Another London Terrorist Attack

Scott Fitzgerald
Monday, June 19th

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Well you know Monday ahead of Scott FitzGerald tragedies in the Pacific. Plus have gone my way or another tragedy in London. Almost tragedies there on the Myrtle Beach right. Wouldn't think it had become a place where all the sudden you pop. Dated fifth soldier and all that but again tragedy in the Pacific where the bodies. From a seven missing sailors on the unguided missile destroyer the US assists FitzGerald. Were found in one of the damage compartments of the ship Patrick collided with a huge container ship off the coast of Japan over the weekend. And it's weird if you look online you concede. The head via the map and and the path of what this container ship did which was it was. It was moving towards the east underneath your so below the USS FitzGerald in maybe you'd turn and then boom. Tivo direct there on the side so that apparently were crossing pass but 2 o'clock in the morning India. There's a lot of folks Lleyton they were in their births sleep when when the accident happened and trapping many of those Susan Upton for him. Tonight the horrifying final moments for those sailors aboard the USS FitzGerald. They destroy your T bone in the middle of the night immediately flooding the crammed compartments for more than 100 of the crew sleep. The water flow was tremendous and so. There wasn't a lot of time and no spaces. That were opened to the city. That navy announcing tonight that it is officially calling off the search for survivors. Seven sailors have been found. They had to fight to ship to keep it above the surface so it was traumatic. The navy senior launching at least two investigations into what happened. Just outside Tokyo harbor we're gonna cooperate what all of the stakeholders in this especially the Japanese. Let's we've lost what. We'll get those answers. Erica terrorist you would ABC joins us you know as we talk about the USS FitzGerald and a we've had this is via the second ship collision that we've had in recent weeks is an. Well but nothing I mean that one is now almost unheard of in its. Calamity I mean do Tibet sailors started C. In this state and ages extraordinarily rare I think you have to go back to the USS Cole and and that one blows you know attacked and so this is. How far. A far different things and wonder where no fewer than four investigative bodies are going to took to get to work after. Did do this seven sailors who were killed or are are buried and then the questions range from. I'm mechanical and technical acumen. Yeah that was going to be my first question to me we've got the most she is sophisticated blue water navy in the world. You'd think that there be some sort of alarm system that would say hey there's a big giant ship headed our way. Well in an interior they've they've there there is then somebody should analyze sonet at all times especially in those crowded waters. Off the coast of of of Tokyo and so. One of the questions is we don't want someone sleeping with someone not doing their job was the captain not properly briefed the captain was in his. Quarters so that does suggest that he thought everything was fine and maybe had given his final instructions. I hope for the night but did it's a likely experts say going all fall on the captain regardless. And now he'll probably be relieved of command but he was one of the ones injured and had to be airlifted off the ship. Do we know anything yet about the the cargo ship then Glen what their stance on things. Well the cargo ship is is strange because they have. To put the time of the accident a full hour before the navy said it happened. And they also denying it. That the ship. And then there's a stadium sized ship remember though that they denied that it made you turn despite. The no evidence from you know maritime market to the contrary. So there's there's some real questions about what exactly happened and why a bit cargo ship is so bad at odds with the Soviet count from the navy. And and what flag was this one fly in under until the Philippines okay. It was terrifying stuff here and so destroyer and that's a big giant important shipped in what we've got going on would North Korea and everything has gone on that particular part of the world. And it was nearly sliced in half by this you know island sized container ship that it should have detected and they intend. Why. It's you know is only part of the story but they wanna get to the bottom of it certainly would. Given that the possibilities are. Are scary minutes but it didn't they're not denying any may be was attacked they do something on purpose when you just don't know. Yeah I mean we have no idea whether or not to somebody on the ship decided to take it over and then and make that ramming move. Stole a lot of questions have been answered. Unfortunately one of the big questions that we have is well how do we grieve and how we mourn for the sailors that we lost. It's says they released the names photos are are coming out now and I was struck by how young they are the youngest first nineteen the oldest is only 37. Wow so. You know BP's where the sailors that were. In their births. Likely died in in flooded compartments. The actions of other sailors on board though were were deemed heroic and in their efforts to save the ship. Which they did and it was with the assistance of tugboats able you know get. Get all back into port. Enough into Jersey with ABC will look you've been update on this Fauria is Jan. I am feeling information coming slowly on this because the military does an investigation it's not necessarily going to be reading. Revealing information all that quickly another tragedy in London we'll talk about that in May be getting closer to war over the Russians over Syria. He had military's looking for some new folks here re enlist what the bullets over they have to pay you to re enlist. What's interesting with their throat kind of money that thrown around we'll talk about and comes up next on news 1110993. WBT tell. This radio station as much as you guys to do what you wanna to Scott FitzGerald here dug him up this Friday. Try to believe it's a party steered us in the face to your next stop for the hometown to a million Davidson will be at the soda shop which is one of four south main street. Are held up their John Hancock and other broadcast and his crew. Am sure would love it if you would stop by and join in the conversation so again this Friday the 23 the soda shop and on main street David's in the budget by mosquitoes score they fight we fight details. At W beach. So us some stories to sort of tie together here Russia is of course has been in the news for a while right but it's a little different to approach this time around. The reason that we're talking about it. It's not because of any sort of election possible collusion Shura meddling in what happened and last fall. And any connections or ties with the central administration Germany close to him this time around. What we're dealing with Israel Russia has said that is gonna treat US warplanes operating in parts of Syria where its air force is your president. Though the look at them as targets. Certain side of the its west of the Euphrates they're gonna be tracked by Russian surface to air missiles and and targeted. So Russia's defenseman race meant ministry said the change in position. Would apply to anything that's fine and a year all aircraft including those operating as part of the US backed coalition so anybody that's on our side. Is going to be a this is going to be a moving target also right now generally. We have bottom line connection between Russia and the US that is set up specifically to prevent midair collisions. That's going to be suspended. Another reason this this is all going on here is because. The US. FA eighteen super hornet shut down a Syrian army issued 22 jets on Sunday and this was in the country countryside southwest of Rocca. And Washington said the jets had dropped bombs near. Power forces. Damascus has said the plane was down while flying a mission against ice is militants so conflicting stories. In light of all that. That one's ratcheting up and ratcheting up. And to adjusting to see we have just. Really a folks on the hill have to decided to push through a bill. That is going to increase the sanctions on on Russia. And it's interesting to see that there's some push back. Do you White House is expected to push back on this to change the Senate's Russia sanctions bill to make it a little more friendly to Russia. And I should that's such a good political move what do you think. Doesn't and smell and pass the smell test to me at this point in time to think that. That the president would do anything he could to distance himself from any sort of favoritism any sort of looking and smile and towards other Russians. A senior administration official said the White House is concerned that this bill is gonna hurt US Russia relations. And the administration is open to work with the GOP in a house to soften the bill. Hum kind of guessing that's probably not gonna happen to this point in time. Sherrod Brown is a senator Democrat out of Ohio says that he's heard the drug administration is asking house members to slow and block. The legislation. And this is not something the administration. Is calling for us to do these sort of things are stronger sanctions they're doing and tomorrow. And as part of it is this once again it's and punishment to quote keep the foreign powers. Are over election. So you you tie all that together here in the military wants you to come back. Would you if you had already been a purity served won't take for you to re enlist. What it takes a money and put it take. Maybe an opportunity for quicker advancement. Mood to be a situation where yeah you're considered depending on where they would station you. An extension station is simply as beautiful as opposed to someplace dangerous. We're now the army. Is offering a big old bonus. For uterine analyst. Just 90000. Dollars that's with an opt in 90000 dollars to you. If you would re enlist. Would that be enough of a motivation for you or what would it take 7045701110. To interest in time to consider realist and again with the other problems in the troubles that we have with Russia. There's still some you know growing conflict. In the Balkans. We're where we were supporting you know our our NATO allies. That are on the eastern front on the edge of Russia we go to military exercises gone on in the other day. The the Russians and upsetting a fighter to join in the middle of the information that we hand. Opposing not a big deal but you know what they're watching us. So this is all this boost here. And this attempt at these bonuses to make him more more ideal and more attractive for you. He is part of an effort by the army to counteract downsizing that occurred during the Obama administration plus. The president made a promise. Two to grow the army. Spend more give up and going so the army is and upped the amount of bonuses that they are willing to pay. I'm a shift about 380 million dollars with rewards in particular. For intelligence or high tech jobs and could be anywhere between fifteenth and 90000 dollars for you. For a three to five year re enlistment. So a lot of money. A bit and that's got a lot peoples had not gone. All right honey we need to sit down have a conversation here about what their future's going to be right maybe it's time to get back into the boots again. So to meet the a mandated president. The arms and have to find 6000 new soldiers at a thousand new officers and convinced 9000. Current soldiers to stay. So. Money seems to be working to the they've said they have 2200. Reimbursements. Since may 24. When this really all became public. So they're doing what they can't do gets more boots. On our ground first oval and part of this will probably go hand in hand with what they're saying about Afghanistan running on us and run more troops over there. I'm the number. The last that I remember was about 2000 extra troops must be more than that that we need to send to Afghanistan to. Try to complete what we started sixteen years ago because we're still in America's longest war if you wanna still called that a war of word and a police action you can not characterize it and you see fit. And crazy stuff happened in Myrtle Beach over the weekend in Maine I'll tell you what you think it's a nice quiet vacation destination. And generally it is until something like this breaks our base. And heroin and. Let's go right right right. Right. And. It was a long shot. Is there again. Top is down load whom they could download. And stay away. If you're watching is there away