​ Laying Out A 4 Step Process To Retirement

The Hobart Financial Hour
Sunday, June 18th

​ Laying out a 4 step process to retirement. Time to tell your boss, to take this job and shove it!


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LLC remember that old Johnny Paycheck home. Take this job and shove it. We may now want to go that far but today we're going to be laying out a four step plan on the show. That's going to help you be ready to retire on your terms. Over it's time to tell your boss hey I'm out here you know you're able to do that. You're the type of person that's worked hard. Saved up a tidy sum of money in your retirement savings accounts. Trust me. You don't want to miss today ship. Because we're gonna share how to create a purpose driven retirement. And how you can be sure that your financially ready to make that leap. You can retire financially independent. Let's get started. This is they'll hold large financial hours. Which retirement news networks Robin pierce and the founder and president of Wal-Mart financial group. Crystal part. Chris has been featured in national media outlets such as the Wall Street Journal CNBC. Fox business and market watch. And acknowledged by senior market advisor magazine as one of the nation's top independent financial advisors. Chris has been serving the Carolinas for more than fifteen years. This is the whole parts financial our ponder retirement news network. I'm Robert Pearce with the retirement news network and we're here today with the founder and president. Hallmark financial reports. Chris Hope party he has laid out. Quite a show for us today. Look you may already have a plan in place you may already be working with the financial advisor. You know someone who has you know help you your stockbroker. Amassed. A your wealth over the years and you're thinking I don't know if this is. This is really gonna work for me it's not got a plan. Look. Mike Tyson. Is the save this. Everybody. Has a plan. Right up until the moment they get in the ring with them and he punches him in the face. Now may be going in the retirement you don't wanna start off with Mike Tyson punching you in the face and you wouldn't be alone with pat. This is the kind of thing though that you haven't done before so if you get into something and you don't know what to do. Maybe you've got a plan but something dramatically changes in the world. It makes your plan no longer relevant that's what makes really putting together a retirement strategy so difficult today right. You know Robin it's funny that you mention Mike Tice. Because the one thing I know about Mike Tyson other than he could not anybody out that he wanted to you was the fact that while he was great. He still had a coach. And yet somebody to help guide him. To let him know that when you walked into the rain exactly what he needed to do. And often times the key for all of us as we approach retirement is to make sure you've got the right coach for you and in this case the right retirement coached. At which is a team that. Has the experience and knowledge and insight. To help people and their retirement appropriately at the right amount of income in retirement pay the least amount of taxes and retirement and quite frankly. Not simply allow their money or ride the roller coasters that exist out there when it comes to investing. Your money now Albert financial group. Our team specializes. And helping people just like you. Prepare for retirement or successfully through retirement. Because we focus on really what we consider the three most important components. Of your wealth. And essentially that's engineering financial portfolios. With a goal to make positive returns. Regardless of what's going on in the market. It's also about giving the least amount of money to Uncle Sam and taxes and finally. Simply leaving more money to your family if you're not used during retirement. Let's start going through the through the plan to give me give us an idea really why you think these were steps are important. Engine. Rob it really goes back to its new clients that we just welcome to the hope our financial group field. When it came into us they had. On stacks of paper and quite frankly they have been very successful in what they were doing they had different income that they knew would be happening at different segments of their life but the he looked at everything that they add in. They can't simulate cease what's off war what's the big goal now that were considered retirement and how do we make sure that all of this money together. Makes cents. And the reality is when we took a look at it. They had a lot of investments were quite frankly doing very well for the investment folks. Because it was packed with fees and charges and also let's say it was a good account for Uncle Sam because Uncle Sam was going to be a tremendous beneficiary of the planning that had been done or not been done for them a wanna talk about this four step plan. It's really a matter of making sure that we know exactly where we are where we're going. And beginning to put it stages in areas step we can judge our success by consistently. To know that hey we know where we started we know where we wanna go and how successful are we on that path that we call retire you're probably so they're just like the folks that we we brought on this brand new clients O mark Findlay and yes and say geez I've got that paper tonight I am worried about tax I'm worried about cost I'm worried about my plan or the fact that I don't have a plan. That you have watched you not to have to worry. If you want that comfort or if you wanna make sure that you if nothing else had a solid review what we call the whole part financial group blue print of your finances. Let's sit down let's review your situation and let's dig deep clean the idea of where you sit. If you wanna take advantage of that simply pick a phone. Give us a call 7047492103. Again that's 704. 