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Sunday, June 18th

On this Sunday’s episode of “At Home with Roby”, Trent and Patrick are joined by fellow home builder, Clark Stewart of Eastwood Homes.  Clark’s father, “Big Joe”, founded the company in 1977 in Gaston County.  Today, they are a Charlotte staple and can also be found in Raleigh and the Triad, Charleston, Greenville and Columbia, SC and Richmond, VA.  Tune in to learn more about the history of the business, how Clark got started in the company during his infancy, and tidbits from Clark and Trent’s hunting adventures.   


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This morning welcome to at home with a with Brody contact with past president of ruby electric along with the pace and president and CEO of the ruby family companies. Can today's Father's Day. And his followers say he's great day to all the dads out there listening now he needs at home through the united him on Sundays Dunleavy senior we are so so that you know we would. Courted early in the weeks and result workday is a weak today yup and and my kids are out of school kids in the school last Friday so. Kids are out of school so I go and kiss my girls got to to my girls were in embed in Slaton. With my wife in the bed this morning and in and and my dear row row whose mom little girl. It's kind of a lakers are used to get up early and I kisser is she says we're going as the main actually got a good work. This has you don't have school last bedding and Eddie gotta worry that in. Are there my neighbor to tell me this story CU and heard her son went to kindergarten for the first time after the first week his talent top man mom's Honda I have to go to school for. He's lights on at this point you just got to forget PT a plan and you know a college. The other 88 Dick about it media is that this summer's vacations were awesome I'm in that class is school is the greatest day on earth. Everybody's happy and relays excited. Is infinitely more coming got a high school and used her. He would do the papers everywhere in the insists euphoric so Selassie brought a must sister came in the town much Mott children's hands she lives and I guess she's in the our daughter. Since she came in the town in and I think they got out of school half a day you don't fry their last day of school now in the care wins I mean really at all for Mikey is my little boy. Reagan in and Taylor. And take take the car and take today and then went Saturday we were on the boat coming coming life is good to be a kid on the river and moving investment boomer accounting Bora where there were rumors so. It is assassins whose pictures on FaceBook can mean at the look on his kid's face is just priceless stones so happy. In a really loved sister I mean Taylor piquant. We you know I live beside my Momcilo. So so so Sunday I had a go route. Actually. Have my garage doors when in the day and had to give this some boards up so they can mount the brackets on the rug right out when did most cellphones Sunday. And error I read that Everett the house and must sister sends me. A video. Look. Like a six foot long snake you run across my mom's meant little in the backyard. And you can hear the kids down about dot swim and not buy dot sued and won one dollar over yet you can chairman and background chime in and this is of huge snake it was kind of beautiful little slip there and across the dollar. And and I had a I had a Popper one moment and a passive takes it back and so why you messing with that little snake. This is so Monday analysts say it would have said that was his his humor and she sees he lapped the CN LOL analogous to work. The united. Asset about five years ago I would never takes that my whole entire life and announce often Mandela oil Al my guys indeed be your own amenities now aren't all I love the mode he's on the old guy right side just make all these funny faces and though an American flag and everything I do. Sit sit sit god bless America everything that we say they were never gonna it is always invest in right now. Seriously I think our quit saying that I'm they had word that Adam McKay builders but that I'm with TM Everly. It mean I'm I'm we had arisen arranged sales calls sweetened yesterday at entities that the player in forum it was fun with danger writer. Our newest sales guy and that the last call this child without a flip senate solid dead in amounts that he had yet don't have Smartphone I'm never didn't want. I'm like it for you I bet he does because they're gonna flip phones are going to be golf emea obsolete I don't have a flame mango phone let's say it was it was just kind of it was it was it was cool they had that on this guy was such a nice guy and it was a really cool client. He came as a referral from from a couple different people. And you don't see flip phones in the. I had to go a little too right he's got a show to that. My title SS how we wrote I'll take hereby makes on a meek is a break funds