from park avenue no well yeah. All FaceBook live going on. Bubba Hinson is the other reporters there on FaceBook. It's crazy. Dummy shots you think there was there John Mormon does sound like thirty yeah knows a lot bunch sounded a camera only has torn yourself. So Bubba Bubba Hinson sitting up on his balcony there. He did the live streaming of video and it started out there's a mob stalling traffic but then turned into a mass shooting on ocean boulevard. This happened early Sunday morning eight people injured. Three different shootings at erupted around heavily trap trafficked tourist areas in Myrtle Beach have never been there have you been to Myrtle Beach. Yeah I've been there a few times I can tell you this will not deter. The type of people that the normally like to go down there that I used to know rise because it they're always looking for excitement and fun stuff and craziness and even that kinda thing. People would still people would still go down there I'm not talking about older groups and talk and maybe. You know seventeen to Tony for that group right physically he'd come so this is spring spring breakers and Elvis has that you're stuck my carnival people become apparent wanna know there's something like that Charles. I have to admit my wife I was there in April for spring break we sit for two or three nitrate. We're blocks away from the there where this one's yes. And we stayed there many many years ago when our boys were young as it was great you know with a kitchen are red in the beach you know I mean is second therefore you can see them down there on the beach fifty feet away so without them we won back referenced Alger reasons. And Cushing may be at Tennessee's a little bit tougher yet finished a big knives from what I understand via the PR folks their are touting North Myrtle Beach but the quieter place as the as the Kreider nice plays more golf driven that sort of thing as opposed to. You know toward walks in cotton candy and T shirts and it's it's almost like gatlin Bergen always what it sounds like it and when if you're in high school in the Carolinas are out there who leased back when I was in high school that was the place that was where. Everybody wanted to go as soon as you have. Turned fourteen and fifteen and started in about two old buddies going down there. The kind of stuff that one on you you kind of wanted to get down there has sort of go carts tattoos. Toffee. Ladies topless on I am quite refugees to go along with a 926 now Ryan you are talking with the military reopened with your thought on this. My body is that I wouldn't recommend that anyone not I'll bring it let the military and it certainly know that they operate much money. Well I did hear about their thinking you may remember that other agenda based in August 7 we're you know working a lot in the news warm. Stop walk your mother met before. Stop loss. About are there. When you're that contact with the military base reserve the right it can be winners and they want. Our and that's what that would that would not. I'm on your mantle once every second Stryker Brigade would and actually bit into multiple close to go to the forests since Barbara you know Auburn got. Not a lot. I know a lot of salt. But it probably regarding. Yeah I don't know. Actually elevate and oh yeah we have enough terms to replace yeah so. They. Walked in cabinet you know some Kagan the liberated your law and our contract. Yep we are looking back because watching and uncles and got the bill would quad yeah. They're coming let big watch that a look at what you got. Yeah we have some conversations about this. Within the last month where some folks who were in the military called in and they said basically. What you just said that they have the right to call you back. Furlong period time may be even for an indeterminate amount of time. Which makes me then question what is this tactic for somebody to re enlist why did hips and Malia to these folks. If indeed that is column with the nose. Another ring through their nose and drag him back him. So I break him back in there when we get together there was a lot of discussions about the White House and congress can. Investigation not investigation. Into that would scare travelers and maybe she's it's on the way. Take a RTS up until 934 it's your time to Karen Travers momentarily hit it over the weekend. For the president. Kind of had some conflicting. Words as he was talking to mr. Wallis on television. The president's lawyer making the rounds today was it pains to correct the record about a presidential tweed. That appeared to confirm he's facing an obstruction of justice investigation. After his decision to fire FBI director James told me the president is not it has not. Position patty now because we've received no notice an investigation and yet Trump's own tweet which seemed to suggest otherwise quote. Time being investigated for firing the FBI director. By the man who told me to fire the FBI director which out today Trump's lawyer appeared to be unable to clear up the confusion and. And now he's being investigated. By the Department of Justice you're not somebody as being investigated after saying that you know. You you just salaries are being an amazing interview just sad that he's being investigated why do not appreciate you putting words in my mouth when I mean crystal clear that the president is not. And has not been under investigation negation. I don't think I can be any clearer than that what you don't know that he's not under investigation again served as an and you know I cannot read the month you're right Chris I can't remind us about how well we're in agreement that was. But fascinating back and forth Karen Travers with the ABC. I heard it out have you heard he said you know the president is under investigation and five seconds later he said no the president. Is not under investigation with the went to which one is. I mean he said now he's being investigated by the Justice Department and a naked no he's not being investigated increase follows that we just said he wasn't that don't. I don't appreciate you putting words in my mouth when you have the exact quote that. The president is being investigated bottom line the White House lawyers the president's lawyer has to say this is outside the White House. The president's lawyer says he's not being investigated and they need to know that because they haven't been told he's being investigated. But also acknowledging he can't lead the special counsel mind and frankly his idol either so he could be they just don't. I'm told he is. Don't they do they have to tell somebody that there are under investigation. No they don't tell it's going to be a press conference announcing it ooh. Most likely and he had this situation you'll find out when you're asked to sit down for questions or you are asked for document that things like that as part of the investigation. So I wonder why the president one went ahead with a tweet saying I'm being investigated by the very guide that. You know I had you know that you told me to fire combing them then that's confusing to me as well that's him he probably would started all this. And there's no answer it clear that out the and he buried there than they lighted the president tweets that. Meg sure you had spoken to him before but my very Smart colleague Rick Klein are political director of your baby seat. Summed it up very simply and I think effectively when he says it right now it really appears but no one actually speaks for the president not even the president himself. Looks like internationally that explained that. If the president tweet on Friday when he says I am being investigated is not to be taken as a statement from the president confirmed he's under investigation. What can you believe you and the president tweet about anything and and then if the president. Lawyers say will we don't speak for him but here's what we know in the White House what they were between speaks for itself and other issues. It's a very convoluted than of what is the president that presidential statement and what isn't we're told tweaked a presidential statement it's I don't know how you read that any other way than when he says I under yeah. It and it was an all I guess was last week at some may or may be that Taylor the week before. We're out of the White House has said any sort of questions dealing with this investigation must go through the attorneys so you think the attorneys would who have a little bit more information about what. Yeah in some ways you know appeared like I'm not a lawyer but looking at this term is bad for political communication strategy perspective. You'd want the lawyers to be a simple and directed possible and just say as far as we know. He would not under investigation into the haven't been told that OK and then didn't refuse to engage in anything else. That doesn't make you a great interview gas and kind of political talk show but at least from your standpoint that's one statement that very simple. And that's all we're gonna say but instead. You know he's out there again this morning during our interview they get kind of get so little more muddled as we go along. Death to an easy word for misspoke and tumble little but I think they mean the center and I am okay. Scared Travers with ABC always a pleasure to have your insight into there's never a dull moment when it comes to cover in the White House that's for sure. Before the break we were talking about re enlisting in Durham Microsemi Mitchell writes in a military contracts. And got a two year period would they can call you back to the length do you have left on that period so fearless for six years. You're technically under contract for eight years. And they want soldiers to enlist for longer than two years also soldiers and volunteer typically more motivated more effective than those. That that are violent told to us to come on back timing it a thought. No and it's out. And yet say I don't gonna I'm doing good happy Monday to you sir what can help us with that you wanted to do today. And I can't pick he'd do holiday Korea. And minority and expired. Harry Truman a big debate. And they agreed to a further convey it to the government. That's OK I did mount and independent trainers Truman you're. Hollywood juvenile boot movement railroad worker from Trenton strike. And hey it don't sit article didn't throw. We did yeah dropped down 100 what you are going railroad. Back at that. Give them hell Harry that's that's why they called him give him hell hairy yes Tom appreciate the update and thank you for your service motion many years ago 940s your time. This is there's limits in that country to defeat the the next half hour we'll be talking to Jim Rice. And there's an election going on. Not to just. And futures I understand things correctly and that and started picking up plus more updates from about what happened in London that's on the way under is 1110993. To do to. Regular season the best days coming up. It's amazing how fast via the use of the bus in July 4 the WBZ's tonight show the street parties most stuff. The other party to be admits an MLK food kids' rides in music and then we go to the ballpark after that. What's team USA take on team Cuba 6 o'clock this guy shows and again yesterday gamer plus the heating and cooling. Plus 46 Charlie and community coffee Harris teeter bringing you that particular wonderful event which. Not for a long long time to be my first Daschle and I'm looking forward to it details it. WBT. Dot com so over the weekend my wife and daughter and to go into to the beach tyranny near Wilmington. And she called us a man and I do believe these ways to Maine believe they must be 8910 feet high it's crazy in their people that are actually out there swim and and I said don't don't go there and that's just due to dangerous. And I don't know if it was a premonition or what but we have some real problems with kids send and and and some adults. With a rip currents and that got me thinking what. What causes these things. And what he would do about them if you go to the beach you know how do you prepare yourself in depth Jack Scarborough joins us now here we the other hatteras island rescue squad. And projected time he does get there was some training on this is that right. Yes they actually have the creator with the other class determined pharaoh needed got them he can refer rip current. Safety and now awareness laughed as long as well they'll be safety. So what's the first thing you tell somebody. That you're teaching you know to help rescue folks in rip currents what's the what's the most important Lester and it yeah I'm still here what is the most important lesson any day. And you still there yes sir I'm not in the