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Home Improvement
Saturday, June 17th

Erin Dougherty and Vince Busby from Distinctive Design Build and Remodel join Dave to answer listener questions.


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On sponsored. Sixteen they surely the existence. Home improvement would join in today with over twenty years on there. Recently learned is John Gordon and David still. You'll stay sixty years of combined home improvement experience to help you tackle all your whole. Home improvement projects visit ask John and Dave dot com to locate trusted product and service providers that serve our listeners with quality and integrity col John in tape with your questions as. 800 928 to 1110. All 70457. Know 1110. Good morning and welcome it's home improvement with John and Dave I'm Dave dull hole Johns off this week to be back next week that we have us special guest in studio. Go ahead tellem ER I am Aaron Garrity with distinctive design builder model. Vince because we were distinctive design build remodel. He and we welcome you back it's been I was look at these rats that about one year yeah. That's a cheap folks were and so welcome we appreciate coming back thank you think he a great company guys have done some great things I'm elect she tell laughs. 571110. We'd love to hear from you or so where it's at home improvement questions so make sure you keep those come in but. Wanted it says it's a reader do you sheets you that's an air and they're they're they were great company and they do us really nice projects out there. Our own and you may not necessarily when a publisher can't give you some great ideas or maybe. Leads you down the right path so riser as you choose a contractor 'cause we have we have folks listener from all over the country. I'm so so this does vote vote vote the information that they'll share today is beneficial no matter where you live. And that kind of some of the things that she should look for what they do and you can you can glean some information from that and and we'll move on so with that said let's go ahead and talk a little bit about I guess let's just call the 32. Commercial about that that's okay. We but we are a full service design builds. Firm and we focus our new luxury kitchens bathrooms whole house three mile ovals and custom home building. It's what everybody wants. Or maybe want to just work rate and allow idea of that tale. Yet that's good stuff and and and as we all know with the economy. In in the in the in the just I don't know what you wanna call because it's just absolutely crazy. I know how it is for me right now on we do a lot of repairs we do smaller jobs but we do kitchens advances while bit. On the phone is just ringing off like he keep up. Yeah absolutely we're in the same boat and it's. You know we're. We're thankful we're definitely thank yet the phones are ringing and and I am too and it and it it really pains before for the customers that are calling because a key get soon but. I guess I guess my my it. I I guess what I really wanna tell folks is just hang on. Well will still be here your project it's still way I mean if you don't have water chasing you down the hallway. Or you know electric goals dust smoke a smoke coming out your outlets. To hang tight right and and and what will get Tia doll don't rush into something new and in use someone out of desperate oh absolutely yeah or start to get those emails again you know during a recession. Things kind of backed off him and then slow down but now. Everybody is going into the business so you have to be careful about who recall what you use and Internet that kind of leads us to the next thing. I know you guys focus on the kitchens which you guys are it's been and we'll get back to because you've you've won several awards but you're you're married members. We are married members and and that is had awesome organization and the national association of the remodeling industry. Actually sit on that board of the Charlotte chapter and then ands. Mary is an organization and then it takes remodeling. Am seriously and encourages professionalism. And one of the things that both Vince and I have done is. Become certified through three Mary. Dances a certified remodel her and I am a newly minted. Certified kitchen and bath remodel our. And it's. Dead bat certification process is not easy. And is something that takes weeks and weeks of study. And then there's a four hour are closed book. Exam. Before he can become certified so it's and you know it it. We feel like Blake you know Vince has been in this business since he was. Itty bitty. He's. Well so knowledge base hit the effect. But he started out in construction work and for his dad building apartment complexes. And it's and then spent ten years with that Sherwin-Williams. Paint company as that. Sales rep and it's then started his own business and 1997. So. Anyway it's not as if he doesn't have years and years of experience that that choice to become certified by Mary. We wanted to set ourselves apart from sir what we called the chalk and a truck driver. Right absolutely. And and it's it's important because I know along with that comes continuing education absolutely yeah and that is the that right there are people a lot of people understand it now as as as contractors. We know we have to do it in order TB either maintain our license or the status whatever we're trying dull to hold onto you drillers have to do it home inspectors have to do it. But it it it there are things that you learn and it kind of keeps you accountable right. Oh absolutely yeah we are required every year tent. Like you said the make sure that we get a certain number of hours says it's continuing education. And it's. Knew that something that we feel keeps us on top of their latest. Developments. And building materials. And weaken talks more about some of the new un building materials that that leaves. Been using chair that sat. You know we believe an old school methods and there's nothing like craftsmanship and bright. But there are some of the things that we can use so that makes them remodeling. Absolutely somethings never change but some things did that's for sure. And I cable with that said we're gonna get where you take a little break here he gets a call 898111007045701110. I don't forget Paul would prove it with John Dave we're gonna be right back and give and take questions and ask John or Dave dot com as well thanks. And welcome back. I of course don't forget homered for our ass asked Jonathan Toews dot com. We'll talk home improvement there as well you can send us a question don't forget you have to hit the questions but thought the little form enough. Will either read it over the air and answer our world will do and at another time. I'm. And dot aide Colin just because we have gas which still take it home improvement questions that may be have a question for them may be your thinking about a re model. Bathroom or kitchen may be put edition I'm maybe you're gonna build a house here in the Charlotte area I don't think that they'll travel to you must Salt Lake. But are the morning or maybe Richmond and it. But we still led to hear from you if you have any home improvement questions were still lancer and Vince is gonna help us answer any of those he's been in the business a long time as well. We before the break we were talking about a continuing education and how important that is. I know I went through it for years I was I was a home inspector for awhile long isn't as on the general contractor but I also had the Al home inspectors license and it's it's. It's it's. It's it's still challenging it takes a little bit a time yet to take time away from work to be out again do occurs it pay for the class and of course if you miss the classes local. Like I used to do and I would have to go Russian go to rob later Greensboro somewhere for a couple of days and then do itself. But beyond that. There's a wealth of information that that that she's you can get from the continuing education yeah absolutely. I I think the other thing here in that I