under going out of style. And I'm looking at Mark Bowden and I got this phone so my last and I think average keep him off things about four months I date but three phones a year. And you don't think the crappy thing about it is pantries every delay more confidently say it's I don't know I have an insurance plans that Nicholson a little bit. But the crappy thing about Myanmar and is right when I get out and every channel in the first week break. And ease of broken broken phone for the next four months until it completely falls apart nineteen and he goes bonkers. Some look at them unbroken by and I got this phone brand new about. For three weeks ago in the first day I had ascended. And the Clark cannot Karzai against Clark Stewart he's little and my very best friends went out of town together and that night I broke off I don't know looking in my broken by. Thank you Alice hill people idol did not want to be reincarnated nutrients found. What everybody's like coach you have the courage who who would choose to look at the global. Well I don't light cases because I sort of pulled the phone animal pocket in quite frankly. The phone I used temporarily was like and often too. And it was a little bit smaller and air miles making fun of how I was used in this antique phone and like a flip idea but I didn't dropping because of a little hands and then I get to south five or six or whatever it is. And I drop because I got little baby cain's. And I Galley cited. You know so well it's all right it is that they he had the insurance policy does anybody from its ethic yet her eyes and insurance plan listen and he ciskei Nadal has broken fans don't research that and you mentioned Clark did just a second is that we about a minute left let's talk about Clark Campbell wanna talk about next couple Simmons. One quick story so. When I was gonna make my house and I seven Monday and was not super and I couldn't leaking of medicine badly stated early commitment letter itself like a homeland suck come home and none happened Reagan's Vietnam in Reagan's pregnant with the first sounds he's all being pregnant and nothing had happened and taking off and I'm in backyard sling it down with the food and rip ran. In my kids turned to look Danny he said man you fired up or she. It is like a kid a kid duty states that that's a good phone story in the I'm embarrassed that I did them a fun and I've been not as I do not the most fun and let's get incorporated Daniel pot that is great as a Clark Stoller. Family business second generation he slid home have been in business for forty years a wonderful wonderful success story. For for the Charlotte area. There's logo was bill with care and and he'll be join in the so police say ten nothing is going to be one of our bench has never. We stay tuned Patrick onto it and I can listen now homeless Roby thanks for joining us will be right back. Good morning welcome back at home yeah. Passing from revealing require cookies and from eroding family of companies we or your hosts. We have a close friend years in this DO Clark Stewart Clint Eastwood homes. A fellow industry titan. Petty and how to get tightened. Up. We dug this hole. Miller did as we RT I thought I turn of the articles presented itself go a like a football thing yeah from Tennessee remember it's not a we take Clark got a pretty get on the first segment I mean yeah as I say I say this all the time Clark is the one -- very dearest best friends in the world and you know are working this is funny he's a fellow builder. Doesn't doesn't differ and a different niche and home building industry and what we do about. But he's done really well family business and and that's on the hang out with him because we with. Yeah we tell the same shop like it or we can you talks and shuffling was he would like to get in the same kind of trouble. Clark lives down the river from Bhutan and the lane and you abuse it via the five rules of plumbing with the I was thinking ankle continued it was it was the advice for debt. Right. We can't talk about the same kind of stuff and we really peanuts don't cut offense and you know obviously we would all of it in and that's the best part about it. Is it that the industry's been really did all of us and it's as some cool that you're here to share. Indeed there's such thing we talk but I don't think I mean Trent mentioned here you're you're not competitor of ours that I think the people they do things the right way to insure we ought to stick together. Absolutely absolutely I mean the funny thing about Clark is weeks he would Chapel Hill. Well in order I think we're the same year you're coming your older and you can think you don't want your own you know want. Yeah get some 2000. We met up there had no clue who he was there anything vice verse on street and hand uniquely do Paulus. And nearly nearly come home and we worked in Charlotte we grow our business is we do whatever. And about five years ago. Bobby danger 101 of our friends that there