world yeah I can't. It may be was he added I don't if you had a conference call gone on but dinners and a big buzz in the line so to Jack what's the first person that somebody who's gonna be part of a rescue team. Needs to know about rip currents. The person you know all the persons that they can occur any time anywhere in any weather conditions. So it's not just when the waves are big correct. The world how to we know that there there are out there than. The best way to spot on and if you would if you look online at but no. Site and there are. It's really good videos. And also there's another side that we're trying to find out to get to the address that illustrate he rip currents and how they won't want to look for. OK so if you're working with a rescuers and potential rescuers. How do you make sure that first and foremost. That they are safe because if they're not safe and they get into danger they're not much help when it comes to rescue and somebody. Correct or we actually trained in the ripped. That's shall we do a lot of our training we will. It is something that you've that the public should not they would just jump directly in her open. Ride it out and see the effect and and deal all of the the forces of the ocean and just do it need to be done us. So describe for me what I mean what is the definition of a rip core Kerr and I always felt like it was. There's there's an apparent coming in on the top and then there's a strong current that it's under the bottom that's pull one out is that accurate or how my off. Well rip curl what is the difference in war levels and now you have a I'm far outside or same car that don't belong up to be slow ways it could be fifty feet could be honest he beat 200 feet he knows. What a waste pile up inside that. The bar or you know close to the beach and water have to run out somewhere and have to go back to the he has some place. And wherever there's a a hole in the dome in the borrow offshore that's for the world follow. And then there's so much pressure has built up there that becomes a pretty strong yank yes sir okay. So it's. Obviously like you said you don't want somebody going out and try and what it is that you're teaching folks to do. But if somebody gets into a rip current today fight it they try to stay on top pretty try to roll within go. Never try to fight it just. We tell the kids play on your back with a sea turtle. And arranger flipper for help and ride it out and once you feel it not tugging on you anymore swim parallel to the shore. And then once you're totally out of the rear the group with a rip saw him right back to the shore. Now. And commended reminds me a little bit of if you're if you're canoe or our panel learn your honor river and there's a jam. And you get sucked into the damn what happens is that it creates come Avaya a circular motion and it's gonna pull you down underneath. And it's almost the same sort of thing you can't fight against a you have to go where that then figure out a way to go parallel to the band to get to the edge. It's it's terrifying stuff what typically. Causes the tragedy like you we where we have people that you know they get killed with this. They just have no idea how to to navigated and they probably end up fighting it then where an out. Yes sir that that that's typically what happens is they they try to fight the reopen. And now. Makes and other energy trying to do to Islam against it directly back to the shore and then. There's only so much anyone can take as far as trying to fight or rip. So what are the lifeguards that are on beaches trained to do to work to warn that must general public and you know is less. On experience rip current folks how do they did they shut the beach down or had they generally handle that. Role here on our coverage area outer pollen we. We have their war there's one lifeguard stand with a permanent lifeguards rescued while we provide like a road in life guard down servant. He's volunteers and and we'll go identify the ribs and educate the people around me trip. So we'll ride up and on the entire beach. And our service area which is about 35 miles while vilify the worst rip. And educate the people around them. And then at peak times when we think. They really believe most dangerous. We'll post a truck we were I guess he crew. And that they are monitoring the situation. While and then when you go rescue folks or do you generally used. A boat or jet skiing how does that work. Each of our crews and equipment had yet he was a looks like a bogey warmer back footed. More we bought from a rescue provider and all who have big surf boards rescue boards. On each truck is. World today mom do surfers generally have issues dealing with rip currents casinos some of those are you don't thrill seekers the type team you know type T folks. That and go out there and they like the size of the waves do they run into problems generally or they are pretty much you know good and avoiding. They're very good avoided and believe it or not surfer rescue more people leak today then we'll ever think about rescued no kidding yes sir lies that. They're out there they see the people. You know they're all there they're looking for the big waves. Which is one of them about this book her and they'll still keep people in trouble and Mel Parnell and and save them all the time while. And now I'm guessing they don't have the same should danger because. They've got something to ride if they get end up getting in a rip current biggest pile back on the surf sport yes sir in the pulpit what we're doing well yes. Okay. I appreciate your time once again Jack Scarborough who's the chief. But the hatteras island rescue squad anything else that we need to know before the family heads off to in the in the little trucks to their to go to the beach. Well if you're coming down the outer please check our FaceBook page has some rescue squad we offer free clot that each Monday. At 9 AM warm not rip current safety and beat chatted and we love to see everyone here enough. He's Sierra trucks we'll be stopped when they hate film thank the guys and gals out there ride the beat. Absolutely appreciate that bureau your keeper and a safer in the N and then teach in this. How not to do something stupid out there in the waters so again I appreciate your your help on that Jack Scarborough. And Charles could snag and didn't and the joined the program here because we had too many. Tragedies and potential tragedies. Couple of a couple at a Greenville on nine year nineteen year old woman added 21 year old man were rescued. After getting caught in a recur over the weekend and and I do bu I know that there was so there was one child or one son. One person died seventeen year old Elijah tenant. Of colds per died and then also 56 year old man died near the Henderson avenue public beach in Atlantic beach. He had a heart attack and drowned while he was trying to save two teenage girls. From a rip current few Urbana one of those what's your experience on that might be here who is 70 toward. 57 up eleven tent so again over the weekend made another tragedy England just seems to begin hammered here. Of course we had Manchester and then we've had a couple incidence is in London. And now another incident in London. Forty year old man detained by the public. Littering the this the bystanders there and they're the ones that grabbed him and held until the police could show up. And his as a right now is just one guy. And I don't have an identity yet I think they're going to be released in the had to be fairly soon to 48 year old white man. Large dude. And will be in have been doing was driving a van. Into a crowded. That was leaving a mosque. And after it was done the man was stopped he said the suspects and I'd done my bit. I wanna kill Muslims. Eyewitness described the trip to. Every guzzlers and you'll find. That Giuliani and Arnold Vonn came out the message from the mess knows we're gonna play on munitions you cannot. Development. All the people who gathered around him GUC golf books just came off an indoor lost my UPI UK on the on the there was not cut six million loyal to him. Then he left was no indication would know even that suddenly just deliberately left on the disabled people. I'm one of them you want under the bond you look on the there on the vine. GT auctioning it Ivanov to get this guy talked about. The guy who was under the under the Sears didn't I don't see for the whole mood of the guys I'm going to go. Okay. So this was a white guy against Muslims coming out of a mosque. He. Allegedly the stories is the be mom came out. And kept the crowd from just beaten holy hell out of this guy. So terrorist act. Haven't heard too much on the twitters fear that says you know what we need to condemn this kind of behavior. Unlike when it was the Muslims. Go on after caucasians. A break and back and tab of the Iowa talk about a special election going on in Georgia that's on the way and his love intent. Not an entry WBT. A favorite mr. strokes you heard. Shooting rate in Chicago Poland. Chancellor deserve some discussions that the other players there. Are putting together a paramilitary. Unit that will comment and basically shut down community. Once it gets too violent. We tragic headline people getting shot unfortunately it's adult kids to. Earlier her describe the toddler get his hands on is my arms gun. Charges two year old brother. Last week a a child when child services was visiting a harm a child pulled a gun out of his toy box. So unfortunately. Gunshot wound to the third leading cause of death for kids ages one to seventeen. Gonna keep an eye on don't we hear it. This is there's 11109 entry W BT and the Republicans and the Democrats have been looking forward. Two tomorrow. For a long long time because they're trying to see whether or not. There's going to be some sort of referendum for or against the president for special election in Georgia Jim Ryan joins us here and the the polls they seem to have things tightening is that right. Squad blew let me dig up much pleasure that we in the north they're well within the margin of various new to both of them at about 4848. And a half percent. Vantage on often did the ten billion Karen Handel is a Republican in this straight start off soft the Democrats. Thought cup hopes to become the first Democrat to win that six congressional district race in Georgia. Can I take Saturday night it's been told by the Republicans for that law. The U they can he was opened up when Tom price was named by president can't do his cabinet and now. And this their primary which included eighteen candidates altogether went down to the general election the special election that instead Ben the there runoff that's happening tomorrow. Now I know that the young Montana election it wasn't a whole lot of money thrown that way that this particular seats a whole different animal as far as where the other pac monies coming from. I would really hit an 840 million dollars 3040 billion that's the most ever spent on any congressional election in the whole country ever. Be it Democrat also up is that outspending Karen Handel by about seven to one is the latest definitely get your right got. None of the money is coming in front of folks well beyond Georgia people who have an interest in this Morrissey a national referendum on Donald Trump. Then as say local election to replace the congress. And so we keep their and that that phrase thrown around a referendum on the president. Is that. Is that real is it created visit rhetoric what's your take on that. Well yeah I think it's interesting that I mean never. The or if you if you start having the losses or wins like this around the country can either damage you war. Or boy you book what you're going into the the mid term elections in 2018 so I think both handle and also not see this as kind of a referendum. If she wins they've handled wind chill mean that there are Republicans still are firmly in control. That despite controversies involving the president despite being vastly outspent by the Democrats the Democrats say that they saw the handwriting on the wall in November. Hillary Clinton was down by about five percentage points going into Election Day and yet she lost by only one point 5% in that area itself. I think they see this is kind of an opening to the plate they haven't been forty years. Ten other president has been tweeting about it to the dams wanna stop tax cuts good health care and border security there obamacare is dead with 100% increases in prices. Vote now for Karen H that's not an uncommon thing for president to do is of the music. Clay media like Twitter but yeah it's a good attitude of the out. The campaigning in person but you're right everybody needs here she is