Are You Over Prescribed?

Ask Dr. Ernst
Saturday, July 15th

Dr. Ernst discusses the most common prescriptions and their natural alternatives.


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The asked doctor and show his pre senate like doctor Aaron hurts a board certified chiropractic physicians specializing in spinal correction nutritional coaching and cellular detoxification. And it's for informational purposes only it is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice diagnosis or treatment seek the qualified health care professional before changing your health program or embarking on any one visit ask doctor urged dot com for more information. East. Time to transform yourself. Which one of the nation's leading men growing authorities in total health. Over the next hour you learned from experts on how to revolutionized that help the knows you love most. Ask doctor turns. The future host doctor Eric Hertz. Well how Lowe's Charlotte. That's if yes doctorate so we're here on news elevenths and 993 Debbie beat the and screaming at you from WBT dot com and also FaceBook dot com. This is sort pounders said diseases dead Emery beat that brief audio problems I'm your host today doctor turner said thank you opportunity and it was if you're new to our show pop over to FaceBook I broadcast this live as well as on the air. On FaceBook in the benefited that is you can share the show instantly media frenzy could physically see me so I'm waving at all of state workers and you guys can actually comments you can share you can ask you questions. It's a great way to sort of watched the show while you listen to this though and I'm also don't forget that them. You can get access to a whole host of information including the references the resource the aid recipes. You know everything from protocols even. That AS KD RER and as he dot com. And on the top right hand corner there's even a contact us section. It's confidential it goes straight to meet know what else and you ask any question knew once I get things from. I was just diagnosed with this a bit listen to yourself for a long time how to go for that. Begin at The Beatles say I have been a member of the state that has this and what can we offer for them could you help out. So they show exist ask doctor art because all the questions you guys ask. And with him last week or so having gained a lot of like. Sent Roy Bayreuth blood pressure cholesterol except for that today. And to be talking about are you overprescribed. Are you taking more medications that you're supposed to. Which is none so argue over prescribed you have 12340. Of whom many medications. Are they making you more unhealthy. Are they not addressing the core root your health conditions and how to we do that how we find the cause of your conditions you can go after it naturally. And not have to take a harmful medication. If you guys have heard of this attempt you know there's this mine little quote that I found on line. And it actually asserts that he'd abide by T shirt that says this on the back it says Hillis said. I'd take Matt Foreman for the diabetes that was caused by the HT TD that I take my blood pressure. Which I got from MB and I took for insomnia which was caused by xanax. They take for the anxiety that I got from well putrid and and I had because of chronic fatigue from taking Lipitor which destroyed my cholesterol. Because my unhealthy diet and lack of exercise in regular chiropractic care led to all of these problems. So that's kind of how we start to stop. We take something and then that side effect makes it takes of the notes and and that's not a Beckley stood disease. And we need the medication. Or you've gone to someone. And you've expressed your health concerns. You have been diagnosed. And the only answer is medication. And maybe you thought you thought you know this try to see what happens. And then something happened from that or you've got one of those conditions that we call. Chronic management health issues like diabetes high blood pressure high cholesterol high blood figured which diabetes. You know acid reflux indigestion and asthma you've got the condition that requires a monthly. Subscription to your prescriptions. You know a lot of people subscribe to like Hulu Netflix magazines and they get every month. And that's what your sign up for when you do a prescription. They you have to take every single month it's really a subscription. And guide the stats are outrageous. You know the American and over purse. Griping that as the rate that we take prescription is insane listen to a recent AARP reports. Talking about how. Those of us who are over the age of 45. Are taking more medications than ever before we write it point 5%. Increase. In drugs since 1986. Prescriptions. Compared to this report which 2012. Sane at 75%. Listen 785%. That's three out of every four you line up or people. Three of them take one prescription drug the United States it whereas 75%. Prescription drug rates. You hit the age of fifty and it goes up to almost 50% one out of every two people in the US over the exited the are taking medication. And this shocker of all shocks and Google this you can see I'm not making up the Henry Kaiser Family Foundation. As a web site you can go to Q it'll show you how many. Filled the prescriptions were written