was both there are. Friends with put this together and in court. Join mock PO that I mean young president's organization. And we've been in the same forum for what about for years now. Lead on the on the U new kid man volume two years well I only know him anymore. Out here but now we talk about. We just really complain a lot of things in it and I really had a good time out there that's so we did. We crowd together you know what let me ended. Up with. You narrow. I thought about my dad's Popper or on you know on the show a lot awesome a couple of years ago. And Alice fortune off a couple of years ago to meet in big does what's up calling upon try Jeff Elliott and it's a Clark's Clark's got a great relation with his father and his family business and big jazz who started a business right forty years ago bought two lockers down and your history I think it's so cool dads and that it really is pretty cool story. My mother and follow other originally from top Rutherford county. Right around the area. Cliff side and here's North Carolina and they met in high school and I went to college after that. And I got married right after college and my mother. She got a job with the agriculture extension service guest account. Damon to guest counts. And my father was a teacher asked college he did that for a long time there. And Tom. On what he did was he was teacher. But he isn't he he's farm boy do. And until a lot and I hit yesterday. And he's he's already Getty's as dirty so he was gonna went into the wheat straw business. So. One of our neighbors that we had at the time he went over truck sales and we strokes geographic expert. Who was with the itself would realty that got apartments from Baltimore and a New Orleans nowadays. And nom. Com. They'd really had a great relationship you know in my mother was the one that. You know she's the rule out going on and I think and there were real cool family. And I do illness it was. A little story here is such a good relationship that my mother hates cats a guy. So of course threat experts would they do they have to named their cat after my mother my. It so anyway and Jim rash for saw how hard my father was working you said hey you know we need to go into via home building business and that's where it all started right there and ghastly count except. I'm not just accounting board. And non. So wet when. A forty years old forty years forty years ago when your dad found a business in 1970s and 1977. And you obviously grew up in the business that's all I'm very similar to that very similar to me dig and dig in and selling and tuba for I'm not allied to tell the story and it's a true story and you know back in the beginning. Com. My mother with clean off houses once they're finished so you she's take me as well put yeah me in the dishwasher bucks. The couple toys in there should clean houses sixty let them tell that story that you go to jail for doing that these you have these days. I'm feeling among easily mean the car washing go get a pack of cigarettes. You know autos I ran out of gas stations yeah. I just remember my dad every night he'd stopping gay gas and a pack of smokes his service history bureau will symbol of Lauren offer. Oh still creek road right there. And every night and meanest mom memories some might come out on assailants and gold jewelry it was late. And he had hustled effort when he and say that I say yeah I am hitting the it was his away given above dollars or so laden understand blows a Little League is in crappy old T gold saying it's a. And senate and he's teaching me you know yeah it's a day he had got a spot also promise of this with those those photos were closed wasn't always called Eastwood homes in the last forty years is that in. How would you be out of that name come about. Well Jean dress for had a company called south and at a time kind some he's the one that actually named the company. So in my father's I don't know what I'm a Clinton and yet named Jean uses I don't know we're room. We got some Watson the east part of guest Sonia. Here in the woods. So certain facilities to carry it out and play any sort and they come out it's got nothing you down luckily any slower and gotten up and it was a serious serious logo is built with care. Yes logo with care that best of yeah and we develop that you know I don't know three years ago and really that really epitomize this kind of what we do and eat the people that we work with you know I mean everything. That we do we just. Just like you guys you know we don't slowing up houses or anything every every home that we built for people. There's an owner that that's part of their identity so one thing that we do. Is on. From the people tour some contractors. To the product that we put in everything that we touches deal with care and we try to do the right way. And on we do a lot of serve Swedish erased or subcontractor store employees. To our top customers of course one of the common things that always came up was hey