getting help and she says he has mentioned that during some of these rallies I was gonna covering of a couple weeks ago. In Cincinnati and even brought it up there. Old story it's it's something that does develop and that he is is let him solidly behind Karen Handel I think he he said. Stead as much as a referendum as anybody else does it turned a little bit weird over the weekend plans something called the principal pat kind of political action committee. Placed an ad that started running yesterday and continues to run today. Which you blames the Democrats essentially for the shooting that happened this past week hit says that at least Democrats are that he is endorsing yet. And applauding the shooting that happened there both care and handle and John Ross suffered from a distance themselves from bad. And the ad is still running it yes that's disgusting. But I thought that it would then again it shouldn't surprise nothing should surprise us anymore when it comes to politics. You know everything's fair game. Well I think you're right saying everything is fair game and then certainly using innovative satellite data to a tragedy like we saw last week when. Everybody who's been directly involved has said let's make peace over this let's not make his political Roger Williams a staunch conservative who broke his leg. Diving into a dugout did during the shootings there and he has these news or conservative is a tough. He says that his thinking about this is that in the states about Democrats or Republicans he thinks the shooter here simply had mental issues. Yeah well yeah I think it was a mental issues and then maybe I'm revenue was motivated by. His belief in his I don't know his frustrations there is anger and there was a mental mental issues that pushed him over the edge so what what time to the polls open tomorrow time they close. Welcome it's 7 o'clock say that this case congressional district buried in Georgia Belle. The open throughout the state through seven PLO leave enough dumb and had ordered ordered watch what happens. Didn't appreciate always always great insight from my ABC's Jim Bryant it is an important election tomorrow. Both sides open that maybe they can start to see the pendulum swing or the pendulum stake. Right where it is a break him back and then I'd like to talk a little bit with you about this situation would Russia and Syria it's eaten up. Annika gets scary we're to talk to an expert about that to be part of the world's on the way next on the TV. Fighting the CD I ever think about since seventy now this is new look tonight a beautiful. Some weird developments. Today in the military. Sphere. Kind of disturbing to hear that Russia is now warning. After over the week and we found a serious head. It was supposedly attacking our sides and other Russians are saying that anything that applies to. West of the Euphrates is going to be a fair game. General accept time Alaska joins us now chairman of the board billion North Carolina US show. Former commander of US forces in Japan. Is this rhetoric kind of common when were in a in a conflict zone or is this something that has kind of ratcheted things to the next level. We started talking again if you remember our conversation in April was talking about IPO period Pietrus came courses New York checkers game and I think just reports the F current administration's commitment to make sure that when we drove red line whom we say the rules and get short designed to protect. Both people on the ground in the aviators are in here or there and that we're gonna enforce I think that's exactly what pursuing. So the situation of the Russians interestingly enough when they talk about. The ratcheting up of the of the intensity US. Presence I think is another example. Of how complex doubles situation is there with the three major forces deicing is suppose our group and the freedom forces. So what's going on is the other Russians or traditionally orange who play on the margins they're continually trying to. Player brinksmanship game to a pressing US and any of their potential adversaries and to doing something here. It is in the Russian interest not to not do you have freedom fighters interest so. I think what we're saying is they are ratcheting up of the year a bit of the other discussion but not necessarily of the yeah. Actual actually I think now the Russians are learning. So once again when we say we're gonna do something we'll follow the rules of engagement and we do. So what happens if we send up a drama happens to be in that particular part of the air space where the Russians say not Bubba knock. And they decide to shoot it down what could potentially be our reaction there besides condemnation. Where it would be kind of nation obviously but you know to do in fact that's that's an example where the brinksmanship continues and I'm sure it'll be the marsh system back and forth between two nations and some things require until next provocative act of the Russian state can and quite frankly. I think you can say a slow down a provocative actions. And the Russians were gonna realize that. Once again this is a new sheriff in town and you the administration is not gonna put up what. What happened in for example in Crimea. So what you're saying is the the the new sheriff in town the demonstration of that was the shooting down of the plane over the weekend is that right. Well it yet been in and essentially its enforcement of vehicles gauge which are now much more in favor of our peace and security in the region whether the American and are backing up to you know to. Position as a threat from a potential adversary. So what what do you think is our justification for shooting that now what made us think that that was going to be. Something belligerent or or something that that was gonna causes harm of my understanding is that we're going after some of our. Our allies is that correct. Well if you look at the situation on the ground basically the the effort of forces are just so recently captured. And neo pro Assad has held. Area where the Serb forces were guilty of rape and other crimes conceit is surveillance and in the guess you have to reassert its these democratic forces had just recently captured the territory in the response or restaurant group Soledad. We're chores he has airpower so listen this is only two and drop some bombs. And of course according to the rules and didn't want to let them straight hostile act. Then now you're cleared to to provide a self protection on the international rules and gave so it. Should this sort of logical response and was not. Done in in in with any other intent other than to. Do that reinforce Internet. A loss so this was our first air kill. Area air kills sends should only 999 cosa vote why are they so rare. Well because of the the strict limitations would have. Air air operations. And stay exactly know what what we saw was irresistible for the demonstration also I rather hostile attempt. Then you know the navy fighter guys did except with their patent trying to do when we are most disciplined. Air to air force in the in the world and in the world knows no demonstrated that don't you cross that line. And with intent to kill people would drop bombs so for planes than that that's something that in a combat zone would not be tolerated yet. I'm not a good idea on on their part so let's so let's pivot the pivot was to be it to the east at least that's what they said in the past. But let us do that there directly and take a look at what happened with the USS FitzGerald. You were in a former commander of US forces in Japan. I'm guessing that's something like this would have come to land on your table what will be the questions that you would start to ask first. Well first question I would ask would be exactly what was going on and hurt my source Ameren mentioned on port deal are. Destroyer. At the time they saw the air container ships first passed by them. And why it was a year why would not monitoring your location poker chip because. Again I have not addressing anything other more support in the open source nearby. So look like the container ship that did a year passed by the year destroyer that is complete or maybe in there. Reversed course and then my question would be a what was going on on deck the year to take ownership that would result in this kind of erratic behavior so. Yes and say yeah it's so we're used. Unsealing the the transportation but it's very unusual to have a year. Chip do a complete 180. The way we saw what they ownership. What to and it was a Philippines flagged ship does that mean that the crew would be mostly Filipino. And if so I know that there's an increased concern about radical Islam in the Philippines. Could we be looking at a new form of terror. Well it could be you know have a sign up has been has been here. Or more community in the southern tokens since your early nineteen hundreds and that's not the an unusual amount. But have they affected and so Filipino flag doesn't necessarily mean that assume it was important screw. In the course there are a lot of questions that need to be answered my trip and it is gonna conduct a full investigation on both sides. Along with the support from the State Department to find out. From the international community on that coping quite sure what exactly was going on under bridges well sort of thing doesn't critical questions need to be answered. All right air force lieutenant general Tom Alaska chairman of the board of the North Carolina US so. Former commander of the US forces Japan but final thoughts here as we move on to this year. What got at this this just reports the very complex world we live and I don't know what do you. Administration in Washington is no longer ignoring what's going on. Not serve our owner our shores. It's it's good to see that that this these kind of questions have been raised in the American people's gonna talk about that. Because when opening born in my forty years sort of the military is they have to live in an international world. You know one small event on the other side of the world this something you cannot ignore them. We are all connected and again I appreciate your time US air force lieutenant general time Alaska chairman of the board of the North Carolina US sharp. And former commander of the US forces in Japan so I never dull moment. Russians they just wanna stay in our news cycle politics. Whether it's because we're were head to head against them insert in Syria. Horror potential meddling in our elections in the and of collusion the alleged collusion and it's a never dull moment. I was go back to what to wonder were to be talking to Tom rivers with ABC coming up at about ten about ten minutes at 1035 here today. But do we do we have a new bad guy. Is there a new bad guy in town because all of a sudden it's not a Muslim that's attacking the quote western civilizations. We're dealing with the a Caucasian white guy is still waiting for more information commando who this guy is but it's a 48 year old man and by all reports he's a white guy said he was out to kill Muslims was captured on video. Blowing a kiss and by standards as he was hauled off to a hospital there for mental health evaluation. So I guess one of the questions I would have is we we always try to find out. Who radicalized. Muslims. -- you know again the you know that the moderate Muslim community will say you know that's not who we are blah blah blah. That somebody got to the brains of these people. And radicalize them. So. Is. There's there are a radicalization. Effort going on on the other side. Somebody who's or maybe even several organizations that are saying we need to ratchet up. Our offensives. Against the Muslim community. And think about that 7045701110. Quite often in the Muslim community day they don't always necessarily report. When they feel like they've been that. The victims. Of Islam phobia or or hate crime. Bill would be big then they say that they don't want to appear to be overly sensitive. So. Is this the beginning. Is just a one off sort of situations. Sony era here how you feel about this and also it's amazing. How. There's there was so much renunciation and announcements. About those the other attacks when the Muslims. Attacked. Caucasians and everybody else westerners in Britain. And there doesn't seem to be the same sort of condemnation. The condemnation is using your music. At least in the Twitter sphere against this particular act. Would you characterize it as terrorism. The definition of terrorism is an act of violence that's supposed to instill. Terror within a particular community. For a particular reason then I guess we would have to say yes. Your thoughts 704570111010. Tony it break him back and more with the news coming up funders 1110993. To. Agree to live from the Valentine center for chemistry studio. PUC 11109893. WET. Leading Charlotte's conversation. One of the greatest fears people have he's running out of money and retirement. Think that your situation for a second. Are you sure that won't happen TU and financial engines we believe that when you retire. You need to create a consistent sustainable income stream but what does that mean for you it means that by having your retirement distribution strategy in place. You can have income protection while also allowing you to participate in the growth of the market. 