and and build in the United States 2016. According to their web site. 4000000065. Million prescriptions filled in United States. In 2016. Now I wanna go a little analytical on Uga as a candidate this. For a 1000000065. Million. Divided by the number of people in the United States routier's. 325. Million so I know with a big number four million divided by 325. Million is well. And this is a significant number for one specific reason it means every man woman child and it to get a heartbeat. And you live in the United States. And your born in the United States you are taking a medication. Twelve of them per year. Do the math it's one per month the guys we've reached practically saturation. Almost every person in the United States even infants on prescription drugs. And this is a challenge because eight it's big business. Beat it has math side effects and see it doesn't address the core caught. The reason your sick is not because of you being deficient. In their medication you know we might say say for example stir B is. Because of you lacking an essential vitamin a vitamin C says derby is caused by a deficiency in vitamin C. Well guess what high blood pressure is not caused by deficiency and HT TV nor is it caused by deficiency in anything other than the fact that you're not taking care how. So what I want you guys to do today is to realize if you take a prescription medication. We can fix this you can get off debate you don't need to take everything a month all you need to do is find out what the cause of your health issue is which Dominik go through the big ones. Thyroid huge depression cholesterol asthma reflux diabetes and pain or anti about that had date. And as we come up to this next commercial break within. Next Saturday the 22 I'm hosting it medicine cabinet make over if you're taking anything for anything if it's not orange bottle white top. And you wanna get off bit. I mean it's so you'd the alternative approach if it's a vitamin supplement industry or protocol I do you replace the prescription for something that actually works. Seven afford 906209. Or. That's seven afford 9062094. Commonalities they're free tickets this event sold out already but I kept 25. For free. For you seven afford 9062094. If gas doctors there will be right back. All right welcome back you're listed gas sectors go. I'm your host doctor earners here listening to the new eleven are at noon 11109 three deputies he. And also perhaps you're watching us on FaceBook. I love the fact that FaceBook has the ability or the live stream our radio show in addition to going live on the air. You know we have a huge list of followers on her face the paid over 101000 people follow with a weekly basis. As some wondering if you're missing out on all the great information we share on line. Ater website asked doctor that com and also on our FaceBook stream to him listen. Go there right now FaceBook dot com slash ask doctor Ernst that's a cascade the art the art and as he. And you can actually see I am I'm life a bright and come right act yet on now on the web stream. That you can share that with your friends this this this notice here is today's topic is. How to stop taking medication for health conditions and what we need to do to fix this to go after the cause. We're gonna talk about the big big players guys. Right now we estimate based upon just basic statistics. A how many prescriptions were filled last year 2016. Which is over four billion how many people there are in the United States to 325 billion. Do the division of the two and you find out it's too well. Prescriptions per year per person one per month for every single person on this face of the United States. And dogs but they the planet that's a troop on the face of the United States. We are taking medications more than ever before and I have a list of the number one. Hi it's prescribed the number two number three fortified board try to go through as many as we can. If you're someone depressed. Eva piracy at your cholesterol I it yet asthma or allergies or reflux or diabetes. This is the show for you because chances are you're taking stumping for those those are the highest prescribed medication. Diseases though. We prescribed antidepressants more than anything second is that right in thyroid drugs third is cholesterol fourth is asthma fitness three likes. State is diabetes. And knowing now that the majority of us are trying to tape needs to get better. My hope in the show is help you transform your medicine cabinet but it's the prescription drugs have side effects. And replace it with a bit more natural B hits. I'll vitamin nutrient eight. And herb or a protocol a method a diet something there's always ways to manage the because all of these. Depression thyroid cholesterol asthma reflux diabetes they all have been known my style cause. None of these are genetic except for diabetes have type one. But the there's no genetic depression there's no genetic thyroid is no genetic cholesterol there's no genetic asthma there's no genetic reflects. The only genetic condition that on this top ten list that the call of the top ten list is type one diabetes that means you were born with its. And that does require regular maintenance and sometimes even injections of a prescription but I know is the big ones the one most people feel it. And it