I see that it. That does is that when used DC people doing a you know they're pretty serious about their craft. Yeah I think that's what it does is it just sets. Us apart from. As I said I'd you know joking jokingly used the word chalk and a truck but people who do. And don't necessarily run their business as a business and that's a big part of the search say the certification process is making sure that he understands. You know how to price jobs how to make sure your. Making a profit because if you're not gonna make a profit you're not going to be in business for a couple years from now. To provide. An ongoing service free client shirt yes. Ten and and and people think well you know what's a big deal about that well. If you do a whole house remodel your bathroom or kitchen and something goes wrong and then they're no longer in business we are do you got a call somebody else right. You know and hit who's gonna say I didn't you know I didn't do that right so they guess what it's gonna cost this much and by the way it wasn't done to code right so well but if we do we're in after terrorists out start all over again and by the way. We have to take that wall out right there in order to fix this Alia and asks only that yeah we've been called back and after people have hired. Chuck can track and ran to fix things and and he's chopped and I'm sorry if this NG. Think the fact that at at the fifth. It should be. Dave the do today guys David do I like south. But now I nets and there's nothing wrong with somebody and it in a pick up truck got there you just wanna make sure that there are licensed and end and second mom make sure that. Did they don't necessarily have to belong to any organizations bit. I think when you meet people like you do you do business with people that belong to organizations UTE tend to find that they take their business a little bit more seriously. And they're not his daughter for their cells are door for their customers are because they want to be the best that they can be sucked. You know there's there are folks out there that will give you a better deal. But I challenge you in the end to tell me if it's a better deal right now are our. Are saying that Jon that Jon and Doug Gordon coined a long time ago as the cost of acquisition vs the cost of ownership. Do you know yet maybe you can afford to buy this project cheap but are you going to be able to afford to own it after after it's all done very very while sad and then and it just is. I see it over and over again and it's you know it's heartbreaking and end. You know you go to someone's house and you know someone is just made a mess of it right in and they've paid all this money or people pay a bunch of money up front and then they never show up against south. It's it's it's it's really worth that you'd do your homework I think. Yeah I check people out spend a little time. Finding out who they are what they do who they've worked for if you do if you spend that time and on the front end. You probably are gonna have the heartache on the on the back in most likely. He had held on just plug Mary again. You know here locally in Charlotte and across the country they're chapters across the country. That. You know people who decide didn't join that organization and who are active in that organization and but they are professionals there's just right no if ands or buts about it. Ron end and how serious is a by the way again for for folks that have been listening for a long time you know it's it's the national association of the remodeling industry. Mary for short. The but it they almost all of them have some type of directory online so no matter where you're at. I'm you can look it up and and remember even if you're if you don't have a two chapter in your town. There's people that are at large at that do that that joined but may like we have folks that live in Winston-Salem and Greensboro that are that are Mary served ordinary members. Com and and you can look up in the national. The national married dot org as they are not are married dot org the national chapter or the vote the mainstay take a look at take a look there and you can find folksy just like to stick to designer here because this is this these are the people that shall find and of course we've had. Many folks from Mary come three here with us and and that's who we like to surround herself with and you know really what Mary says is they want every. Contractor and every remark alert to join and be a part of that organization of course AFL and application and you gotta be checked. Out there yeah there's a vetting process absolutely so we we do turn people away. If there are problems sure there in the background and how they do business and so it's it's it's not simply write a check in your in the organization not exact how it works exactly. Yes so. In and there's plenty of folks out there you'll you can hear folks advertising on radio and television net that are not Mary members that that I say buyer beware right. Because you know we know they're out there has as fellow contractors. You know but you know what do we do by commercial and say hey don't use this guy he says I don't use it for you can't deal that so. The way he did his GE. But Mary Charlotte dot com ordinary dot org. I got their look for look for the homeowners entrance and you'll find. You'll find a way to YouTube to find contractors that are your. Agassi and put put in your zip code and Andy can narrow it down to general contractors design build plumbers electricians. At fast search goes on and on home inspectors you have specialty contractors and you know glass contractors that you up for shower doors are went all through my out of him following foggy windows you know we were. We are fortunate not to have on go hug I've done couple of great stuff franchise is that the glass doctors here in Charlotte right. I saw Pete not long ago went and talked with him in. Just have to set top notch organization rector bit again in their remembers apps lets cell you know on their their. You know they just wanna help that's what they do they're good folks. So yeah. So let's talk a little bit about dumb Vince then it's became a certified remarked lurk. Tell that how tough was that. Hmm that's it's a very. The extreme. This process suggest to go through that too low. It's become sort of fiery Mahler it's put it up serve right up there with the general contractor exam. And that is 200 questions for our exam closed door closed both wow. So with it. It was definitely difficult and are recommended. This just. Kept me on my toes all measures. There there's also the continuing education it was the right guys were talking about earlier. As a general contractor's ship in North Carolina I don't have to have you don't have to have a deep genuine education all all borrowed some trades do. Who knew that I don't. Had our times comment I guarantee you I imagine so it's come into this but at W one more thing to add to the list are very good Diaz heads have maintained that certification through an Ari. Who we do have to have continuing education which keeps keeps you up to date this kid is good I think that I'm all about. The general contractors have in the duke continuing education will have no problem what it rom. Again I think it keeps keeps you above today did it keep your head in the game right and and this just a good thing I think more girls are always good. Break out netstat it's important so work we're always learning. He not spent a lot of time reading and articles and looking at new products. Projects. For the show I am continually I'm always have to it's because. You'll be surprised how many of our listeners send me information about products that they founder son I wanna know about it because they've never heard of before what guess what neither by right side take the next I go the extra mile and end and really go into the research mode and find out. You know exactly what it is is it worth that what does it do right you know as it is it is there value to it. So I think that's I think that's part of of of what you have to do when you're a contractor here in this business. It's pretty important. But hey we've got lines open 8981110704571110. If you have any home improvement questions we'd love to hear from you. Notes big vacation week. We talked about that last week this first part of June. Is that the you know our buddy can hardly wait to get out of town so what's so that's always a little slow especially this first arbiter will pick up in the second hour we note comment either some people drive into the beach give us a call yeah absolutely pay and and remembered that that old adage and I don't have AM radio anymore is why don't listen. WDT is on FM and it and if you're listened to syndicated there's there's an app it's. It's he could get for your phone so there's one of the truth network and then there's the WP DF you can listen to us anywhere you wanna go which is very cool. And of course the podcast you can always listen after the fact it's hard to call him. When you're doing Matt hale welcome back gets home accrue with with John Dave and Dave noble. I'm Karen Doherty fans buzzing. And we welcome you back thanks for distinctive design build remodeled to being here with us today spit in their Saturday morning lines open at 8981110. 