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On Sunday around 11:30 PM metro division officers responded to the 3900 block of freedom drives where they locate her to mail in the left lane. Medical personnel per ounce the mail dead at the scene as the result of his injuries. Awareness day today white SUV ran the red light on actually wrote. And turn left on the freedom drive the issue be then drove west on freedom drive instruct the pedestrian. The SUV was last seen driving south on I 85 the suspect vehicle a sudden be a Honda Pilot the vehicle we'll have damage on the front left and they fog lights and fog light housing. Will be missing. When McDowell WBT news. News 1110993. WBZ with traffic and weather together thanks to vote jingles famous chicken and biscuits here's Susan James thanks Chad no problems on the roadways right now really everything is running nearly even the inner states. But we got problems around the corner they're Kenneth Santana intersection. A man easement will grow little sticky one and idle while growth for eight weeks to build around about now you're going to be able to get the local businesses but you're not going to be able to get through that intersection they're not too many. Alternate routes in the areas of plan ahead. This is could be a big problem. Learn how an insurance covered come full near factories can reduce your pain call 888. I mean that's 880 feet need. Next updated 10459. Season James WBT Al. They can say for traffic scattered showers and thunderstorms here this afternoon ninety storm chances tonight blows at seventy scattered showers and storms for tomorrow high eighty more storms on Wednesday 87. Richard a wedding at the weather channel news 1110 Nadia died three WBT. And miraculous partly cloudy and 8879. Currently in uptown and in an attack that British Muslims say it was aimed directly at them a man plowed a van into a crowd of Muslim worshippers outside a North London mosque early. Today injuring ten people. London police are investigating it as a terrorist incident police said another man died at the scene although he was receiving first date at the time. And it wasn't clear if you Dieter Z as a result of the attack or of something else British prime minister Teresa make condemned the attack on innocent people. And declared that Britain would stop at nothing to defeat extremists out. Russia's defense ministry says it will treat US led coalition planes in Syria west of the Euphrates River as targets. After the US military shot down a Syrian air force jet on Sunday. Moscow has condemned the US downing of the jet after it dropped bombs near US partner forces. The Russian defence minister says in the statement that starting today. It will track all jets and drones of the US led coalition west to the Euphrates and treat them as targets. PW BT money watching Google is intensifying its campaigning gets online extremism. Saying it will put more resurgent a resources toward identifying and removing videos related to terrorism and hate groups. Google says that it will nearly double the number of independent experts that uses to flag problematic contest and expand its work with counter extremist groups. Help identify content that may be used to radicalize and recruit extremists. On Wall Street the Dow is up 110 points at 210049. Before the NASDAQ is ahead 76. This is brought you by hunters go forward and online at hunter's bill for dot com I'm Chad Bauer news 1110993. WB two. They gave us. We have a big celebration coming up June 28 through next week he Tony seventeen hall of fame inductees rock and ray Gooding. Hello every vote and in Charlotte's most beloved John Hancock to at the end 95. Anniversary celebration for the degree to in this week is your last chance senator. For for a shot to be invited to view the events to be historic on too vivid WBT dot com slash contest. For the opportunity to be there's going to be a lot of fun and and I am looking forward to it. Probably afforded Hancock. He's asked me to bring two boxes a Kleenex so I'll be standing by to to make sure that he has a chance to. Pullback the sniffles. So what we go to at a time rivers in London try to get an update on what's happening in late in London there the fends Burry park attack. Tell what else do we know what else in what the kind of information is sort of seep in out at this point. When you have lower hearing calls it unity and the fact that this town cannot be divided we're hearing now from the mayor. We're hearing that from the commissioner of police here eccentric Sandra. Well we know is that they 48 year old white male is in custody right now and he's facing if you will. Charges of attempted murder at least ten people known to be an injured. In this vehicle hopping over onto the sidewalk and running into a number of people who would just gotten they'd just gone out of the offense very park mosque there. Late at night twenty minutes past midnight that's when this happened. And one individual died as well on the scene now this individual is being treated. Four for a suspected heart attack at the time before this thing. All unfolded so well yes couple different components to this particular attack. Is dirty surprise news in London and UK that it is taken so long for an attack like this to happen in that. You know Islam phobia and they had the rise and anti Islamic sentiments there. Has been growing steadily for a long long time especially after the London Bridge attack here. Should move under some folks who were saying you know what this is retribution have you heard anything like that at all now Brett not rector Grisham lived up to people are saying look there's a there's a tiny minority. That would be classified as Islamic extremists and as you say. Tiny minority as Islamic folds. Just nearly you can probably put him in a couple of vans in in an area here twelve million people. But what would certainly would ice is mortal love to have is a tit for tat of people going back and forth. Kind of attack counterattack it Cedric Sandra hence the calls for for unity the bank that it's the large community will not be divided. And nobody wants to get into any kind of any attack counterattack situation here. Are there attempts were his. Just like like here where we've got left media we get right media all right media. Dade they have the various denominations there in the UK are the other far right. Press outlets trying to politicize this none none not nothing of that nature people being there comes this particular topic. People really are are pulling together thing back as well to Manchester. A city that. Had its own problem with say within with a bomber last month and yeah all all of the various political vapors from left to right. All Chiming in on the on the in the same theme of unity and move the fact that yes we got to stick together or otherwise weren't real real trouble you have done we haven't seen. A rash of attacks in the UK like this I don't think I ever have we. If I drink like this yeah Brad late seventies irate attacks okay certainly. But nothing like Vegas and everybody's got a warning for the past few years saying you know the new. But actually gonna come in the form of then have a name made ice is at that time without some Islamic extremists yes we're seeing that now. Being played out and then in this particular case some if you will. Extremists on the other side that are going after quote unquote Muslim. Targets. And again it's going to be a hot hot summer here all the police leave has really been. Cut canceled shut down at this stage. And it's it's going to be a tough time we'll see how this thing plays out but it's gonna be ruffled summer I think here in London yeah I Banda and I can't imagine that it's gonna take too long for. Somebody radicalized on the other side to say you know this it's our turn now it's our goal exactly exaggerated they got they got fodder. They can say it's our turn now and you're absolutely right and that's the worry that's the concern. Yeah actually. It's a sad time that we that we live in bits I guess we're just gonna have to unfortunate cunning he used to it because it seems to be the new norm. Well we're gonna roll acquitted this particular individual not known to the intelligence types. Some cases we've seen individuals have been known and for whatever reason dropped off the radar. Seems not to be the case this time around. Didn't have time rivers of ABC an update don't want evident London. And an unfortunate we've been saying that too often here lately you an update on what happened in London in light of the end of the recent tragedy with the fires. And somebody different attacks that we've had been involved in terror based just how would you characterize this one would you look at this one differently. Since we're not dealing with Muslims and radical Muslims that are attacking western culture it's the other way around. Do you can you justify calling it terrorism. Or resist some sort of justification. For what has been done to the western community and to get your take on this so maybe we've got some new bad guys. You know we had the shooting on the baseball field last week. By mental health issues but it looks like and I don't know that anybody could argue that there wasn't a certain amount of political motivation was going along with the bears home. We've got some new book he meant no way. It's not the Islamic terrorists. It's us. Or is it about time. 7045701110. Don't get your thoughts on that when we come back here it's 1040 now deuce 1110993. WB twos. Save us Susan so now where it feels another incident we don't know exactly what's happening here whether it was an intentional since. The terrorists in pairs they've cordoned cordoned off the shows at least today after a car hits the police say yes. Sandler and other drivers on the ground and conscious to not immediately clear right now they're nudge up and any conclusions as to whether or not this was accidental. Or if it was deliberate. But they're certainly on edge there in France they've been in a state of emergency. For quite awhile now. Workers went on that long goes so enormous was in April when the policeman was shot dead two is wounded. In an attack on nationalism reasoning and then of course there was fear of attack would. The hammer then it was so strange and again we're dealing with other situation that comes under the UK that prime minister their Teresa amazed condemning. As an attack on Muslims this incident were van. Hit worshippers leaving a London mosque Sarah you've called 704571110. And glad that you did here what is your what is your take on all of this. I'm I was within 2 PM recap our base big recap of what happened right before you know commercial and I'm I don't even think we should be active in. You know does her appearances. Is it do fiery attack at think all of them are awful I think the wanted to learn when they're off well I think or. Oh extreme and there's so marvelous though westerners are awful and I almost think we did it into this. On the platform have over one that just to justify why that happens and it should never be just the cut it shouldn't be just the not for 12. No I I agree with you that it shouldn't be justified but. There's this mentality that seems to be building up. In baseball if if a pitcher beans. Run the ball players. Then you'd you'd better believe that at some point in time. Hit the team they got beamed is going to take and retaliate at some point they're they're patient. We just had a situation where Mike and Kim Rupert Buster Posey you're no one of the Washington Nationals. Who led Bain. And it's who was payback from a year and a half ago or something like that so it seems like perhaps we might be running into a cycle. Of payback. And the Muslims have been very indiscriminate. In what they do to attack us and to attend western culture. And we've been kind of quiet on this side of the fence and I'm a little concerned. That what's gonna end up happening. Album that's sort of political although pentagon everybody's afraid to talk about it and lay the ball doesn't say you know what I did not