you know they they really did care about Mason we thought what a great. You know tagline but an iron and it really sums up. Who we are who we try to be Wallace they are slow go is making home. So it kind of vary vary very similar to you sit we'd all sling on else's we've built homes police and people and they live in a Minnesotan is where I am I try and. Ethan Allen in ousting the same thing that it overcomes kept resonating in my mind when you were saying that and it is somebody's hand sensor light sensor light it is their biggest investment. It's really kids are gonna grow whether pets are going to be born in the whole deal I mean it's if that's that's it's their life. The nets that we specialize in. Which is very cool and anti that's the cool part about our industry we talk about the industrialised. This illegal we're handling in that we are intimately involved with people's eyes fill their house is preparing to house fixing their hands. And to become almost like family try and we tell us the relief and it companies Tomasson at the our customers are extension of that. And we like to say priceless service for fair price on our service aside business. I will cycle or I'm very impressed when we go whatever what the talk about I mean we really only go over what to talk about as we know each other so well so but. He says hey strike through that Alan talk about my people. Continued talking about aegis edit your vendors your son's a minute that's the Robie family recognizes. That Talbot not. Our business to businesses and our & Associates are every bit as important as our clients absolutely but are fine answer and then number one important. As well so all equal but it. Without one and that the the mode on floated genome science. Since we live on river. And talk about daddy's I have heard some stories every. Yeah trend that's what lets out about how I led in an eight day Saturday sat out herds and enthusiasts of the but I really wanna call I really want to Clark is up Connor he's he's he's teaching me how to harness how unsettling but. Also are really want to buy your very modest. Your company is this such a staple of short I mean we had a we had. You know it could call Howard and are moderate bill the other damning and your right then me. Yeah our businesses and I hope that the rebbe family can be one of these businesses Monday. That they show these B prowler and and you're not just a little small home builder Manger from guests should. But what will we come back allied talk about what you go where you're located you know what should model looks like in that and brag on you'll. That cope sounds it means we stick around for another sign that sounds like flat I will be right back. With Clarke Stewart Eastwood homes. Welcome back to come through. I'm Andrew McCaskill really electric blowers any symptoms could be seen in the company's Wii or your posts. We are still here with Clark's knew her from Eastwood homes. Sound Telus and industry stories and it's a little bit about the relationship between Trenton Clark. Now a study about your company handling history which it's mentioned the last segment. Sterling guest and here are super proud patty in our markets and being especially hailing from here in. And ended the roots of your story if you miss of the last segment with his second save and get back in here how this company was was formed. As just a cool story Clark. That's pretty cool. That my father's Father's Day as loose ones that they did or how is that they built they built three he broke even on one. And lost money Leo it. Mainly should've done admits that out of the car got a thought you'd think you've ever make anybody right yeah. And. That's how we tell our story. But not yap a shout out to big jolt Father's Day shout out the Clark go fathers today we didn't really tell about that in the last name it with Clark. And a shout out to my father and am my brother's is a father. You know I have four children shout out of Patrick coming. Clark's got two beautiful girls beautiful girls. We've got in on Clark let Alice Saturday. Jeff has yeah I am and mom on the road that it. You do it dropped lassie on the lightly and Bob N and you see him outside and I hate mail us he's like man that Mundo and the then that's why he's not my parents lie in the Lincoln South Carolina Lee Ki Lee and stated same thing I needed his buddies will come a minute they're in their older than we are of course deem my parents and it. He uses for an Opel and get down to the bottom of the opposite flashing lights at their house. Here's the deal if they wanna become candles flashlights and ask Hillary anonymity turns off because of the veterans. I definitely guys like says there and I guess EPS thirty years include yeah and in the end nothing changes that is resilient. So let's talk let's get back Tonys went home I mean you argue your billion in North Carolina South Carolina Virginia now. Yep that's where does it three states and seven different