704571110. We'd love to hear from you that's exactly what Kim is down from Rock Hill. They can't happen. We house. In March morning. First start the process so remark market yet and I am not gotten one question and it would like evolved soul. Hey baited hook. Broke her hey guess though it won't but he may have minority ever exist they. Can't get a big covered up going to the outside. The cost of got an. Outside game. Did not issue. But Bob what are your ball. Any net star city outside of those who. Thank god did we lose it. Any time to convince him to the outside. Your be much better off especially with gas cooktop. So I would say. I was say that the fellow be the blue route to go as coshow pay attention the BTUs of your cooktop. As opposed to the CF and some of your of the era of the exhaust fan. Just talk a little bit about that vents tellem about. The code changes that we've had with what you get over 399. CF down. Brian donated defense said. The put the death adding and adding that have been elation back wouldn't it could include. Woods require some. Make what they call make up fair where anything over 400. Cubic feet per minute. Rom which. It could pump and you would I would imagine you would have ACC contractor come and do your venting. Tom they would they would be able to address the did make up fares well. But that is some things and as of 22012. That we have to. Consider rumor of thinning out. Two cook tops. So so canned fruit for recapping on this server so are really. Vets and higher total agreement any time that you've been a stove. You're always better off to have a bit to the outside because it's not. Just the cooking orders you can put the charcoal filters and they're all take care of the voters in that residue. On the course they do have to be clean which I've been there too many places that they've never been cleaned possibly quit doing their job but. But the other thing is that helps get rid of the heat and also gets through the moisture which is something we don't really need in the in the summertime it's not bad the winner. But in the summertime we just don't need excess moisture in in the Carolinas for sure. Really any house he wanna get get that out and then that the make up air. But that really comes down to you is as what they determined under the energy code is when we turn an exhaust fan on in house. Something up forget what the numbers are a bit but within twenty or thirty minutes you can empty the house of the condition air through a powerful exhaust fan. So what they're doing is they're they're having us install a damp bird a motorized damper. That works in conjunction with with your exhaust fans so when you turn on your fame and it opens the damper. In it allows outside air to come men. In mixed and that what that does is your not Poland just. Just the the condition air out I have a little different take down there because I think it's really taken both but. You are you are using some outside air. Some Nixon with with with with with the exhaust air so. If you're doing that yourself make sure you you study up on net that your ear he really says Vince said he should probably get HC AC contractor that's. The ZNNHEAC. Is for vending and that's that's what they do it legally that's who's supposed to take care of that in. In the little. We've got a contract we just. Put on the contract enough. Bob let embattled left but I gotta get to those who do go to locally to located the very. Perform but available. Well I would I would say. Ferguson. Enterprises they have working models of cook tops. On the air showroom floors queen city appliances. There's a couple other one plaza plaza yeah plaza appliances. And you know you you wanna be talking to somebody. In those organizations that that works with the appliances. And understands them rather because you know the Ferguson for example they also sell plumbing fixtures and lighting such as make sure that your. The year getting an appointment west. An appliance specialist who can and kind of explain all this TU. On the showroom floor. Accident you know any good guys dictator to be. Professionals. As opposed to just say they. I would be happy absolutely. And that's what they do say you go in there you're gonna get you're gonna get connected with. Someone on the showroom floor of the usually your builder or contractor will will will they ever relationship with some of these folks. At the various places an annual guiding your work with those people right through the end right on down to you. If you buy new appliances you know they'll fill our our good friend over their Tim Kirk and manage is that portion of it date. They will they will they will send they won't send the folks out that actually bring it they and packet they install it. I I'm look I've been doing a semi events I've been doing this my whole life and I tell 8880 time that I I've deal with the customer and end. We have to handle the appliances are sulphide just cringe because. If if if I screw that apply it to the fight scratch and if I do something to verify hook it up wrong it's mine. Ryan owned it Mac where these guys do it every single day and it changes that. I'm shocked at the things that change with appliances so it's always better to pay the fifty or 75 dollars whatever it is that they charge to. Unhook it it's worth that to stab hall office packing as far as I'm its. Right is always big boxes but. Jim hang tied for second where we're gonna go to break it what went up the John Holden getting more questions we'll finish you off of the air or was it lets you hold. I'll folks says that's got to be it for us this segment. At its home improvement with John that day I'm Dave noble. I'm marriage already Vince Busby and we welcome you. To stick designed built joined us this morning they're talking about. Home accrue to talk about remodeling projects we're gonna we're gonna get in tune us in some shower can't hear a little bit barrier free stuff. Talk a little bit about aging in place which is so three important primary really pay attention to that section if if if that's. How it's not that bad yet he kept from you were still taken home improvement question Sony thing you wanna talk about well talk about as far as home improvement no politics. Where he did that one time we got trouble we found that we were suited for that. Dallas zoo where I have yet to hate mail right off the bat as a believer self. That I had to let Johnny it's today because he's the one that made the comment that I think if I sit down I believe these belong to you consider the fact that. But yes so so Kim Kim had a kid had some great questions and that. Those questions right there. You won't you you'll find contractors I have been and ban on jobs before where there's someone in there. They had no idea about make up there right they have they don't know what it is they didn't know what it was about. And you