multiculturalism. And all these influx. As somebody that's not. Integrating with the body moon and then work. But everybody's scared by that and then you have the two or three crazy guy on the fringes the putting that into this in their platform. And now look what what we're talking about. Yeah it would take over everything in social media. And evening you know I'm an impending you'll get into it today are Colin talk about it is just ridiculous that we should be there is. It's not an enormous should never a solution at that back or they opened the Paladin live and in the big city now narrow. If you haven't we get that way. Where did we get around is Illinois so many end it will not. There and our partners westerners to welcome welcome in our maybe our men they should go through life. Integration there I mean what. Wouldn't we talk about. What are we letting it build up to this to this point before we talk about and their rights and is their pro profile picture in order to benefit can't Ericsson. It called for unity. Will call for unity before happen. He. I guess one of the concerns that I have is that it might start to open the floodgate. Where you know we've we've heard this stories and we're we're told all the time here in the United States. That these acts of violence whether it's you know. Pictured violence such as the Kathy Griffin with the the president Trump's head. When worthy. The Julius Caesar play in the New York Central Park where it it you know it's just sensibly the assassination of president trump. We were told that those acts of violence then trigger other acts so violence. And depending on which side of the aisle that your daughter which side of the the insanity skill that your on because I think we can all agree is not your moderates that are doing this is the extremists on both hands. Maybe this is going to sort of emboldened. Some folks who were tired of just what you're talking about here. With the multi cultural isn't the the overrunning. Of western culture. You know there RD folks who just written wandered off. Saying you know what they let too many Muslims and and that's the problem and now you can't you can't put the genie back into the bottle once has been run out. Exactly yes it's nothing hearsay and more moderate phthalates but like. It seemed that Clinton carry out an attack there are okay like personal good people. And I say that loosely but they're no good people who consider themselves moderates that are gonna try to just but I yesterday. Explain that. Do you gonna do how how are they gonna justify the other thing well I mean somebody gets somebody had to get harder. Mo blow. Do in this for westerners. There are apparent to any anything they don't yet know I I really ugly rhetoric on line if you great Twitter if you read FaceBook. It's been dark cool how Williams. If you don't talk about each other and try to just the last. Not content what I was out of our own. I'm almost all of college team and and that's all I see and it's just so bad and so that the best thing Ordonez went up. Well it is but but when we look at acts like this then I think you can. You can sort of get rid of the of the idea that it's human to be comes in human. And becomes dehumanizing because each side is looking at the other. As less than human. Even as if they're animals mean how many times of her idea the Muslims describe as Nina described as animals. So yeah I'm feeling. Unfortunately this is gonna get ratcheted up on both sides. And you're right there are some I just got emails from folks that are saying you know what it is about time it's about time that white Americans and white at northern Europeans. Find Mac. Yeah. Not that way I worried that we need to stand up but. I think that's. I think that is for their calls that's gonna bet we're gonna prepare circle loved this team. They're gonna love that there were Fayette now wait or get out she Alec you get a if weak side or forum. I don't have to fight in the third set back glass and like how they're doing this for us. The hunt then there are folks who would say women don't take a knife to a gun fight and they're the ones with the guns and ruins within with a knife so therefore we're gonna end up losing. Sarah I appreciate you Cohen in here and hopefully. Calmer heads are gonna prevail unfortunately. That would most likely mean that the calm hedge. Or only on our side. What do we do about this is it time. Is it time to start fighting back and if so how do we do it do we fight back just by being steadfast. In condemning the actions of these folks. Sure do we also need to condemn folks who take. The actions and their own hands. Because I'd I do believe him and an ankle and I hope I'm wrong that there are going to be some folks who are completely emboldened by what they just saw Bruno here out. Jim Muslims it's about time we are getting him back when I get to rent a van. So it's it's a farm revenue Mbenga. Is there. Is there any less evil on either side. 70457. Or eleven test how do we begin to separate and our minds. The acts of violence. And the people who are perpetrating them. Is it really that important to put him in the categories. Or do we look for more together they're all bad guys now. Issues that now some of the bad guys. Look like Muslims. And some of the bad guys. Look just like the person you're standing next to in line at CBS. You just are not. Certain 704571110. Is far as what happened in London. The van came around. There was there was somebody who was having a hard issue and they were they were on the ground. And the folks around him trying to it to give them some assistance and then all of a sudden bam here comes. Every guzzlers and you'll. That Giuliani and Arnold on him the message from the mess that was long gone. I mean if she can not just one development. And Libby were gathered around him he gives you go off oxygen came off an indoor lost my UPI UK on the I'm there was not cut six you know it's okay tries to help. Then he left was no indication would know even better suddenly just denigrated and it's. People. I'm one of them you want under the bond you look on the there on the bond. GT auctioning it. Ivanov it's. I'm under the the guy who was under the under the seriously injured. It's really took the whole mood of the non. The guys are able to go. The guy like this and. It's. So let's go to jolt modules called 704571110. Hi you're on WB 2 good morning. So what's on your mind how to how does this how does this pitcher how to use as well. The Big Ten were concerned more concerned that are there that wonderment. When they're in a problem attack. And and mainland an hour or whoever the world there were never here and in doing so in the Muslim mosque condemn and so don't send news that it just and you offense against what happened when they're pretty sure he's speaking out about four. Arquette he's attacker were not doing it. That's not true. When they just had the last attack. On the bridge. There was a huge organization of Muslims that came out and condemned it then to the point where even the religious leaders via moms. Wouldn't give these attackers. The Muslim burial in whatever form that takes I don't know exactly how that works out but they just they just decided move another move that around so. When we go from here bad guys both sides is her justification for these actions 7045701110. This is news 11109893. W BT and here's another said not that afraid of every team we are waiting to see if indeed is gonna happen. There's some discussion. Since joining after the the president is going to. Talk about your Russian investigation. Told us that indeed does happen of course we will carry an unusual dot. Another update on another story is going up. It looks as is if there's a. Attack on the police in in Paris Charles elysees and they do have a person on the ground unconscious we don't know immediately as of right now. Who this person was what the motivation was behind it. There's still. Some question as to whether or not the man is dead. And apparently he was armed those are the details that we have right now. So via London attack. We are looking at. Allegedly it's a white man 48 years old who ran over these folks that we're coming out of the mosque in the world they're. Not in the middle of the night Caroline you joined us here on WB 2704571110. Where are you on this. Well I think that it's absolutely horrible bloodied and of course. You know and the fact that anyone would say the first justified because of the crimes perpetrated on us I must fund our. Whatever their argument may be different tire and it's nothing sort of Clara and what concerns Seymour is fifty tax increases and I'm. I should be. We used to fight a different because we're all having trouble doing that are gonna have to be diverted to fight radical wanna have that I. That's an interest in fraught. It's it's not just people and and hated them surging and a resources that's an interest in take on things here. Well I think that. You know the bottom line is that it takes money and resources to fight Tyson and you know they're coming out of on every front and now we start having homegrown terrorists on the other side and we have to look at I'm just as seriously can't. He can't got to find my other car with another active partner at its absolute insanity. Com are the tables. So turned against us in this situation that it's going to be hard to dig out and and and as I say that it's. There's there's the Muslim world in the Middle East and and countries in Africa nation that are predominately Muslim where there there are very few westerners who were there. To. Potentially cause any terror over there it's only the other way around where we have allowed. The the multi cultural listened. To take over here and a M and in in Europe I mean it's it's much different so much higher percentage. Of a foreigners that are there now so the opportunity for them to take advantage of that in the numbers. Is what we're striking. If you know what I mean so. I I do here. That we have their work last. The position we're in all I mean all of these people are here or they are there and increasing the Eddie cutting her any additional. Foreigners coming into the country is essential but also. Going back and vetting every one issues here are not yet it for the sun there's only so much that I you can do it. No I agree and without. Taking preemptive action which I think being you know there's lot of folks who who think that we should. But I think. The general consensus is no we can't we can't leap before we actually look. So it Carolina any final thoughts. Know a lot of prayer yeah I yeah I think it's it is a time for that appreciate your call 704. 5701110. What if we do you start hearing people who say this is justified. What if we start to see more. I guess I mean I guess retaliation is what I would call it retribution. A tit for tat. What would we do. If there becomes a large ground swell of support. For people. Who were taken this particular action because you know there's a large group of people who would say yes you know what dammit it's about time good for them. You know I wish we didn't have to do it but damn it good for them. And then. Will we have to be concerned where is. The opposite. Radicalization. Or he would it even really be radicalization would've just been justification. There's just defense. I don't know that anybody would disagree that if somebody punches you you got a right to defend yourself. So would this be considered defense. Or would it actually be moving into the world of offense and then we are terrorists as well. So there for. 5701110. Fred hi there your WBT. Good morning. Good morning Fred. I don't I'm not given it everything got tell you how can you help us out here today the oil that's got to. You know. What goes around comes around. But. There's no. The justification to do about a killer of anybody else. But people like Pelosi. And these other. The Specter. Show about a proven that there who. Absolutely keep totally true I mean today the heat policy nobody really upset. It seems to be about. Beckett they can stay inside and that there won't carry. Dead but come out there in the position that they are they act they're that the media. I put my battle actually about it well polo. Military so. It didn't think they're tablets to throw out. Little bill wow. People. Pay the brush. Or are you better believe it Brett if you get ahead of me through the break it like to continue the conversation view if you like join in 704570. Elevenths. All you can take on this here. If we become radicalized and go back and take retribution out and get our pound of flesh from the Muslims. Always that is them. Or are we just finally stiffened up for your calls coming up on WB two. 11:17 am hi there Scott FitzGerald. So we had via the van driving over the Muslims in London. Now we just had a situation in Paris where there's somebody was trying to run of Korea mobile police unit. Amanda person in custody as of right now give institutions we have them so the situation. In London where we've been dealing with. Muslim or Islamic terrorism and terrorist for a long long time here. And there's been very little push back against the Muslims. Have been isolated incidents we're somebody's been harassed at setter but there hasn't banned. A series of attacks against the Muslims specifically so are we beginning to see. Perhaps the tide turn. Announces just one. But somebody's gonna go while you know what that was a good idea that guy did the right thing and I'm willing to make a stand and take a stand to Fred you still weather's. Glad you are finisher of unfinished thoughts you know much. He's still there. Credit we losing here. We did we just lost for it which is too bad because Zia he waited on line for a long time optional. 