is not. Genetic you develop it you burn nearer sectors out though on a go through this list and help you guide how to lead break free from depression how to fix the thyroid how to lead. Lower cholesterol Netflix shows do it a goal on FaceBook sharing it's. Make sure everyone hears this and make sure that if you don't do this you'd join me next Saturday. July 22 11 AM at the Hilton garden and I'm hosting in medicine cabinet make over. We launched its on FaceBook we get a couple commercials are Adobe BT and boom it's sold out within a week. But I kept when he five because I knew there aren't listeners would wanna join us that I knew that you guys will go away you know it's happening. That's the talent sedate you not in the know. In a minute gone. So I have 25 tickets during each call break so it about the next ten minutes or so you can call 7049. Or six. 2094. If earlier caller right now 7049062094. My call lying east break in and giving free tickets awaits that day only after this. It's gone there's no chance. So right now unfortunately. Almost all of us take something because of something going on it to be a headache and you pop an aspirin Advil Motrin Tylenol that's not a prescription that the over the counter. Not talking you know you got chronic disease issues you're depressed. You Kyra not work and your year your hair ball and now you're tired all the time he cholesterol gone through the roof your blood pressure high. You have acid reflux yet allergies or asthma and you have diabetes that's my topic how to lead break out of this and they'll let me do it to realize first first. It's big business. To make you think you can't control this list and you're in control of your health weight more than you think. You might have been lied to that. Your health condition developed because of a genetic issue and there's nothing you can do about it that's the bye guys that's how I sell you on sign up provide monthly auto subscription. Filled this prescription every month that's how pharmaceutical companies make big business. Mean we're talking in the billions of dollars that medications. Being blocked in the United States and you don't have to do that. Not only that but you have your ticket medication and it's working. Even if your cholesterol is normal now or your blood pressure is normal now you stop that what's what happens oaks goes right back you're paying comes back your condition gets worse. And they want it big heat that's why you need us you need this for the rest of life and that's not true with the truth is if you find out what's causing it. And you fix that instead of finding the symptoms and covering now. Benny could figure out that Hughes. So let's go deep now. The number one prescribed medication in the United States are anti depressants and there's two reasons that number one most of us. We basically we just think we should feel better than we currently feel. The Oval Office faced up like I'm to tired I don't feel that I don't have any friends I don't like my life. It's very easy it's very easy we'll hear ego can make you feel good and so we we all we wanna feel great. So part of it is because we ask for. And that's because they were being advertised you honey you've seen all the commercials. You know you don't feel the way each in year year year year year and find your party's. And friends come over you know you just once in the quarter you may have. Not about seasonal affective disorder umi of this and why it is right for it the hard these. So with the European advertise to the that what happens is you go you know. I'm like my husband's yelling at me accused of scream anatomy. I don't feel good if I can take a pill that let them young beauty of the good ogle the and so what happens is. We think we're depressed we're not actually with me anxious and actually. You know depression real. But it's caused. By usually chemical imbalance in the brain's serotonin happen heparin nor open up. Even doubly mean. It's so don't think that the leader and you know we'll be utes ran and told law and pat Axl is going to fix that it's gonna make it worse. And the challenges. We know for a fact that almost all bent to disorders depression anxiety even the heavy hitters you know. It's a pretty author bipolar that your most all of them are caused by this rough figured I tested the list if you're depressed. It's because you're the owls are moving properly and your feel good hormone serotonin. Is produced I intestines. It travels up the big partner into the brain and theirs where the activity of the greatest of you're depressed you're not this scene. You're not deficient in some medication. You are you're missing a hormone unique called serotonin. And serotonin is actually produced by your digestive system. When it's working when your digestive systems working you feel good the world have been approached stopped popping pills to feel good. Because more than likely the only work for a dare to take two would it take three and take it before it you're addicted. So instead go after the cause. The cause of almost all depression. Is it lack of a hormone called serotonin which is naturally produced in your gut it's caused by digest of disturbance a break in your micro bio. Or an appropriate that hearing your test and it's caused by you missing the right healthy back. Even