know on end and say you try to share with a mean you know they kind of look at you like yep two heads are young coach talking about are you must be from the big city or if right now it's really it's a state law you know when you have to do this kind. Six EE need to make sure that that day of the do it is not. Her that that that that he daddy is up to speed that he has he's continuing education Norris. He's certified he is a general contractor and he's paying attention to what's going on because the codes change. She writes so fast and so regularly miles per return first learned about makeup hair was at that Mary dinner meeting because nick the married Charlotte has a great relationship with the codes. Depart the inspections department here in Charlotte and so one of those guys came out and gave a presentation and then explain the whole thing and. And down week and we get eloped from there I mean they do it they they're really good job Mecklenburg Merck Mecklenburg County inspections which is where the show originates from. Is is sub Mecklenburg County is is. They're top notch you know it's and there are people that people tend to be afraid of the inspections department in you don't need to be. Now you may want to be afraid of the at the tax bill that you're gonna get because it does cause your taxes go but that's. That's how they account for but that's their job is to keep a safe and it's it's not just you. If you ordered. It did really does need to be up to code right needs to be safe absolutely and and remember that the building codes in is the minimum codes so. You can go above and beyond that and make it better but that's just the minimum code that's all the requiring so when you look at it that way you're like well that's that's not such a big deal we just need that. Did get it to the minimum code. We've we strive to go beyond that absolutely in reality that we do we do code class yeah that's what we try to overwhelm a little bit and I for strength because you know as Vince does you know. You could do things to the minimum but when you're done. You know it's like a half wall in the kitchen Khamenei if you see netter loose with the bar top bonnet it's very simple. To plan ahead of time to make sure that that structural part portion. It's not very big there's not much to habitual wanna make sure that its facets of the floor and then it's strong and at the brackets that are holed the counter tops are gonna hold up as well. Again you know you can do the minimum but let's discuss a little further for our customers and do what's right yep hound me. Again 8981110704571110. Sort of make sure people know where answer any home improvement questions. We'd be glad to have those. Let's talk about some. We've we've kind of gone through the certification we talked about Mary on the continuing education stuff so. Let's let's talk a little bit about the specialties that that that you guys here and you'd you specialize you guys really like to get an. Older home. We do we we focus on. How every models and renovations and some of Charlotte's oldest neighborhoods Myers park east over. Cots walled deal worth. And the reason why is because. Well it's more challenging. The deadline. But number two we've got a stable as subcontractors. To who. I understand. What it takes to work in those older homes. And bring him up to code via out of the right because you open up a wall and and you own it so. But we have built up I can set a stable a team. Networks with us on these older homes in these these older neighborhoods Sweden just for some reason seem to have had a couple back to back projects have. Kitchen and bathroom ray models and homes in east over in Myers park that were built in the 1930s. And it's it you know you open up those walls and it's a completely different worlds. Or as we actually. Did some demo and one of the bathrooms and there was a stamp. From the plumbing inspector from the 1930 on Mary need to start thinking about the history of these homes friend. You know what Charlie it was like back then and it's just fascinating and anyway we we left taking care of those older homes we know how to do it and you know our goal is to sort of enhance. Then that history. PM bring it up to Canada modernized. But still stay true to. Two v.s serve. Their original. Intent of the home. Absolutely and that that is that is the very cool part and I but I I think if we go it's a little bit of a technical stuff. So people people do you understand. When you get in these older homes well really anything before 78 you're gonna get in the lead you're gonna get into asbestos. Now this. Is this is where it's it's pretty critical to you know one year deal with the that they are certified that they actually know about. Those things right you have to be certified yet in order to mess with. Anything over six square feet. Yeah as far as lead goes in as best as I don't think he could touch one square foot of it unless you certify itself right. Seattle advancement. Has that he is certified and our company and certify right but he got the one he's train I just I want to talk about that I know we really haven't this is this kind of were wing in this part of it but. It's kind of important for people to not gloss over the led portions of the Vince talk a little bit about. What they ego it to a house that's built 1930. You're gonna demo of the bathroom what you have to do to it to prepare for that. My goodness. Well first of all of the after a note note notify the other signature. You know that there's a possibility. But there's a possibility of oh lead in them. And their house Tom and then the from that from that point on it's it's it's very critical. It's you maintain those goods. Does mitigation. And the and you have to have the employees need to be. Trained in them and the and these lead that lead removal far. Prom and he tests Yemen the first thing you do is test because of the not not all of them have fled right. Now you get down back in the third season and you did together British jails it's Leo finds it led it and I may have started out the Allstate would work. But eventually somebody said we're gonna paint this old body kind right. The for the primary loved what I've found that Glover and into more urgent that the primary they used that led had led them. There's not enough not so much to finish coach Wright. So yes we do test anomaly notify the owner. And then we begin the arduous process of some in the stuff out of the house. Yes. Is it basically here's your outfitted from head that so calm with. You know earlier Timex suits and respirators. Gloves goggles. You have to they're required to it's a missed the area would bottles of water. More of when your veterans and removing stuff to keep the dust down fifth that is to mitigate its all about does mitigation because that's where. That's were the danger lies is in the dust right. And this was all and acted to protect the children rears its. It's not as bad for adults is not good forced by any stretch but it's really bad for developing children. And it causes them to use Jews should not grow causes and mentally not to grow so there's all kinds of problems that arise within but. And that's part of that too is the workers that are protected so that they don't have docile over the clothes and carry home exact even though their kid wasn't on the job site. It could be just like they were on the job site if if if he didn't go to these measures so. And of course along with this with a clean rooms in the plastic in. And this the way that you have to handle all that because that it all has to be bagged rice and tied up he can't started a dumpster and drag it down the road and let the dust. Right thoughts flow. So it becomes implant that becomes a part of course along with the one net. 