2704570. Elevenths had how would you feel if we did all of a sudden start to have her. A rash Shura movement of folks westerners that we're going after the Muslims would it be. Would it be easier for you to not condemn them. So put that around would be harder for you to to condemn that sort of behavior. Because. It's about time for the Muslims to get their own Scott your take. Yes sir I'm outbreak is just. People just got pushed to the point. They can't take any bank can they take it anymore. And I heard you talking about the baseball. You know bets. This is apples and oranges compared to bat solar of course of course there don't bite ballplayers don't forget not just not ready to play baseball. Must still serve can't forget it got to hit mate to accommodate. And has been 3040 years ago but. People just didn't shares to the point. That is Arturo by and it's got a break on these dates and people just aren't did slap I'm done with. You know end. Al more though thank at this stage. We K take it anymore but columns they say if they can't come part of they have to kill us that's what it says in the Korean. And bad is she is. Brawl. So. Based upon what you know about this this driver in the van this white guy this 48 year old that that mode down. BO Muslims coming out of their their mosque there. Is he justified in his actions. Fought out hard you know it up Baylor health problem. But yes sir. He must OK. Stats just my personal opinion and you know everybody's got their own opinion machine yes I do think that. But it goes the cut. Individual opinions. People become groups who have a similar opinion and then. Well we you know we are open purse to that point. Do you have to defend yourself. No matter what and people not defend themselves. And you know this is now page does starts stable just you know all it's just a little luck slate is this we're not done it's. Groups people. Just saying I'm done. You know I'm I'm I'm almost at that point -- they'll just say you know. I don't go out of the woods and you know disconnect everybody in you know that they hit. I'm glad to have faith in humanity do we can come true. Good two people get to that Paul woody just says no we we've given them their chance. And they won't accept those they can come over here and they want to assimilate. You know that's what article. I'll and everybody coming down Al. Everybody. Wanted to be Americans now they're coming over they don't wanna be American and live their own country and they left their place more reasons. That would make it out here they will too might just like they left. No I understand Scudder and to bring her some good points here but are we. Are we reaching a scary point in our own psyches. If Mike Scott just said that we're tired of it and he can almost. You justification court 704571110. Bob hi you're on WB team. I think predicament got color got a little bit. Yeah I'd RJR are we just remind you about our heart complications due earlier already I mean. Month ago about fungible terms about everybody thinks they have certain nobody say that brighter. Are you know those those terms that I can get. Totally put a blanket over every once you know and and it's just not true you know we live in a society where. Vigilante has come right down our site. You know when somebody takes a law on their own hands are appropriate binge in their own and art but despite the great bear Patrick. And I feel I feel very very. Fortunate. All the time that we are live in America I mean I'm so grateful. That I where I'm part of 3% of the world's population that lives grated or. If by our. Political Debra says America bite politics I'm still grateful that lit and country. And now. I just don't think they're they're Burke added the good public. If you run over my children who are doctor Jill. You know that you're not that you're not a very good all of. Maya I understand that and and I agree with you on that but. I'm starting to believe that the frustration level the the disgust level. Is going to start driving more and more people to say yeah you know what I am going to be a vigilante I am gonna take things in my own hands. If they're gonna make a statement if they're gonna take this out and they're willing to die fort. There were gonna find some folks who might be willing to die forward on the other side here and how how do we handle that if it happens within our society within quote western civilization. I'm always you know are always been up against the death penalty but let somebody hurt my daughter I might wanna kill them. You know and so. You know I'm kind of wish you watch you gonna come could come that back I'm pretty you know it's at all it's it's all. You know unicorn to rainbow until somebody until they will become the first. Knowing that I do not know I understand that. What if it were personal and it was a a Muslim terrorist attack. Let's say. Your stand in front of the mall and you see a van. Most folks down and they get out of the van and it turns out that there Muslim terrorists and they got knives. Would you take him out right there on the spot. I mean I had a I had a concealed carry hub and and they were killing people. Yeah I think I would do my best that served eight years smarmy know a lot of people weapon armed. Art I believe that I would be defending the lives of others if they were. Shooting people down right so it's very important at at this same core coming the other point is that that I get what you randomly get nothing can go. Mow people down because Bob -- remote. Via no I understand but the only difference in that scenario that I just explained and what happened in London when they mowed over all these people. The only difference this time so at that moment sure take them out kill him then. What about getting ahead of the time and that seemed to be perhaps we still don't know the details of what this 48 year old guy dead. Was it was either payback gory preemptive strike on his part so putting. They need. To make some sort of action some sort of statement came before. Allowing it to happen again hi run your own WB two you know aria. All are certain given it a try for Monday. My just like one point. About all this situation I don't agree that anyone should Diane necessarily. It is that you case. But I would like to make a point that this so call up peaceful Muslim community that has never helped. Never say they think they never done anything except sit back and watch. They might wanna take this is a wake up call that maybe they made the patient a little bit and not. And help this up about these so called radical Muslims. And if they don't there is no mystery thing is this so called radical Muslim they are just those who haven't done anything yet. And that's that's just my take on the. No I I hear your rough so let's turn the tables around all right so that you know we're got fear in Americans. And we know somebody. Who. But let's take it like Kia proper to the extreme yeah where they believe all hell's gonna break loose and they got their bunker and had to go and they in the M sixteens and and plenty of ammunition. And you kinda get the feeling that they're ready to go on the offensive. How would you approach some doing that because they're scary people. I'm sure there are body you know at some point. You've got to make a stand and like I'm I'm trying to make the point that this so called. Peaceful Muslims late to make their stand. And I think that a Mike. Quite a difference in income of what but the rest of the world's. This please and their opinions. The so called peaceful Muslims are right but right now I don't think they're doing themselves a lot of harm and I hate to say it but that. What just happened maybe it's a wake up call. I don't think it was a ride that. That maybe that he and there will be some good come Adams. Could create again I think via the differences. In the numbers. I know there's a lot of people who are frustrated pissed off an angry about what has been happening to. To those who are the enemies of the Muslims but they haven't for the most part gotten to the point where they're willing to take action. So how do we react wind power and power people start to take action sees it different. Are we the bad guys. Or are we the good guys in there the bad guys. It's uninteresting brain. And bring him to play here. But mission to get your first and the other side your calls coming up 7045701110. WB two pieces from. Who say they're gonna he's not as an 1134 don't don't go back into its. Sergio 1134 this just stand beef Shaw's Elysee cars that we've been talking about. Contain explosives. Maya so they were to do something here. Other driver is dead. As far as who the driver is what they're all about who we know where they're from what they're like we don't know just as of yet so. And wanton attack different this time around. The driver hits a crowd outside of a mosque and didn't kill anybody as a result of the driving there was somebody who who had a heart attack. And they were attending to be a heart attack victim that's when the man now decided to do its thing or the Persian decided to do their thing with the event. So that was the only death in that particular situation. So are we gonna seed. A turnaround here is is are we gonna see western civilization. Stand up. And start to to do the same sort of saying to the Muslim community that we've had done to us Mitch higher end of you be too good morning. I just got there I dug a pretty I'm setting Ballard from march kind of an either ebitda host poor rush sometime. One point Betty keep stressing it that way and wanted a large issue in society they're really important going on. He says that if I reasonable leader well talk about it for a traffic. They need to make it unreasonable leaders again are talking about it and they're gonna aggressive but I think typically panic blatantly got Donald Trump. If we had that side not in laying out a about the order or immigration. And that happy people but earth summit or that you didn't know about it. But they got an app that no one thought about Butler and killing non verbal. I mean they'll talk about it and all white candle. But really doing anything can concrete about it that's hard to track people at a. So what happened here in London would this guy the alleged. You know forty year old white guy is still the report there were being given but bounced just stall allegations. It is this somebody who's who's doing just what your sand and all the senses the reasonable people are doing enough about of the ones who are unreasonable search and commanders in their own hands. Well yeah I mean dot com what do you like this guy probably growing up in the UK. From what from what I've read there's quite a key part of the UK that it become you know over it get it 2% Islamic. And this guy probably indicate girl in it completely different country. And yeah I'm certain that they to the breaking point and seeing you know women at TP gab and hearing that downed and the amount. You know in his get a little England. Probably Kurt and did not I mean are probably about eighteen at Austin. In Charlie you know we're overrun by Muslim. And here in the call to prayer seemed until people. You know that they that it just the by the but apparently they're leaders in the UK has tried to get ignored it and just go on to get along and I don't think a lot of people they're happy with it. And if you heard somebody that you knew. Had a conversation was somebody's saying hey you know this is what I wanted to do you know I'm tired of it. And I'm gonna go take me some Muslims out so that they understand that we're not escalate down here and die. How would you react to that or what you