metropolitan areas. Let's echoing your newest metropolitan areas Columbia I yes that's doesn't know and for us on we've always count on popped over Colombia on our way to a Charleston where we didn't do a good bit of distance there. And I am. Came across some people that I have a great heart the right attitude. And they wanted to be part of Eastwood homes and you're it would merger to companies it was through an acquisition. And the company is called fortress builders down there. And it's from Bob bill senate intend Kernen. And they are great people are cut from the same cloth as we are and now we're really excited to bring them into the east with fat. But we talk about you know that we talk about you know before before Ellen did that merger that acquisition you know I get that kind of behind the curtain discussion. And an all you have talked about throughout this this deal is is how good of people and you said. It is a work it out you're like I don't know but they're good people is that you know what I mean how she and I don't know they're good people I trust them and and it just keeps resonate with me so I think that's great. So in South Carolina you're in Charleston. Big town green bull in Colombia the track. In North Carolina here in Charlotte. Raleigh in the Tryon the track. And then your Richmond Virginia is in certain markets to an ass impressive Clark deeply into the Asian guys entered into this is this a kind of first acquisition eve merge with another company or did you isn't how you sort of these other markets as well. No as. Already and an old school home builder on the corporate side Tommy to god she does the hard way. That I. We win and we have always grown organically. You know we have to now we've we've talked about. Maybe harshness of services SARS is come here are some that. Everybody tells me yelled at some when I meet people and airline I grow these new markets certainly big and does the same as the light. We lose money from six years and try to figure out how to do it knew that eventually it tonight and there are multi Bobbitt is in the starting running well let's blood sweat like that's an easy time in Canada and sluggers until it. So. So so mean Clark and our dear friends who embodies we both are fond of of the west out of Charlotte Clark's office is on the west Charlotte Allah Al off Billy Graham parkway. On our offices on west morehead. Clark lives on the river he actually is on the gas and county side a little Mecklenburg County side. This really cool as you get older you eat your friends on the river and you get a run the bottom and you see your friends. Since Wimbledon when you have time lately has yes right exactly we talk we talk a lot of valiant together in order a thing. Last year we did it wants that right and a light light hearted element blistered this year life life gets in the way. So but no site Clark is Clark isn't as avid avid hunter great past time and and I think grow up honing. So support and actually were very fortunate to get news hunt quail this winner. With Randy Burris had Randy on the show a couple times. I ever hit the or shall they they sold to also a Beloit a good friend of mine cart has a lot of business with those votes. Dual that you lost a lot of their divorce say to this well honey sock tell Clark has them. So my goal is online and you're crazy with that but she got all the bells and whistles on the guns and you've already done all the dirty water. So any Tammy need to hunt nobody Olga with. So he goes unlike out scary stuff all sounds like helpers are beloved animal on the Labor Day and Dow always tell anyone that makes and turned around. To left have the break at his arm tight and we turned around that are right figure out the first day eve how license mud you better have a good match and money. The licensee. So so so I translate that throughout my life and options identity to use in hunting and now I will confessed. I don't know one on goes on not a good and not when you know exactly what's going six car got news pay. Lowe who let's go nuts and done that I've never done that let's give us some duck on the top and a half mile. Like okay has that has Eller he's alone company killed mark at noon against Al thumb but okay nerd and so he doesn't phase are unknown number are looking for though he's not Manolo word got caller and and I think we had a mild winter and it does have. And it feels terrible travels analyst here since. Says sentences so I got a goal line and get my permit now that night formats and Clark out he's crazy questions about 10 o'clock and nine Amman this Obama must permits and licenses or whatever it in a maximum public companies ask me questions about Monday's whole shot again and again get out from top of his closet if it was not the right shy guy Dick Clark won't meaty so if he's up litter box it was cold I was going bullet in the world model they've been out. I'll on the roll off roll out for its me he's got to go on the vote he's got a