'cause the cost yes it does is another in constant not just here. One of the things we dead was invest and that. A man it was an investment. But it's an air screw ever that we use on our job site yes called build clean. And town that has made a huge difference and controlling the dust whether it's lead paint or just general you know dust on a proper shirt. Absolutely so well again that's the stuff they eat do you invest and you're really you really involved in your business and you're serious about your your customers. Hey guy I'd I see we see you out there and org at regular break Hank from little Switzerland North Carolina. We are we're gonna take a break here a couple minutes I don't wanna I don't wanna deed injustice so hang tight. Tom we will we will catch you after the break welcome back welcome to its home improvement with John that day if I'm Dave Goebel I'm Aaron Garrity fans buzzing. And aired it vets have joined us today to talk about remodeling they do home building out remodeling bathrooms kitchens. And have offered a awful lot of insight this first first hour we're gonna get into a little bit more that the second hour. All right now let's get paint can hear from little Switzerland North Carolina hey Hank how can we help. Good morning Marty. Good question not tell you about two weeks ago. About a out front porch and look what's funny you recommended a product called come chromium what I about a gallon of it from lows about several days ago. But it's been pretty foggy and wet and rainy up it'll let Bayer do and I know you're not supposed to put it on the list of my son Johnny Damon AS device throughput like own application. Okay go ahead I bought a nice brand new car wash brush we usually get this. Yeah this kind of got not stiff Brussels would medium purple shirt. Telescopic. And bullets are. I read instructions from the south of the container. I just need some advice own. I probably one Gallo will cover 320 square feet. However I called the 800 number in Toronto area that I had talked to them about our ten minutes. What do I do if I run out giving any back to the gallon to one because I got through them trying to square feet to do and that if she issued invaded it would. One gallon would do it but it just looked like the main one yellow Google gets soaked up in that bush pretty quick. Did you objected to cover it and leave it drop that the objective. It really resort to white Pitt Tom normally when we scrub what we do is we mix up bus solution of so. We we'd we'd like to use a little laundry detergent you can also put a little something a little more alkaline like for a nine under purple power. You only use a whole lot but a little bit us a low that is so business are attracted and then use that car wash brush and scrub and they'd use the can crow BM. Spray it on afterwards and white any residual of mold. Anything off but it it will leave a it will leave a yacht film. On there that Waltz that will stop that for good while from from the mold coming back. Think so yes saying actually before while while the Conn program. Walks support with soapy water. I would wash it was so be Watergate all the dust and dirt and add grime off of it said that you're not wasting that product. Got Ottawa wasted on I just had no doubt in my mind question there it is there one thing about washing with soap and water anomaly you do see the two weeks ago I thought I need to call one more. Dad I'm glad he did because we went on and we we failed at at that while we were talent is so that's okay yeah add and I definitely wanna try to get it scrub down first and then used the Q Crowe beyond fail. It's first smaller areas if you have Malden mill do its its its great I mean you obviously could buy as many gallons educator there but it it it soft and Oman ahead right so so that's why we you'd eat you really don't want to be washing dirt with a can crow BM it's really meant for the mold itself. I keep their for those areas and then you would just put a light mist on with your pump up sprayer. Or your hands sprayer when you're done and that'll that'll that that'll that'll keep you up mate it's free for awhile are low maintenance. Felt so basically yes they light coat of soapy water if you will. Yeah a great sit down and it inbound and song. Yeah and then that dropped but a day or two yet there he got ill try it this time of year olds are pretty quick CO I get. Thanks Don my lines open 898111070457. Low as 571110. We'd love to hear from you. Talk at home improvement. Before the break we were talking. About lead paint and then of course the other when there's asbestos again. 37 DA. Asbestos was used as thrillers you know we normally think Kevin is out. Our fire proofing that they put around wires and they used it on boilers but. They also used it believe it or not they used it some parts of the country and insulation that was in the attic he was mixed and sometimes people confuse the vermiculite insulation with the with the asbestos but. You can have it in the glue you have that in tile that was on the floor of the old nine by nine tiles. Ceiling tiles at twelve by twelve ceiling tiles ever in the wall even the glue they used it as filler. So all of that is it's important to sit that your contractor knows that when they take it out. Not just for them but for the homeowner I mean you're Livan you're gonna be living in there. And every time that air conditioning and he comes on at that dust gets down your Vance is sustainable water around stirred up a little bit draw back through the equipment right and you can just continued to to breed itself. I really think that. Those are the times that it's it's so important to have a contractor that knows about those things and and can educate you on him. Can actually with glad you have to give them a pamphlet right ray events. Yeah that's correct there's a pamphlet out there the remote right pamphlet. Hum mrs. diesel just said just about anywhere or. But no thanks Sharon Williams and the mild right thumb so that. Some of them the reason we have to hand out a pamphlet is because it. Did describes a whole process everything and men have been the importance of of snow while. Not turn and that's the flu. The wives Wear for right exactly so that people's all because that was one of the things that contractors first talked about this they said well. You know homeowners are that we're trying to rip them off you know because the other guy didn't say anything about it his price was lower while of course that was because. He's not gonna contain the lead yeah hey you know he's not gonna containing asbestos so it's it's certainly going to be cheaper. Right now we'll be in the long run I did get a call you guys at the called Jane Salk aloft after that are. Good hey we're gonna take a quick break here the gloomy you know when you first start out with that but it. The fact is is if you get rid of some of that stuff by the house and he can be can modernize and rebuild and and you can like you said early can keep the charm of the house in the way it was really supposed to look. I'm but it safer you know we're just we're a little smarter now. You know we know about the materials we know to stuff to do with the so we get the benefit that a lot of people didn't have back then. I know that. A lot of painters and a lot of our people in the professions they didn't live very long lives back then because of the products that they used and and so part of part of the deal malice to keep us safer not just a homeowner but the contract too because they're they're in the thick of it yeah you know if it's bad if it's bad for somebody in the house to get a little bit a dust on him in the breed and end. Think about what the contractors were we're dealing with when they didn't realize how bad it was sent it. So that's that's the that's the worst part about it. Thought though the great part is that she couldn't you couldn't you can remodel home and you could have a whole new space it's like going on vacation marry you know it's just. Wake ought to stay vacation stay home right right. Tom this we got a question here from out. A gentleman tough Franklin wanted to know about he's talking about have brought him to the point of the London apartment fire. Com and he said that the a fire chief recently stated that they get concerns with the use of wood in Charlotte apartment construction. On that the builders are pushing the