at studies on this people are depressed and they just eat them lacks the oil and they didn't eat not like walnuts and Cassie that are high in fat macadamia nut. They put them on a cellular diets what I call and high fat diet and cub room. Depression starts to clear their bowels are to move the start to excrete waste toxins come out more blood flow to the green and I've worked with a lot of people that have been depressed. Break their depression addiction they break it will be huge in this all of the packs of lateral to get off these things. And they start feeling well naturally took a mind weakened we can take charge of this. Though not. One at that oppressed and there's a chance your taking antidepressants. And there's a chance to not even know pitcher taken it that a president I was working the client once who came in and he was talking about how his blood pressure is really high. And he said a month three blood pressure medications in this department has said it wait. One is for blood pressure to his or depression anxiety he would pop. And I civil doesn't make sense that when you have a depressive state you betting sites and you sort of freaking out you're stressed though it's time you pressure does go up. Did you know your doctors treating you for anxiety and depression he had no clue to sometimes copy you don't even know you're taking them for. So can you break free from a medication yes. How do you do it naturally wolf first of all you don't just go cold Turkey off these things. Even taken a prolonged period time especially net that a president you need a wellness coach who need help coach needs someone who knows how to test the cause. You need to get a hormone panel run you need to find out what your serotonin happen effort nor opened up for an what all the brain chemical hormones are doing RD in normal ballots. I would highly suggest you get a gut panel done it's your digest of this market yet despite an assist give a bacterial over growth. You know these are tested you can get done you can test for leaky gut you can test for despite assists. You can look for hormones in the liver and in the intestines and in the gut you can find him and if they're out of balance instead of taking a medication to make you feel better guess what we do. Let's clean that got out let's seal the holes. Let's get the Vegas nerve to communicate with the brain let's get your bowels clean let's watch and guess what happens. You start to feel good cell again if you're taking it at a press and you don't have to. Depression is real but it's usually caused by the underlying lack of fat diet. The lack of the normal hormonal balance in the lack of digest it controls that you go after that the cause guys no longer do I need to take the medication. And so maybe your somebody listening right now going gosh you know. It is something I take it that a precedent a minute talk in this next break about thyroid aren't huge. When he one point five million Byron prescriptions last year. Guys that locked as a lot of us right now they estimate that almost the odd one out of every three wind and deal with the parity issue this is big and it's also big business. Because usually I can test one test. Say it's off. Puts you on the drug test looks better. And then as soon as you stop taking a drug test looked worse again like improve feud that you need to take them. And any got to take them for the rest your life and that's not just with tirade that's with diabetes that's with cholesterol that the blood pressure that's the reflux so the challenge is. Usually we're in the wrong test run. Not give an example. Depression does not have a blood test the test is hey how do you feel when you're in the presence of the people are you tired all the time. Do you sleep all the time they do a subjective thing to ask you questions and they diagnose you so what I want to understand is you've got to get the rights passed for a and if you're somebody who's taking medication annually get off of it if it is an antidepressant David thyroid if its cholesterol if they've blood pressure if it. You know anything. Diabetes that you're taking a medication for something my medicine cabinet make over is your answer how to do food for medicine. How to do natural protocols how to use vitamins and supplements to nutrients. You can break free but. I have to know when it comes to seven afford 9062094. We're taking a break and about thirty seconds. Some opening a call lines right now 704. 9062094. It is Saturday did that Saturday July 22. 11 AM at the Hilton garden and here in Charlotte. Seven afford 9062094. Who's calling someone who wants to no longer taken medication someone who wants a natural approach their health. 