really cool really cool algo worsen and boat and a picks me up. Installer. And he's as answer medical questions about what site you know brought down. And in my thirties magazines technology just take that shot gum at the house that you used to go out brawl or don't want what you just tell me that before yeah. Actually get out there he's got all these vaguely he actually has a vehicle is the mechanical and a dot what do you sell those assets but. We're walking death. For Walcott on the sure on the great to Tolle. And there's a big did don't go on the beats. Via an online car there's dead bulb in the door and yet these lights on our head and he's all Yemen and we got you're set up Paris. Like talking about that did know I was like man am I have normal but I did go home based on the Doc Rivers a little weird to me yeah. You know homes and that I had to step reflect a I'll collective feet deep down doll and a so Clark tell me exactly hell's gonna happen he says that it goats flower mound it is this and then bring. And we sat there for about an hour and he said this and work and we get ten moments and about nine minutes later. Bob. I thought every bird was a duck. Oh do school track like this and that is knoller. And I flew around Laura flew around I got a little jumpy exactly have caller said it I got jumpy and flew it. Now Juan just that likes of them. A light so please don't let something I don't own. So that they did like this to court and not think Nellis on I think is one of the funniest things I've ever done was that morning and be in this serious so I'm I'm I'm ready this year are. Good deal when he tried again hopefully this time will actually. Caught fire a shot about. Fifty seconds left in the segment let's talk a little bit more about Eastwood maybe tells the website things like dandy dozen communities and maybe before interest and listen to it it. They wanna come connect with these that was the best way to do that. The best way to find this is not just restrict our website it's www. Eastwood homes dot com. And there you can access all the communities that we have throughout the Charlotte area or if you're listening from outside the Charlotte area. I'm fuel on there would if you're in the Carolinas. We're probably in your market so it's great. Eastwood holes not count Eastwood homes knocked out and you're like me unlike Debbie Debbie Debbie that's like an old they it and there was that ethnic western country singer he's got as sound AB Debbie Allen Jack deadly Dave B Dave be done. Some. That's all I got Clark thank you so much for joining us land absolutely it's always fun to hear more about your story and learn more about your you listen now homeless broke me stay tuned will be right back. Welcome back then only driven up after the past regulatory. Encased in from the road game companies we are you close. Trick Clark Stewart. He got home and I'm really not he's in the Hal he's in the half's we asked him to stick around for one more safe. And he's looking at a funny cute and have a life and into space. Movie that we were talking indeed you were telling you that your kind story in this last segment related even the last three segments what oh what a great honor to have. Clark in the billing and in here with us. It also lead whittled a few funny stories. About prints hung escapades. And in leaders talking during the break I am not a hunter but I'm like future and I'm out of their helper. And I can run that's the Sutton didn't get more bullets and in in more shells and I kind of deal. And I think the morning the UN does cunning I went rad honing in Indiana what my in laws and I'm my brother on his family's in the age they are for real he has the dogs the whole deal of it you're you're very good nearly actually rule called teach me help me that in drug do in this. And like this second step out of the truck I had a pair of like Clark needs the united but if there Lou where I. So Stephanie were and how pastor S death and a puddle. And mosques that comes clear as the reason I'm hopping around I wanna lay. Someone else to get my B Beck my follies and he has caught they're seen them before. Cassidy is a brother in law's dad acidity so to cut away like. You are was mocking UT CAD glitz lakers as there were movie city slickers Diane but it's cool to have friends that that did diddle diddle beat patiently in the enjoy watching watching people learn something you kind of like we do with. With the with the things that we do it with some of our new employees in same kind of dealing US employee warrants are how to sell something to learn how to build something today insists that that's that's the fun part right. Will you know you Tom hobby and a helper to we talk a little bell on the last last week showed. A particular go and make him out yet another day at an Alison you're not told runner Al letter written and run and and any public tools NASA not a semi mild wonder bar MR Cameron go and mossy. You know litigious dolls