do about it. No I put a stop to it earth orbit because and a strong believer and the F second I'm. Amendment and a member of the NRA and I know that the media is looking for any. Yeah American white guys Ian going nuts. Let a guy and the commemorate NRA to try to. Bring it down to get that appear so accreditation for her gun rights and the respectability and Arianna turn somebody in it's still a bad on the. But percent interest in take on things here but I think we're gonna be seen in situations more often I hope not but more often where somebody does. Go ahead and taking unreasonable Ralph it's gonna add hi Ed you called 7045701110. Am glad that you did hi you're on WBT. Yeah. But no thank you see about eight months ago and you talk about the Iraq War mean there's been very thing. I thought remember earlier. We get the Americans longer deal through their in their current food. Now almost doesn't wanna be here if we would they don't they are. If you're in Afghanistan is anymore. Effect. Their own countries that want to be over here. I don't know about it. Yeah look at that look at the stats hello you know Iraq and Afghanistan and we had to list the tag for the year and you need say unity and our allies. Because they kind of relive it in Iraq and Afghanistan. They had no time the burden of their sales up when we hear that notice nowadays. I understand the point you're making is that the the folks who would do us harm it now. We're busy trying to stave off the Americans in the brits and everybody that was involved in the war. Yeah they can you have both of them it. The movie good bad good bad out in an umbrella group. But now I don't think it's. A cartel. You kind of you got a break and have been on the if you're hold your phone away from them out there would. Probably want. There were losing yet unfortunately. Is intra interest in Florida and that's. Another Abby where's it. To send our kids put them in harm's way and it looks like we're going to be doing it again and Afghanistan here probably in the not too distant future. If that's enough to nailed down the bad guys should that they stayed there. To try to destroy us on the ground there as opposed to come into to our homelands. What he what is your take and all this 70457011. Tennis and about time. There's somebody went down this road. We'll hear from you break him back this is his eleventh two night event freedom DBT cool thank you much that means they'll hear from Josh thank you for senator. Sure protesters and demonstrating against the terror. Had a Muslims march on June 17 Cologne Germany. They said they were expecting 101000 to show up for this peace march. And apparently just couple hundreds of most showed up organizers hope that an event featuring slogans like together against terror and terror and hatred makes the earth hell. Would galvanized these so called peaceful Muslims that we've Albany where Napoleon so much about. They are afraid to show up because of the radicalized Muslims would do they Wear. I take pictures with a high resolution cameras and instruction or not. Took 745701110. Balance the London attack this time allegedly a westerner. The forty year old white guy Mullen now on the Muslim groups isn't about time or do we need to condemn this. I mean it's. What less to say that he's not a Muslim itself and rattle our mark on a soft they'll be like saying that. All black men white liked fried chicken or all white main campaign it's you know from. Where stereotyping because he had a white man he's not a marked. But there's no way you can tell that by just looking of course. I don't know that I would call that a stereotype. So I don't think we're stereotyping. I may be more that her we're making an assumption about white people they're not Muslims but you you bring up a good point so. What if it is a Muslim. Am I have a hard time imagining that a Muslim would do this to other Muslims. Well absolutely I mean you look at bumps in the country artists that say go against. Broad client Muslims will kill other Muslims in a state do not believe where that we sure. Are Sunnis and Shiites you look at that the and we are seeing cheer or they're both Muslims are killing one another. There's history over he can't say able. Christian member told Christian or Muslim member told Muslims. Because. We all get our own. Ideas put into it you know now fallible human beings that don't know everything. And we put our own opinions than and we. Start on serving so we have to do well. Yeah I think that's always the case we. Our brains. Are meant to fill in the blanks you know boom we look at things in and in our brain. Can only see so much in process so much so we sort of fill in the blanks and I think we do that with culture we do that would decision making. You know and and you're right there are Muslims gone after Muslims right now Iran. Is warm morning nicest. That would they just launched a missile against him by the way the degree more launches of the country's securities violated they launched these missiles because ice has attacked. The other parliament building there around so yes it goes on. And and I don't know that anybody here heard really complains that that happens. I think we wish to be more of it and I know that in the past a lot of the international strategy. Has kind of band to set one sect against another. So that they're so busy killing each other that they don't come after us and in some instances it works the tour and other instances as does not. I think that's part of what's gone on with the we had the movement and the alliance strip strengthening with Saudi Arabia. Trying to create this regional. Almost Oriole. You know oil cartel. To learn to counter against Iran you know. I salute their home. Not thanks for Terry McCall did not listened sealock well. I am absolutely do it again any time and thank you for listen I appreciate very much you know today. It would be nice to go back to the good old days. Byrd is just Muslims killing Muslims. As opposed to and kill us but really it's what is your take. Do we need to look at people like this guy this forty year old. He allegedly is a white guy. Do we need to start looking at him as as a new kind of bad guy. Same thing when it came to. Hunch concern. Is that a new kind of bad guy. It was interest in Bill Maher. On Friday night. There's waxing poetic and he said you know we wouldn't expect this from the liberals we expected this from the the far right. So that got turned on its head up. So 704571110. If you had to like to join in the conversation we're going to be hearing a lot more today. About B obstruction of justice situation the other trump attorneys were were very very busy over the weekend. And including. The president's lawyer making the rounds today was it pains to correct the record about a presidential tweet. That appeared to confirm he's facing an obstruction of justice investigation. After his decision to fire FBI director James told me the president is not and has not. Position how do you now because we've received no notice an investigation and yet Trump's own tweet would seem to suggest otherwise quote. I'm being investigated for firing the FBI director. By the man who told me to fire the FBI director which shot today Trump's lawyer appeared to be unable to clear up the confusion and. And now he's being investigated. By the Department of Justice you've now said that he has being investigated app designed that you know you've you've just salaries are being an amazing interview just sad that he's being investigated why do not appreciate you putting words in my mouth when I mean crystal clear that the president is not and has not been under investigation I don't think I can be any clearer manner what you don't know that he's not under investigation again served as an and you know I cannot read the money you're right Chris I can't remind us about how well we're in agreement. Mean. I know I I heard. Investigation and then not under investigation sued to go both ways. And there's still trying to sort all that out I mean the other Talking Heads are all get together trying to figure out he what you want really is it. I guess most folks would say though that that Mohler and his team. They're probably looking into the president. We have we have a tragedy. On our hands. Here in the United States and it's not just one community. It's all over the place but. Sarah reams. I don't know where she. Eastern North Carolina. To just sixteen years old just gutter commercial fishing license. Learn to make meatloaf for her mom. And she was the victim they're saying a homicide. Not your typical homicide she was one of three people who died of open UA overdoses in the eastern North Carolina over the last month. Two state prosecutors decided independently to treat these cases differently than usual drug case is they charged the suspected drug dealers with murder. And this is change in law enforcement. And their needs to be a big change in law enforcement because we are losing people. Left and right. I live in Dayton Ohio for awhile went to the British station up there years and years and go. And that the there was a pretty rampant drug problem. Do you not believe how much worse it's gotten. Seal around here. He's in you have a nickname for this street I'm more of having Morgan avenue is not mortgage loans more which has feline and what else than night time news. Really well that could always tell stand up for just about a five years and the last five years this. Guy and I'm real. I mean within 47 minutes there was already nine deaths and 47 minutes hours and only straight people or nine from what this. Turns. He made it county passed last year's number of deaths. And officials estimate this year's total will be double that. Every mile represents. The summit is that correct so this is what you call it core this is our school remain cool wind and the bodies are all around us coming here. Come over the last pride 24 to 48 hours. And it every every day byes inside my career for at least these traits of most of people like what's the percentage of I'm in my scenario right now that are forward as best friend. Carolina fans we're averaging 6070%. Of our cases our overdoses and we're estimating that about 2000 overdoses this year. If that continues that's about 101000 for the save more. Amazing. So it herb. In an amazing development. They're they're guessing about 800 people are gonna die. In that Tony by the end of the year. There's a number one county for deaths. From appeal aids. In the country. I have to imagine is going to be more did that woman say they were like 47. No there was. The ridiculous number of people that that overdosed within 47 minutes he is is what it was. On that particular street. Which is in a rough rough part of town. Just been amazes me and nothing has been done. Very little has been done. To combat this and 47 minutes it was already nine deaths 47 minutes nine people so we must all scored the same stuff. And they're blaming it all for a lot of it on fentanyl. Which. I can't remember I think it's there's and it's a thousand times maybe 101000 times more powerful than than heroin. Who are maybe it's morphine one of those and gives you don't take much. To just taking over the edge and and pushing on over to. To the other side and 101000 people. Died last year in Ohio as a result of this. 101000 overdoses. Which is if you is more than all of the OP you had overdoses related deaths. Recorded. In all of America. In 1990. It's pretty staggering if you think about that in 1990 there were less than 101000 overdoses now. 101000 overdoses in Ohio views directly to be the number again. If those were attacks by an extremist religious group. Like we've been talking about and when we meet all over that we would be all over that I had that thought earlier today as I was looking at this story it's like. You we think the terrorists are number one thing to be afraid of no it's ourselves. And it's it's. This. And and I don't believe for the most part of this addiction is something that anybody want to introduce same with their eyes open look you know what this is how I want a party this is how I wanna have fun. This is my hobby. And I don't read magazines. I'm not gonna build. Model airplanes. Thomas do mission drugs and my choice is new video viewers incentive to. A lot of them are getting grabbed by the bright. And that wasn't at all where they thought they were gone just because of accidents and and injuries and try to stave off pain unfortunately. We'll talk about this more on the try to get on get a hold of me. Montgomery County coroner tomorrow. Are we concerned if this in the book thanks for your time seeing it tomorrow till then I wish you lose guys agree like six years.