70490620940. Guys it's. Doctor Ernst with gas records show will be right back. It's our eligibility for the aspect Terence O'Hara and his 11109 at three Debbie BP. Yeah I face Charlie cadets were based on a but I realize that we have a lot of listeners from the greater threatening area even other states and other countries. My show is also available why stream on WBT dot com. And also through FaceBook at FaceBook dot com but ask doctor Ernst. We've been getting a lot of feedback I got the private messages over the last break. People are are really engaging going hey I have this condition are gonna talk about this what about that you discussed directly discuss diabetes. We discussed autoimmune so you know listen if you need some help. That's why do these make over events that's why I rent at a hotel once a month and I say why don't you join me physically. You know it's great to come at you over the air it's great to come at you through the Internet in your life stream all the stuff we out but if you really need help. Let's get in lifting contact you can do that asked doctor Ernst dot com. Hit the contact Abby can reach out to meet you at some specific like you know help that he won some coaching with. Or you can also go and again. Use our call line and come to the event that I host on the 22. On Saturday July 22 11 AM the Hilton garden and where game down the last wire I have seven laugh guys these tickets are normally 25 dollars. Seven lucky people are gonna claim these by the end this hour and they're gonna join me. This next Saturday to twenty seconds 11 AM at the health and it's a bad thing cabinet make over if you're taking this for your health condition at a show you how to take something health like a vitamin nutrient or died instead. I'm gonna help you to find the cause of your problem. So you can get to the roots. Go after the actual source is that it just managing the symptoms and dealing with what the doctors are finding. Let's go down into the stadium which is creating the symptoms that fix that. Fix the foundation and you become strong and healthy again so the calls a the other cola and again at seven afford 9062094. And down we're shifting gears two we just talked about the press in an antidepressant that sort of count the number one prescribed medication guide states. Very dangerous because they have a lot of negative side effects from hallucinations the homicidal suicidal acts to even just you know does that the police and the many times you can tell with the with dignity at that a president has dislike. It's does that that's not quite fair. And still I want you guys to realize you're not supposed to be drugged up. Nor you supposed to be disconnect the used to be alive and vibrant and loving life regardless of your age doesn't matter if you're fifty or fewer seven the year the thirtieth you're three. You're supposed to have a zest for life he shouldn't require medication. Just about this for second and I find this item a somewhat comical. With someone had a health issue they go to their doctor looking for an answer to their health issue. And they usually leave with a diagnosis. Which by the way if you break the word parts. Died meaning to an act knows meaning a portion of agnostic or to not have. A firm foundation and I have a belief to not have a and essence of the creation. I'm I'm an agnostic I don't believe in anything that there's creative affect your doctor anything. So agnostic agnostic. Would date there's no there's no source there's no cause there's nothing is to built so died two and notices. Who people that have no clue have no understanding. Have known known creation. The two people who are huge you don't know what's causing your issue nor does the doctor so we come up with a diagnosis is they may be it this. And the diagnosis then leaves with a prescription and that's we take it so you're go to your doctor to get healthy. You leave with the medication has side effects you'd never ask yourself wait a second. Maybe I should do a healthy people do that I become healthy. And a healthy person takes no medications. LB person often has a really good diet the exercise they detox they don't take toxic food they don't eat in organic pesticide heavily rate being. They keep their sugarloaf they keep their fat I. They do something holistic a chiropractic acupuncture yoga massage or Pilates is seen this. If instead of going to Wear the sick people go. And doing what's sick people do what if we went stats weren't healthy people are. And we do with a healthy people do and that would not be to take medications there's my medicine cabinet make over I want to show you what healthy people do. Now thyroid. Thyroid the big one guys both the Buckeyes. Again you've been lied to that thyroid medication is something you require. If your heat for where your tea estates are off. The gold standard test the two medical doctors can run as TS AT&T for. 54 as well and yes it is high boom there's your die diagnosis you get diagnosed with hypo thyroid. And they give you something makes him repeatedly with rocks and Ortiz whenever something synthetic form of your key for arm. Now here's the challenge they're they're giving it to you because your T four his low. And I'm not here to argue that taking sent through it is not an actor he'd forgo back up but is that the cause of the problem. Is the lack of cent rate causing you to have a little T four I mean c'mon think about it no but why isn't it doctor going deeper and find out the closet. Why are they looking at the full panel aren't hormones with because it's easy. You keep force low here's your prescription you took UT port up your good mistake oh you stop taking your Q4 Olympic down to a statement that it got. You pick on the vacation what you stop it for the crazy you can see it. Just take it and take it and take it. The real cause of thyroid conditions at the deal with the conversion and potentially a deficiency