise of the planet of the apes and Tony eleven. And dawn of the planet of the apes and 2014 and today you have war for the planet of the apes and you know these movies get great reviews yet to meet they can sneak up on you and then they cannot. Go away. And I can't quite figure it out the mainstream audiences and really embracing it but you're right that reviews are off the charts and especially for this one too. Critics are losing their mind. They're calling it. You know the best on the a year easily one of the smartest summer blockbusters that we have and what you you know look at the comparison and it's something like transformers or. A fit parts of the Caribbean is not the bar's set very high. With that's what a particular and the dawn of the planet of the apes you know that was the one for me where I was like I like how seriously we're gonna take these movies and that went really. To meet debt off a huge chunk of lights. You know philosophical discussions and historical discussions about the what they're really trying to put a lot into the franchise and to me it worked. With the war of the planet of the apes. In the minority. We're in terms of the way that the critics are gushing about it I liked it I think a ticket technically impressive. Both as one of the most depressing films you'll ever see it. Well I thought the first two were pretty depressing. They are like Muppet movies compared to this one. Did this one a it's called dwarf for a reason and and I won't give away too much of the way that things twist in terms of what I will just say is that. If it's late last. Stand for humanity against the gates and it does is that that this is the turning point of went our planet is gonna become overrun by intelligent apes. Woody Harrelson in the movie playing the kernel sort of represents you know a last ditch effort for humanity to sort of fight back in and reclaim our planet. And since we know that there's several planet of the apes movies to overcome let's just say it doesn't go too well for humanity. Saws gonna askew so this is not a trilogy were expecting more. Well it it's the trilogy in the sense that there's definitely closure to some of the arc of history they've been telling but then of course they also set the table for other ways they can ago. They've always been with this new batch of films. They are prequel to the to the first planet of the apes movie and so at one point they will connect. You know to that sound at the fox doesn't wanna shoot itself in the foot in terms of put that sequels. So they wanna find a way to keep the French and telling if people don't like it. There's so much chatter with and these circuits in the motion capture work that he does to place he's there you know exert despite column in The Lord of the Rings movies depict King Kong. He is really brought that technology you know a long. In Beirut it is amazing how much it's evolved over the past few years. You actually it looks to me like you're watching apes actually act in Austria and that the technology incredible. It's just there isn't that the point in this movie where I just had to cut finally wave the white flag and I was like. It's just too bleak it's so bleak it's so depressing it's so heavy it so petty. And I I punched out but not but I guess that I'm in the minority. Critics over the their minds over at they've really really do love it I liked it I appreciated it just I don't know what that is centered again. So it's better than Mark Wahlberg back in 2001. Suggesting. 23. Is Saturday. If you don't know what the and may be we learn some stuff about some big franchises. Over the weekend. We should didn't hold this and convention. This is the first year of their holding it one week before San Diego comic con. Which. Sort of shows the break that the major studios are doing from comic con cock has become an ATP. Festival now where all of that television shows ago a San Diego. And the movies depending on narrowed to this it is NATO's and to not narrow on Saturday there live action analysts expected to go through. Star Wars. Marvel. Regular live action Disney films like a wrinkle in time which is coming with Reese Witherspoon and Oprah Winfrey forty talk about Star Wars in marble. That we could potentially get a new episode eight trailer. We could see some footage from the console of the veto because of that controversy that we talk about a week ago with them changing directors. And may be going to a totally cute I don't know received console footage maple leaf get the title of that will be even though it's not coming up in the year. With the with marble obviously they have sort of promote their black panther but they've been shooting event and in any war for very long time now and I'd be done and if they'd inject some kind of sizzle real footage from an apartment been at war so you like any of those properties that I just talked about. You don't want to paying attention to Saturday because 23 happens that am. And at the very least Ron Howard probably just tweaked random you know footage of the set. You haven't so much fun indigenous that I look at it like nick indicated that led into the can distort and people are afraid to sort of tell them don't do that that is very cool. So you wanna be in a good mood then a monitor cinema blend for deeds when he three updates if you wanna be an oblique bad. There's no tomorrow mood then go see planet of the apes. And Sean O'Connell cinema blend dot com thanks my friend. Did sees blue Thompson's WPH t podcasts. And I saw the pictures popping up on Twitter and FaceBook yesterday and new resents being who joins us now on the WBT hotline I had himself quite. A tour yesterday quail hollow which