limits of of of safety you know what is our opinion on that while. I mean I think there's there's there's always some concern when your building with wood bit I don't think that. The designers take it lightly it's not necessarily the builders yep architects of the designers in the sciences that are behind all of this to you so. A lot of though in in the in America when we build this into any and what you're supposed to do is we we build firewalls between unit said that they contain. The fire Saddam used double layer five Bates dry Waller they'll stagger the studs of the drywall goes from the foundation to the peak of the roof. Between the units and it's every every so often I live in a town home. And I know ours is it's that attic is that attic walls are our fire proof with five eights dry wall. We have fire proof would that's been treated. Now it'll burn but it doesn't burn Fastenal that it takes a while the idea is this is to save the life. And and give them enough time to exit the the dwelling and get out be safe and then you know if you lose the the building then. Then then so be it but the important artists is to save save the life. I don't know about the construction in London with that that tower I believe that was a tower up from the pictures that I saw so I would imagine. I think didn't in North Carolina you can only built three stories out of wood and then you have to switch is a doubt work you know what it is that's. Another I really don't samba. From my years of build apartments I can attest to this to the fire stopping there has to be done and the firewall slow we called him right. That can't be breached in some. Moved all holes out to be pats. In the she in this Chirac right Hamas did not fire stop and mud young lives to it's. Some aggression that was talking about that I have no idea about the on the fire. I've had I didn't I just saw pictures I didn't really look at the building if that was a concrete building or are what it was because you know I mean. I mean look at look at the the Twin Towers you know they were steel and concrete and and do you know of course that was. That was crazy what happened there that was jet fuel right that was on fire this super heated the structure caused its collapse upon itself so what's started coming down but. So it you know I just say you know it doesn't matter what it's built out of it can probably be taken down. Through fire if there's enough enough combustible. Put into the play so. Just remember that you know there's there's there's nothing takes place common sense so. You know if you live in an apartment and if you don't have a smoke detector or carbon monoxide not carbon monoxide detector. Go buy one I mean I know it costs a little bit of money when you movie take it with you it's yours but plug demand make sure the chief that you have them if you're living somewhere in a modern apartment. I don't I don't think that your worries are near that and now have all of that equipment RD stalled because that's the new codes are they required to be sprinkled you know I think after a certain story amount they have to be sprinkled so and then I think the construction changes over to metal studs concrete right so that it depends bit. You know it's it's not necessarily always. The fire that gets people smoke smoke right so that's that's the most part parts that make sure that you smoke alarms are working. The united PF car carbon monoxide detectors that people so we don't have natural gas well if you have a garage connected to your house. Then you need a carbon monoxide detector because it's it's possible. You know it's not likely but you know at some folks a few years ago that came home and for some unknown reason to everyone that knew him. They didn't turn their car off track they left it running in that they were fixated in house and that's pence came that carbon monoxide detector so. I you know anything's possible so just. Safety a low common sense in the front end you know that's that's that's what you do. You know think about the cords that you're using you know John and I talk about this all the time. You know extension cords are really not your friend it's we shouldn't be using them if you can help it. Com if you are used to make she used one that's the proper sized get something that's a little heavier pay the few extra dollars get to have your cord. And don't plug a bunch of stuff into it if you have appliances that use a lot of electricity. And you know you shouldn't be used and things that produce heat so toasters and irons. Things of that nature electric blankets and heating pads. They shouldn't be on station beyond chords he should have those on on extension cords usually will get the little thin lamp cords is about alls like eighteen gauge cord. It creates heat and it'll melt that stuff that'll burn it that's that's where we get a lot of the fires that start Sunday. Cautioned that she has cautioned common sense and I think we'll be fine that's a great question and that's it'll spur me to do a little more research and may god have some more more information about that in a later show. So now let's that's I know we aggregates and calls coming in but I wanna kind of set the topic coming up for. Barrier free living of living eighteen games in place we've talked a little bit about this on the show. In the past and you know more and more more more of us are are aging out and we we wanna stay where we're rats out. We certainly want to get what we wanna get some information about that. In and sit as we get through with us Steve we're a toppled they're about that was gets even here hey Steve from about Estonia how are you. Hey good morning guys where he takes forgiveness late hour here we are used to work for CN he had been out based upon told to keep up all the aren't. And about 9394. Everywhere around the all the workers. Above all the stuff bark worse. Top acted every thirty conduit communication cables everything right club. Also if you thought you were all out. Can't is broken ear protectors or what on every level both all your directors out there. All the era defectors bird bird seat for about forty bought the movie so. So I want to achieve their insurance Obama liability import especially if you've got a fireplace is that apple. The largest UF one right here near a merger political odd. Right every level there's a lot certain route through all the investors then there people who are not new world order. Built by a forty bought this cheap insurance that it hit it back down from a liability and internal outlook in the theft of property liability is everything. But basically owner saved everybody. All in the second yogurt I'll not so what happened in Charlotte there were several things that may you'd factors in Charlotte ball. All of the thought you were talking about all understand what that was the suicide. Where that we have got upstairs there with the compound where there was the bedroom above there were lots of people in the Bedford died at the bottom. Second thing what's the why don't you think about bonus or Paul or Peter met that the blue. I'll. They died. And then the other one was where they block the until the world and I think cal actor and I guess I don't or part of that yeah and there's people got sick so that's what me and hated to hear detectors and shot. Do you go. You mean you or everyone just didn't do it. It it will pay here. And yet you don't do it investors they opened after the that they should stick to the particular. You alluded. And yet no kitten Steve and we appreciate that information. Thanks appreciate it appreciate you listen. Yes so they go I mean that that that backs all that up it's just assist low common sense and it's an an inexpensive and church really and then not just just remember. When the time changes. At that at this spring in the fall. Change your batteries right you know it's people used to say change your first filters and tape yet change it then and every other month to. So at the first of the month change nose and we always jays a furnace filters we don't believe in weight and every six months for