in one specific nutrient called the millennium. Or iodine. Now without going to deep. He states is a brain hormones that make you creates heat for out of your thyroid. He four is not the only hormone your average makes it makes 123. And four but the majority is for. T or goes into the blood pass that traveled around to your liver into your intestines to be converted into the active for T three which they usually don't test for. Because you can't take T three you can only take you for the now if I'm not converting heat or entities three. But 94 is going down where is all the T foregoing well here's what they won't tell you it's converting into something called reverse T three sometimes. If for Versteeg three. He's elevating it what happens is he for goes down reverse T three goes up and reversed. And there'd EC what's happening there saints you while your team for going down is what's causing no it's RT three going up it's actually causing. Because a lack of a hormone can't make your body is something that a hormone would. Did you hear me on that if you run out of a hormone you don't get the FX. And what happens is reverse T three is now piling up making the effect making you gained weight making you tired. Making your hair fall out and are they testing. Though so what they do they keep giving you more synthetic T for now watch this this is where it's even crazier. If you are the person that has this conversion problem where it's getting converted into reverse. Taking more sent right T four leave with the rocks and going and make it worse. Get your labs the good. So you still feel like your fall apart you're like this misery your hair's on out here anxious all the time you're gaining weight like crazy your doctor says we can't figure out the cause is your keep for looks good. ET the problem. In Thain isn't it that's why meant to Kevin make over get a thyroid issue if you did struggle with typo I really. You're taking a stand brightly but the rocks an arbitrator anything for thyroid. Medicine cabinet make over is your answer Saturday July 22. 11 AM helping guard and 704906. Tuesday were 94 at seven afford 9062094. Again I'm looking for someone who's taking a thyroid medication it was to get off of it. Would I take a quick break we'll be right back is yes doctorates. Welcome back to the seized assets are still here and invited 10993. WBT. I mean both doctor and Ernst and then thank you for joining us today we had an incredible health hour for you we have a great conversation on our you overprescribed. And down the answer to that question for me is yes if you take any medications that are prescriptions. Because here's talent. Healthy individual takes company prescription drugs zero that are taking one year already overprescribed because the problem is if you're healthy wouldn't take any. It's of taking a medication while it might make you feel good while it might make your labs the that is not the answer to your health issue. And so in the beginning of the hour I talked about this comment. Not at a pace of nine semi this teacher. And the shirt on the back says I take Matt if Matt Foreman for the diabetes that was caused by the eight CTD that I take from my high blood pressure. Which I got from taking Ambien because it couldn't sleep. That was caused by the xanax that I took from anxiety. That I had to take because of the world putrid I was given for the chronic fatigue that developed. For taking Lipitor because my cholesterol was too high because I eight deport died nine never exercised and I didn't get chiropractic care and I never took any supplements. Did you see that the problem becomes once we take one we get a side effect that we take more. And that's not a life we should live yet that's what's happening United States today. I met last week with declines came might Charlotte based clinic. And under intake form we ask the number of medications you take it ridiculous amount sad and I mean come on seven medications for seven different chronic health conditions misty was dealing with for ten years as though I look at that as just. Someone who doesn't understand that most health issues or lifestyle induced. You know it's been estimated at 98%. Of chronic health conditions. Are caused by diet lifestyle and lack of proper understanding of what real help that is. Lack of understanding that your body is supposed to heal itself. You know when you break a bode heels when he cut your skinny heels have you develop high blood sugar and you find out look Hawes. You fix that in your body can heal the high blood sugar. So you know high blood sugar is not a diagnosis it's a symptom of having diabetes is not the cause of diabetes yet. That's a lot of times happened having low T four is not a cause of hype with irate guys it's a symptom. It's what shows up on your lap having high cholesterol is not the cause of heart disease it's a symptom of having heart disease. So the challenges we we've been sort of misled. We've been taken down a path of little bit of information little bit of education just enough to make you wanna take something the rest of your life because it is big business. Big pharma is taking over the United States as far as with sales. Four billion prescriptions written in the year 2016 only 325. Million Americans. Do the math four billion divide by two