is. Getting ready obviously for the PGA championship but a lot of secrecy right now around what's behind the fences as they put the finishing touches on this this tournament ended the grounds to get ready for this the bill. You've got to see it up close and personal yesterday. All of them I did that was. It was interesting to see the golf course and I haven't seen it and slash cures Wells Fargo championship. Send you the thing with the normal setup with the grandstands and certain spots so current sort of obviously the course even. Three designed especially the first few holes stand to see these huge. She LA is that and you know the merchandise pavilion on up there it was. It's going to be spectacular next month I'm I'm really excited about what. What Charlotte will do items are great opportunity for the as soon as part of the country Du'Shon we got a lot of great golf and curing it's a great week. Just fun to hear the word shy away after a couple of pop up. So this does not orbit abuse in the NFL Allen goes through and disability that you've covered all kind of tournaments including majors should give folks here. A sense and feel when they go in person. What it's like to be and to decide the gallery size of prestige just the whole importance above a major term reverse of the typical tournament. Well I think the biggest thing is the crowds will be huge. You'll you'll notice that right away and the other thing I think guys as the diversity of the crowd because this is one of four major championships. And people from around the world. Will will be here. To watch their favorite players. Play and I think that's the that the both of those of the two things I would go to about the crowd and then you you know what's the major you know every shot is important. And the cheers are just different you know birdies in the big applause for pars the the big roars for birdies and great shops looted it's just. It's like him that you would you know what a playoff game and if you build up to the to the Super Bowl stir it's just a little bit different. Every shot is important that I think. You know it's probably the biggest things to me I would fight last night outlawed and the coop Golf Channel reroute British Open up from lash your that final round Mickelson and Spencer and I was. I was sitting there watching it and I was their house call the shots there it was. Utterly unbelievable and I hope. That we have a great tournament like that either you know two guys do when you're out some Bayer may be you know ten or fifteen guys a chance the war. Talking to bill resents keep PGA radio here he got a tour of quail hollow the new and improved quail hollow ahead of the PGA championship yesterday what about does some of the Signet signature holes there. For this Corzine do you think about seven they think about the green mile at the but the seventeenth though what what's been done to the holes we already think of only think of quail hollow pre PGA championship. Well I think the most cold every everything is pretty much the semi noticed on seven. What's the par five. They're kind of raised. Both the feet area behind the greens are still falloff distort creep back here but they've kind of reachable but I remember when McIlroy won the last time. I when he won Wells Fargo. He birdied all four par fives on the back nine and he made an incredible. Shot from behind the green it usually if you went over that seven screen before I you can you can fly. From how far down you had to go to the backup from a Granger that's changed a little bit the big thing I think pose what would fans will notice regarding the golf on the shores is to change the start of the tournament. The second hole which was a short par three downhill from elevated tee box that's god. 11 green is down now Warner. That's like a dogleg right. Long starting hole with the other members are gonna play it it's par five that these guys that'll be apart fortunate part 71. But that's that's a big change there are soul two was gone to the third hole now to. And you keep going around and after the next hole which was a par four after the you'll three. The fourth poles apart force and let streaming out of the par three simply about a buck because 75 buck eighty. And improvement that go to the really major changes there and they redid all the greens I think there's really could have that's going to be a big focus comic and her practice short of the greens have been redone it. They look spectacular and others some nuances he's going to third and happy used to. Farm bill got a minute left guys always have what football question for you Panthers are removing a pre season game bill Wednesday that weeks that's a segue into my question did you see the DeAngelo Williams comment when Adams chapter. I he's without a team as a free agent he lives to be Pampers cowboys browns and jaguars is teams he would not play for a fact this season what is the deal with him. And the Panthers there runs so deep with them I mean need it didn't and a spectacular fashion as well as a player your performance wise I just don't get the deep hatred I cents. It you know I don't know Jim I think got a lot goes back to wait things were handled is bottom up passed away had some some some personal issues that he had with. The way that was handled with a ownership in the general manager. Adam you know anytime a team that you've been with for a long time sites what you go. You know you're you might harbor some bitterness on that he's been pretty vocal about it so I thought that's the amazing thing. So you know I'm. Not that I literally anything like. So what do you think about five dollars for the fans that's what kept up. I thought well