that and we want to change those. But that's great information for Steve Pate lions opened 809281110704571110. What we want to get back tee now this is this is an important subject didn't in the United States right now and that is. Aging in place. That's that's one of the big things people are forced out of their homes that they've lived in furlong time. Because it's sticky. Get around thinking yeah. We can't be safe at home end. When we come back we're gonna talk about that at some of the things that you could day you'll be amazed at what you can do with the barrier free shower and I pretty cool these days it's not as bad you think it is. Welcome back it's home agreement with John day I'm Dave Goebel. I'm Aaron Garrity comes and tells me. And I will try to return those questions as soon as possible. Sometimes they did last week we toppled bit about that I got behind a bar that kinda cheated out from somebody because I didn't answer fast enough that you remember it's a free service I have and I run a full time business and I have a wife and kids and grandchildren set. I actually have a life outside of this place guerrilla. It's gonna but I do love it you want my wife would tell you different I have to really expect. A she feels the same way ma'am. Half half half a pack up. Its target lists that we wanted to talk a little bit about some. Actually all talk a lot about aging in place. This is this is a big deal because. If you've been around on you guys have been when you're dealing with someone that's older and they've there in their home whether they have stairs sorts above bathroom issue. That's kind let's talk a little bit about that about the things it's what people face what are they face of this let's go through Manila start talking about some of the remedies. Right well I mean led the main things. Is getting in and out of you know a bathtub or a shower. Common and it's as assistant not necessarily. They're just you know as you get older. Eight could be if you have an injury. Absolutely or. Little kids you know so what we try to think about is universal design which is really what it's called gaffe out Oregon Al but it aging in place really focuses more on on the older generation but. Who so when we're remodeling. You know we think about that that age of the people. And in a bathroom for instance. You know I always bring it up and say. Who the hell are you planning on being in this house for the next 1520 years after each has put 80000 dollars into this bathroom. Is this something that that you plan on being here because if you are let's take care of some things during the design process during the framing process. To make sure for instance. Aside from from the barrier free showers which will get into an amendment. But. You know people may not wanna have grab bars right now now. But what we do is make sure that we've got blocking in place and says that date came and you know if they have an injury or they start. Losing losing balance or whatever we can put grab bars in showers. I come down the road. I will say that that. You know there has been and and development as a lot nicer looking products share. Over the last several years where grab bars don't have to be ugly and industrial looking. They can really blend nicely with here or in the you know nice new plumbing fixtures that you selected. So those are the things that we just try to think about that wit of doorways nearly need to keep that not sure if anyone is ever wheelchair bound. Or even a walker or right it's it's tough to get through 124 inch door. Because you don't really have 24 H is when it's open in the open position because the door on the hinges sticks out into the that the opening right right so. That is it that's a huge stake I never understood that in houses. That that the doors are so narrow and you have to you have to plan. At the beginning even that gap because it's not just the Doria to allow for the molding right you know and if you want a big wide molding you get that think about it even more so. But takes up space but. That is those are those are those are great points right on down to come the type of handles it she choose for your faucet right. You know and you can you can you can he turn it off put the back of your hand. You don't pull it would if he don't have a grip exact route to hold Inaba are all right to pull it so yeah. All those little things that you that you have to think about it in universal design it's it's pretty a pretty important. Yeah it is an and that is that's why oh why we you know. A lot of times people are so anxious to get the construction started in the demo started and we really want a slow people down. And and get the design right yes it is it's super important once you start construction. To make sure that all of this stuff has been thought about ahead of time and and so that's why designed to strike. Active that that the that broke the cost of acquisition vs the cost of ownership right so you it. You have to think about it that's always talk about all the time that the plans putting together the plans putting together. Of the wants. That's that's the recipe what we always refer to as a recipe you're always better off to spend more time doing that back pin in and get it right so. We're gonna come back to cement let's get. Jeddah in here from Rock Hill hey Jenna. What actually help. I would call me about the and that guy and I'll quote. Yet they bit the liquid hot the preservative. Yeah war. Yet and that up hang on to suggest that conservatives. It's just a preservative and then all it is it's made from cedar oil and it has another product and that that's a carrier that pulls it down into the woods. And and what it does is a push is any moisture out of the word. So it will not rot it will not bugs won't eat it but it's called cedar shield. And you can buy it at the website cedar sided CI TE dot com. Okay thank you now part of my decked. We obliquely and they have a crack at older word. Is there any treatment that would be necessary prior to putting it down only got a pretty damned. I wanna clean clean the deck and then you can spray both sides even the older side it'll it'll it'll help prolong its life. You got what you wanna put it down when the debt when the would his wet when it's day. So before you apply this product you wanna that you beat you wanna you wanna spray it down what it does is it helps pull the will love the product into the woods. Stand up and it allows it to go into easier and deeper so it's not just flash. Off or evaporated. Okay thank you very much so what does it matter if apple saying what paint on cup you can put it on top it's yet to wait. 72 hours. OK I get I hope that takes you beat question. Primary darting on this movie and we appreciate educated then we're going to see rod talk a little bit more about. Some remodeling we're gonna get into the bathroom and talk about a barrier free shower which is very cool 8981110704. 