and three by doing your look about twelve. That's twelve prescriptions annually per year per person. So they infant that was just born 45 seconds ago is already taking one medication every month according to netstat. So that's why we have people who are taking six and seven and eight. It's a what are the big ones it's anti depressants we talked about that it's centrally and leave a proxy for thyroid we started talking about that and the idea behind it is. It's not a deficiency in those medications. There's a reason T Ford's down there's a reason tea estates is high. And taking the medication just make your laps the good and if the cause is a nutrient deficiency like Selena iodine or it's a black a bock a up. He backed up liver or blocked bowel that's not letting the conversion of the hormone take place properly there's the cause guys on a functional side. The number one cause of thyroid issues. Is eight. In effective conversion. Of the active thyroid hormone from the inactive heat for has to turn into T three. And that takes place in your liver and in your digestive system so of that conversion is not happening improperly BT four is converted into reverse T three. And that's what makes T forgo down and makes the reverse hormone co op. And therefore. If you take the medication you do is actually augment that system so you wanna get off tyra medications you need to make your liver is cleaning clear. Your bowels are working there's no leaky gut. Also another big player for thyroid is heavy metal toxicity. And an antibody attack it's estimated at almost nine out of ten people taking thyroid medications actually haven't autoimmune condition where they're pirates beat attacked. Because nobody is going after it from having too much toxicity in the liver and the bowels. And how I know this I've worked with hundreds of patients that have fiery conditions in as little 36 months we've seen it refers to go back to normal. Because instead of taking center right what is. What if we got to the cause we had to eat a high fat diet we fixed the reset theirs. We fix the membranes now the hormone can land now I can work we clean the liver out between the bowels. And in the process you decrease the stress of the auto immunity and your body starts to actually read generate that Barry tissue can it happen yes. If your medical doctor gonna tell you can happen no. Are you gonna go to a Ferrari dealer gets old and every Gainey know you get hot the target Toyota know insist that's not what they do. Throughout that I have yet to teach you something I'm not against medicine and not against doctors they're great people they have a great hearts. The air just unfortunately overloaded with so many people that are sick. It's easy in in five seconds that they take this and take this and take the Islamic got to have such a busy day I wrote a 157 prescriptions today. Al-Qaeda that's fine. But are we fixing the problem. No and and this is the judge we have more sickness. Health cares about the crumble. Were getting the point where were were bankrupted Medicare and Medicaid why were dumping all in the prescription drug instead of putting it where it should be which is going after the cause. So again what causes depression. If they lack of healthy back in your brain we need those median change triglycerides we need healthy back it's a lack of a hormone called. I serotonin which comes from your digest systems to what's won the primary causes of depression and lack of normal digest of function guess what. Thyroid they'll say it's caused by low T four. But what's the real cause lack of digested function lack of normal liver conversion and maybe deficiency and iodine or selenium. Is taking center are gonna fix that. No the DC the problem you're gonna have to take responsibility. You're gonna have to get the right test done you're gonna need to find somebody knows what they're talking about avenue district. Years here in Charlotte as a holistic practitioner and a chiropractor a functional interest as a doctor natural medicines I mean you need to find someone either like me or somebody who can do that. Now the third highest prescribe these huge effect doubles every single person listening to this joke that I know the demographics of Debbie BT. It's high cholesterol and high triglycerides. Chances are you're taking a Staten. Some sort of Lipitor crest door bites or in anything like that classically. What happens is this. When your body is inflamed or you are acidic or you have damage to your arteries or your joints your body naturally sick freaks cholesterol. Alleged terrorist and it's cholesterol is not this evil hormone or these evil being it's gonna go around and clog your arteries and make you die. It can't do that if you're wildly unhealthy but it's not what it's a regional attentive for number one cholesterol makes all hormones in the human body. Including testosterone and estrogen progesterone even hormones for our brain's serotonin Nora in effort happened effort to catcher. The viewed a pressed may be your cholesterol is too low. I know crazy right maybe you have to lower cholesterol that's what the cause of health and human. But you're you're being prescribed a stat because your over 200. First of all if you talk about the number the numbers completely made up it's made up that they can write more prescriptions look at the history go to the great class from its web site. Maybe 506070. Years ago normal cholesterol with 250 to eighty. 