let me put a boot limbo I'm not paying five but I hope. Pay your five dollars ability to choose to go yes. Jim we'll play 250 an opportunity after another rich kids yourself in tired a lawsuit for hot dog Dakota left yes. They got my bad Pepsi thank you bill appreciate it. This is both Thompson's WTI. Apps we've been talking a lot this week about what's coming up next week July 18. Officials from MLS will be in town including MLS president mark Abbot. To meet with what originally was scheduled to be. Several different entities we've heard about. A meeting of county commissioners that was supposed to happen and then canceled yesterday. By Indian and the Oreo on the WBT hotline right now is county commissioner at large pat Coughlin thank you for being with us today. Oh are more. On good morning to you was so I'm going through these emails some of which I've seen now in the media some that you afforded me today. And I'm looking at the correspondence back and forth. So originally. There was the overture made of county commissioners to come to this meeting with members of MLS. The next week. And then as numbers started to increase as I understand it's once it hit a certain number. Then that meeting was canceled yesterday tell tell me the background of this as you see it. I out at first. Being in the email once you know they were truly we weren't fight it and and that was it right it'll. I noticed that elderly Jewish church to order supporting soccer but we're not only. It right there would you know what's happening here and there. All of a suddenly I can't I would go and I would do if they got what I need you got to stop now and got arrested he would. And they're. So I can't respond there and then built. It wasn't I don't get it through what it is probably right at the public though it looked like we got to get five. I want him before you go any further in order once it hits five than it has to be public right. And he has had to achieve a 48 hours of public there did they ever right. I'm in the best interest of the community. Are an autopilot that. There are members of the media to be here so not in the best interest. Of the community due yippee you're here what they have to. You believe it it was a concerted effort. Are they tried. Is certain members of of of the commission tried to keep this at four so it remained behind closed doors yet. MLS officials are saying that no no we never stipulated that it had to be private. Well you know and not make sense to me I'm. I I thought it was strange that the ones who are so supportive. All or not responding. And metadata and other obligations I don't know what I thought it was all right. And they don't want to get a response was Ella who here has been supportive and she said she would go but the other. Poor well look you know we're not only until I mean I thought about it but I don't know I don't know what's going on with them but the main thing is. Lean and it's public so then. You wait the other it worked then it's done well we gonna go because it's got to be public. Suddenly it was going to be we're going to be Brooke it is too. Small groups like apple that was we don't want it to be public. It didn't feel right at its belt right it did it was very disappointing that I'm because we're arguing that public. Expenses that the publicly I'll laugh all the money that they want. You know see and lock it like they're playing million hours completely. Tell it's easy public until then all the the blocking them and it was it was still on and it wasn't that happen. So it was canceled it was canceled by accounting manager dean had the Oreo yesterday. We know at least I assume I talked to the MLS foresee LT people yesterday and they have events planned on Tuesday they plan to meet or did plan to meet with MLS I'm assuming they're still coming but now that this particular meeting is not happening happening. Do we know if it's going to be postponed you do delete and he has as anybody on. A commission heard from MLS as to whether or not that alters their plans that they do you know. I do. Well I would not trade anything directly clothing with. I'm at least two all the China commissioner says there's been nothing directly on the net and there was nothing you know directly from them completely sure okay. I'm sure this are not in January I thought you know maybe you're longer three in my other colleagues. So we didn't have any direct I'm. I have contact on the Nolan. And I got to stop it there for time pac got them a county commissioner at large I appreciate your time this morning. Okay thanks in Toronto on that you. You too. Whenever you're ready. This is vote Thompson's BC. Yesterday she made it official that she is running. For mayor of Charlotte on the democratic side of things we talked to Kenny Smith one hour ago he'll be making his. Announcement for the GOP. Later this morning but let's bring on by Lyles mayor pro tem right now good morning. How about Howard you don't do well we hope you're doing well today. I am I mean you know you get up every morning and and you look out of our immediately just think that the good place that they. Hi yeah of course agree with that stand the so there you have three other people who I think. Our art Irsay and the same type thing this time this time of the election cycle. Joseph Ford is gonna. Announce next Tuesday and did Jennifer Roberts gonna Amaker announcement tomorrow you're first among the Democrats. I'm making your announcement yesterday how how are you feeling about this race. I'm feeling really get about the race I think about the voters that I need everyday that senators that the community that I it's. About the issues and I am really hearing. What's