571110. If you have any questions. But right now let's talk about let's talk about that what is a barrier free shower by the way so a barrier free. Shall our means that there is no Kirk. And basically. Means that then main floor of your bathroom can flowed directly into your shower there's nothing to step over it's a very. Clean modern look. And that products. That we use it's a shower system made by USG. And it's. And Vince can talk a little bit more about. And the the actual process of putting it together but the reason we're we're so excited about. This product that that we views is that it makes it really easy to. How they barrier free shower. Five and a second floor in a second floor bathroom without sinister room underneath. You don't half to raise the entire floor of the bathroom up. So that the Dayton 88 feet. There's slope created by of that shower system and Bryant then he can jump in here and talk a little bit more about that because you're the one who installs these things. But yet his normally I just I just was set to set normally you would have to you did in the framing process. Lower the floor so that you can build it back up in order to make it at the same level as the as the floor obviously they're slow in there to the drain right but. Decades pretty expensive and a lot of times it's not doable. It's not feasible Brett and I am and then situation. With the USG shower system. Damn you can then stop and explain a little bit more about kind of how that works from our framing standpoint and then how the tray works and all that. Think Carolina you're coming up next hang tight we want to get through this portion. Well basically at the start with two by tenth floor joist com am believe when you going to let the sub floor. Into the floor joist basically creating a flood situation with the with the law. The floor joists. And in the shower pan which is have to do styrofoam. Shower then goes and that an inch thick so when you. Are on the rest of the floor when you don't put your quarter inch darker board. The incident on your floor you you marry up nice with the with the publish our. Barrier free shower. And hopefully we have to maintain a chorus for football and and and that's what to present a more thirty slow drive yes yes the of the pan has already slowed the tank for you. It's put them with some modified then says. Com and it did it basically. Keeps you from having the right parents have before brown and raise the floor. In order to to create a barrier free com. And it is just this such clean look it's it's it's. It's just his head and shoulders above. The the the curb the shower. Name but before even talk about the the benefits of some of Asia and place it just looks a lot of other. Com and it's it's a very easy or very very easy to do. But I am hands can be ordered its custom size we work with actually the one of the gentleman he developed the system lives here in Charlotte and so we've had met him before the Dow will die Casey's status they have will on while awesome awesome he is a great guy and he really. Has done so much for us to learn about how to install the system he comes to our job sites. And has walked us through some but you know situations like we'll how we deal with desk you know this shower is going to be seven feet long can you make a pan that they again. And in that situation we ended up putting into drains and says he consulted with us. To really learn about this this dumb and make it the best insult possible. And aside from from you know having barrier free. That sour system itself. Is just that a system. Everything works together and and what's happened is over the last thirty years or so. Though we've we've kind of had these new components coming into the shower building process and you've had. Plastic hands that have had to work with the with the wallboard. And and it's just it there's never there they are up until recently. What we do is we'll go when ten homes were showers have been built over the last. Twenty years thirty years and were taken these things out there completely rotten and Arnie this fall apart because Sampras it is not a system right and you know if you go. I mean showers have been built since then Roman times. And those are all mud base systems and and they were made by craftsman right and so over the last thirty years he's had some of these these. Products that have come out that oh well I use this for the pain patent and it doesn't necessarily work with what's going on in the walls and bear. Using nails to install the pain and which means that then there's water going through. The pan and rotting the sub floor. And so we've had a lot of situations where we're down mowing the showers and shocked to see how much rot. Is underneath that you can smell it when you walk into the passer and that dink. You know they're not musty smell out here and you pull that shower apart you're like okay now we see that's why. The LT USG prosper more impervious so big they they keep you doing with that. That toxic mess as you have and of mud mud they show Akram and it's not necessarily if it's win the that there minute they're gonna fail because their their porous. The old showers the old way it was done eventually. Water's gonna say OK and and once against either concrete do that then set did the murder. Then it's going into the worded it's gonna spread to the watch the room next door it's going to be in the wall. Is remember wet goes to dry right it's no different than Atlanta paper towel down if you just put the corner of the will vote the paper towel and water. It will absorb it all crack and open and woods is the same thing. Cannot tell people south I remember. It it used to be a tree hit it once water drinks water it's gonna suck it up its its nature to draw water into it stuff. That that's it it's a great it's a great system and I know that it really helps folks two. We're a comeback that just a minute talk about an unlimited design says as well as we were tough but let's get that Carolina here first. As it is it Caroline yet Carolyn Carolyn from concur he'll Cornelius how aria. Good morning I'm not I'm a year to get the fresh for towns. I want to know what to. But has been happening with they ran as shield up. This came out about eighteen to twenty years since. And there wasn't DNA. Trail. Left forward. Can you tell me about. In in white application. Because you know they still have rhino is she old end that they're using end in a bed liners for trucks for pickup trucks. Which was kind of the scissors is kind of the same process they sprayed in several plastic bed liners cow like rust proofing a car underneath face to spread out. The black tar stuff underneath it's it's probably a similar product I would imagine that. In and year top bout was a writer she'll use for something on the house was it for the outside the exterior. Yes there are they with the new planet says there's so much thicker than the united in regular playing such a good job. I I think there's still some products out there and I would expect there an awful lot like the products sandy tread. It's probably a real smooth viscous. Polyurethane. A finish that once she prepped the surface he put it on there. On it again it probably blocks water. It's it's it expands it contracts with with the wounded. It's I don't know if somebody still Solomon Charlotte seemed like I saw something at the last one of the last home shows when I walked through. Some I'm I'm really not sure sorry wish I had more information. I'm with you wanna send me a note that at our web site ask John or Dave dot com I'll I'll see if I can find something out about it and see what's what's available. Our okay all right thank you very welcome thanks Carolyn proceed to listen. Okay Carol Owens done and where we're coming close to the to the end of the show here itself. Again with barrier showers barrier free shower scene he still could put a band chin right Ali yeah corner bench could do all the things that you normally would do. Yeah actually the will may expenses out of this and some material that can be covered with tile really and other structural grow their structural and may they can have some really interesting. Profiles and shapes not just square block while. And said that they design in potential. Opens up when he's a product like this which is which is kind of exciting. It's very great. Hey before we get off your quick let's give your website. And not your website real quick in your phone number. It is WWW. Distinctive. Design build dot com. And a telephone number is 7049754390. And would love to hear from you. And aired in advance we really appreciate you coming in and and joining us this morning I know it's early and it's tough he did this every day of the week and and you have to do on Saturday Xoopit. I know that our and our listeners appreciated did and of course opium podcast seek you go back and listen. To the show in and now maybe get some other information that she didn't hear the first time. One wish everyone a happy Father's Day all the dads out there Afghan. And we appreciate it we appreciate everyone listening. We just wanted to remind you that the most important kind of home improvement as the one that makes sure home I have your place to live.