3040507080. You look back in other cultures were looking of people who have had high cholesterol over 300 and they don't get heart attacks. There even studies right now stain that your heart attack risks. With high cholesterol are no different than if you have low cholesterol or no different at the abnormal cholesterol so getting your numbers under 200. Doesn't make you all the sudden heart healthy. But it's an easy sell right here cholesterol high you're gonna have a heart attack you don't wanna die to take this to get the number doubt. Your cholesterol high you've had a heart attack in the past you have to take this you have to keep your number down. You took get your numbers good great if not taking it your number went back up than it is for everybody it's gonna go over for everyone. And not so good. As to what you wanna do is break out of that chain. Now the biggest thing is to find out why would cholesterol go hi Wyatt your body doing this cholesterol can actually heal your body. It can act as an anti inflammatory. It can act as a hormone and he answers to your hormones or low your cholesterol is gonna be high because again at the feedback loop. Where's all my hormones they're not there cholesterol goes up I know now it's our depicts department which a medical doctor freaked out about two cholesterol. Lowers your cholesterol down here hormones go back down seagate cancer you get prostate issues you. Your tired your fatigue you're depressed and guess what. The giving it an unprecedented in your tired all the time and they just diagnosed with piracy how it happened just moments like that that passed. The cholesterol in its in its ability is to heal now there are two types of cholesterol technically there's multiple types. But LDL has tight eight and beat. Eight Steele has indeed but classically. HDL is a good cholesterol it goes to clean things up. But the problem becomes we have this version and despite passion to try to destroy all LDL cholesterol. LDL is part of your total and often what happens is it right it is an eight Steele doesn't rights is not. Now what you're not being told is that there's multiple types of LDL cholesterol including large particle cholesterol and those are good for you. You want them they goalie nick plug up little holes of leaving areas in the arteries which we all have. All of us leak a little bit on the inside. Because we're inflamed itself the clutch trouble going to try to steal the gap so there's a hole. In your artery cholesterol goes in and says expect that you took care of it if you decrease inflammation. I can pull this cholesterol out you'll he'll he'll be fine. The challenge because we don't address inflammation. Inflammation is caused by eating too much sugar having too many toxins and eating the wrong kinds of facts. So in reality if you're eating vegetable oils I sugar diets low fat diet your cholesterol is gonna go up. But I can tell you this actress say hippie change or die coastal go back to normal. That I could tell your triglycerides hike is you don't burn fat for energy instead you burn sugar for energy. If Mikey did you burning facts your cholesterol come down your triglycerides will come down and you'll lose weight. And you might say it's me I tried to burn fat and it's in the work you know like crazy and eat my salad and sticks and rocks and I'm drinking at smoothie that tastes like the earth. I'm still not losing weight well guess what that's not how you fix a weight loss problem. Weight loss is hormones. Hormones control your weight your weight loss. Hormones like your thyroid hormones like leptin notice hormones have to do with your cholesterol severe lowering your cholesterol. You can't make the hormones to kill these weight is he guys it's that's a vicious cycle and it's so easy. To sell you and it is if you don't understand it's so easy to say what the LB Ellis high cholesterol is high here's your Staten what is your key four's low. Here's your sent the right what's your blood pressure high here's your eight CTZ and and you leave with this bag going what is happening well. I wouldn't trying to get help you know left with four medications nobody told me anything that's why you have to take responsibility it's your health. And listen I would've loved to have gone down into diabetes everything at that the devoted to a part two next week part two meant to Kevin make over as we need this. But right now appear somebody's going yeah. I don't wanna take my cholesterol drugs I want to get off blood pressure to get out of Bayreuth on get my brain work you better know more antidepressants. 70 or 9062094. That's 7049062094. As I have three left. In fact the lines are lighten up right now so they're almost gone seven afford 9062094. Missing cabinet make over hosted by doctor Bernard. Saturday July 22 next weekend. 11 AM Hilton garden and 7049062094. Big guys next week I'm gonna continue the medicine cabinet make over process. We're gonna keep going down this list we've got asthma and allergies have diabetes were gonna do all that next week. Mixture used shared this on FaceBook. Makes you tune in on the iTunes podcast other fourteen guys next week makes it much.