important and I'm working and incorporating those spots and ideas for act. And now I it's been uninteresting week here in Charlotte a lot of chatter about not only MLS soccer but now and the Baseball Commissioner a tosses out Charlotte's name. At the all star game on Monday night in Miami has a possible maybe down the road Charlotte gets a Major League Baseball franchise so what's your take on now those two issues those two sports. You know on base I didn't think this is a credit to bad beavers I am. Support for the Charlotte might be am I you know where we have this minor league helps our team I think by and that incredible. And it's great to hear our name mentioned in that Adam. The area for baseball expansion it's it's really something else. I understand we're still working around soccer. I think Major League soccer is right the question for each is that as I talk to our community bank that will lie in half out and I've got to figure out. The way they get that message out so that they reached MLS can delegate and popular community I think that really can't be that different. You have got a key endorsement today in recent weeks the black political caucus endorsed your campaign now I I have a little bit of something from a few months ago back in April. There was this reported that Joseph Ford confirmed that you had had a conversation the two of you had a conversation about one of you. Possibly dropping out of the race whatever happened with that conversation and is that still a thing. How they get the conversation wasn't about dropping out of the race the conversation what about. That we can have an incumbent mayor has that had not done and shown the leadership that Charlotte need. And we both felt that we can offer to the community to this city I'm more and different. And so that was a conversation and I think that I have looked at that and I've worked really hard you look at what. We've done to engage certain sense you can look at I'm the people that believe in May and so we're moment all I got out yesterday. I am really excite it. So you filed and as I said day he's scheduled to filed Tuesday so both of you will go forward in this primary. Well he's kind of Allen at number I'm going forward and that. In the Arab. Well let me ask you one last thing I ask Kenny Smith about this and you both were. Witness to this but or are will be witnessed too did the conversation that will happen. Amongst a City Council look Mecklenburg County commissioners. Gave unanimous approval to allowing alcohol sales before noon on Sunday in an incorporated parts of the county. The so called brunch bill as we've been saying. I that was passed by state lawmakers this month City Council expected to consider this before this month is over where do you fall on the. 19 people and our community work in the hospitality industry. I make definite yet. I believe that we ought to be talking about how to and that opportunity. I mean I think about when we brought lautner will hear what it has helped us do. And what we can continue to do so we gotta give everybody no pop out the end of the streets the opportunity to grow impoverished. Mayor pro tem she's a vial Lyles and hoping to be. I'm mayor before this is all over announcing officially the first of the four candidates yesterday and I look forward talking to you as this a process unfolds. I wrote it are well. Did sees blue Thompson's WPH t podcast I'm not I'm not a big boxing guy the guy who preceded me talked enough boxing guys Q I already told you it and that's a huge. I don't really mean USC I'm not really there either Imus the Imus WFC. But usually you do know that this kind of McGregor Floyd Mayweather fights coming up. Mostly just to individuals wanna get paid they wanna get paid and they were talking yesterday and I guess yesterday was the first face to face showdown. That's a promote this event which is going to be. A welterweight. Bout fighting in Vegas next month between. The boxer and the fighter kind of McGregor Floyd Mayweather Connor McGregor talking trash yesterday. In the low man exit as milk home. His little hand. Now inside car around my my. I don't mean it is limited said. But I love fighting isn't led isn't limited limited set of all the rules. That makes me is how the height. The fight this season. Eight to fight it he's won the truth might get wouldn't even take one round. So. Now we have apologized that was Donald Trump talked about Marco Rubio from the campaign. With a little legs in the lawyers that look for Marco. Well here's Marco Rubio I mean Floyd Mayweather. Make mistakes. And guy. Are fit and as my boxing record when all you crazy you know you're better. What do you wanna go. I'm not even at bay man I was too many years to go and I became quite a lost ten years ago under the table and was five years ago another thing about almost two years ago. I got enough to be June 9 so that the events coming up next month they don't ever think drama that statement about battling me wanting perfect 72 dolphins. That's true I mean there's investors and that's diamond that's just in the sport has tried Don Shula line to. A you know it and that is why don't like these guys are so unlikable. It's off finding good and and by the way a lot of that press covers yesterday not safe for work not say for radio. But I editing involved yeah but I'm thinking all the while. That's all fine and good with what they both said but in my head this is what I'm here in the. So you maybe got no hard bring you through a simple in my apartment tonight I'm not sure you're real may have do you want. You hotel and lie weekday mornings by tonight on the T 111099. Tree. WBT. All download the WBT yeah. Corporate.