come on guys you see written in my truck and how they'll never ever that I had to wonder Bart a hammer and mostly it. In my tape measure goes in my door of those things you need rag on lending and I instruction industry right when when your. When I'm afloat carpenter. But on you pretty good now on dvd and clicking new Julia I says it goes too lazy you know it's all relative right to you on the superstar and a carpenter got a phone call from united will play a roller through time I will say. I will say I did I'm I'm doing my drop blame a concrete work on their set onus on the spec house and get in the yeast. Subs and trays that we don't typically used that you know new gas and I got a guy grew well with the went mulberry bad discharged from the teaching Nixon. And landing Chris trauma a man among others more than before showed. And it's just cool man seen these but with the school hard knocks me at least by basketball in elementary school it mulberry bag the shirts get angered church camp and then. And then they went their way now MI away and we we would do with what we're. Let TJ tell me to smaller and he said Miller from the west were resilient. He said that's what the kids today don't understand and I -- public say it resonated with me but those good is is like Corey union enhancing these guys in twenty years I hope that likes and he concrete down form. Oh it dates set themselves up pretty well I think that is gambler resiliency and we talk about small authority takes have a small business of the fourteen tasty. Toronto remains of business and and resiliency SE is is a huge factor anatomy. We are one you're in your buddies in my play basketball with the admiral Mary church back in those days. Well both Andrew Wright does know these gas I am here to dance so be it. This good to see guys that zero Lofton and they're resilient and these success yeah we won't work caller I tell you that our our group. I sing SO life I mean there's a lot of whatever were color were 35 to forty out. Hardworking folks out there man irate dimming and the caller sky. Gotta gotta work with him just in and he he's our he's my right in your race. I mean he's been with deeds the whole the whole C Max is just cooling EG we G have because because we were caught. And we and we talk straight. We look each other not so I don't know man this good. Thinking about my dad thing about honey I think rove honing because my dad served two tours isn't it common. He had enough ago it's in Italy I mean truly and and I know a shotgun and rifle or if threatened and then and then what she's in over the air. He'd just had enough so he didn't want me around it but I am that I. You know I think he would he would be proud to Clark is teaching me to hunt. Healy TV now sits Avian father standards. Truth yet happy followed it my dad and Corky yet they generally learn a little bit about on the on the first tee segments. United for some Leon as for Cindy seek solace they might be old harder feel that they've got four beautiful children they'll come tell you neck and and a great wife. At times it happy father's aide all the dads out there it's a big moment big date to spend it with Stanley enjoy it. Chlorine are the top greeting. And anymore children floor will. Homeland plea moments body never hear these multiple and then I got my hands full apology and a man and you got to families. Clark's wife Sarah is a wonderful mom and we just. We get along so well. Car can cook too. The only fully. I'll go. Using codes and Quayle and it. On the same play with cooking to Lama I'm not that could I never could but I must Atlanta my great sidekick Al stand there until stories with the holiday lull the children go Columbia yet now we don't do that European you know ultimately really during the nuclear owner. Nazis. So sows give me good color they soaring give shabby dead we got a medal as well. How did I think people do know that we know we we prerecorded so sometimes some communities indeed I will be live with my dad out this weekend my brother and his family. And and not mine Jody in my mind my daughter's car we're gonna get out on meet. My parents like kiwi Sino land of the date on time and we'll celebrate him celebrate my brother and and maybe I'll get it's the celebrations welder it's that special time in and we and we appreciate that you know we give you heart tell your old friends thought about going down hanging at his data like helium from me and my family as close as we are. Have never been down to pops out so hung out with a pair split their listeners to syndicate called out hello talks but I do it. Thought she can shoot me an email account the equity Greinke is tightly his fight they call Mac Mac Mac. The death in my Dale's file for Ron and I think Clark says big yesterday that's. Bull is a wonderful show everybody have a great callers today thank you for join this happy Sunday would have a wonderful week. Tune in now homeless program will be back next Sunday thank you.