7492103. This gives you the opportunity to have a whole part financial group blueprint drawn out for you gives you some clarity with you or finances with your retirement with your future. Again the number 704749210. Victory. Chris lay out for us step one. All right this is basic and this is what everybody talks about but it's really defining what you want retirement to DE. Everybody's goals and everybody's plans they're different and quite frankly. I think it cost different amounts of money is well. You see. Most people spend their entire working lives. With the purpose of saving money for retirement building building building. But when you retire. I have that opportunity. To use that money that you saved. For your purpose. And serve your purpose. This is a big transition because you're raising your hand is no more paycheck I'm gonna live off of my savings. And you can either have success of this or you can have chillier and the beginning part is define what you want your purpose. A retirement would be so. Don't skip stood up because this is a step is gonna drive all the decisions that you really need to be making in. The following three steps and really make sure you retire or. In that great blissful area easy retirements different than anything. You have ever done before let's build a dream. And then let's make sure that the money you've set aside works towards helping to accomplish that dream now our first step but I hope our financial group. Is to deal would you hope our financial group blue print this is an opportunity for us to take a look. How your investments are performing what you should be doing how to make sure that your income in retirement meets and exceeds your needs including inflation how to make sure that Uncle Sam what he's always gonna be. Up partnering your money with you is a small part earn your money. And also how to make sure that if you don't use all of your money and retirement. You pass at TD next generation in the most efficient way to get your hope or financial group blueprint give us a call. 704. 7492103. This is complimentary. And I assure you this is something. That you could look at and realize that now you have a greater understanding that you ever have. Of what your retirement future looks like again 7474921. And three. Just give us a call 704749210. Victory. Well we just found the tip of the iceberg but there's so much more to discover stepped wian. Dream about your retirement but when we come back. Chris is gonna talk about a critical next step that really sets the stage for the rest of you retire. Coming up next. You're listening to hold mart's financial power on their retirements news network. Do you get the feeling that with your mutual fund the feeling is anything but mutual expenses higher than advertised taxes you never even considered lack of transparency leading to unlimited confusion. See things a little more clearly and potentially reduce your overall portfolio expense improve your tax efficiency customize your portfolio controlled the maturity of your bond portfolio. Let's hope large financial group show you the truth total cost of your mutual fund portfolio and help you do something about it it will cost you nothing get a free mutual fund report and learn what you need to know before you decide to put your hard earned savings into a mutual fund this report does a great job of breaking down the financial speak that's so common in most financial reports and it addresses directly many of the challenges faced by those who are in foreign nearing retirement today. For your copy visit mutual fund mistakes dot com that's mutual fund mistakes dot com report courtesy of Hulbert financial group. Mutual fund mistakes dot com. This is still hold large financial learn on their retirements Muzak. I'm Robin pierce with the retirement news network here today with the founder of hope our financial and personal part. Actresses been helping people here in the Charlotte area well. Cross secure online is for more than fifteen years kind of team who can really. Help you put together we can. The four step action plan that he could retire sooner. Rather than later he was a rough week this week with the boss maybe there's been. More than a few rough weeks and it's months or even years and years looking forward to maybe you don't know hey you've been you've been Smart you save your money he saved enough. Pretty need a little bit more ago wherever you are in the process even if you recently retired and things for securing with this today. Could be very applicable to your situation. If you do you hear something on the program today. Got more questions about it you wonder does this apply to me should I be doing this pick up the phone and give them a call. 704. 7491103. Now Chris is shared with this the first step. Right that's the he said it may sound a little hokey but it's just a mindset that we really kind of got to get ourselves into Reich is we really are. Planning out what we wanted to do. Over the next few decades. Good lord will and soul you know versioning out dreaming about whatever it is your hopes your fears you know your spouse or sitting down in your discussing. Whether chipping army and cruising down the coast of South America maybe it's you know skiing climbing mountains are. Stick around the house. In the grand kids and maybe you'll Wimbledon spoiling on them whatever your dream is what you have that what's the next that Chris. Around really at that point you gotta do something pretty basic which is take inventory of where you are and I wanna be clear is already heard some groans coming. Back practices. And that is. Do it out loud that I have here is a deal sometimes when people hear about inventory they think I got to create a budget. And let's face. There aren't a ton of people that really enjoy creating a budget are sticking to it now I realize there are some that look I don't wanna I don't wanna say it's a bad idea but not everybody is built to do that and this is really about understanding where your. Are you know where you should go. And you know it it makes me think yes for spring break this past year. We took our kids up to Washington DC and how do you you know they're really two paths that we did go which is hop in the car and see what gets us here horror hop in the car but he GPS and give us here at the most. Efficiently we can't now we got a four year old and a ten year old son who we were efficient as possible. And we wanna make sure that her retirement just doesn't flounder around and take too many cite its U wanna enjoy the ride. But also. You want to make sure that if your goal is to get to retirement. That you had a plan that you've got that financial GPS they've got enough fuel to did you care on time so. This is discussing a list of you were. Resources and when we talk about that that your assets or your investments. In there can be anywhere from you know stocks bonds mutual funds cash. It can also be income producing real estate that you might have. It's part of your retirement plan. The other part is to calculate your income and when we talk about this. This is looking at the different types of gear and heating comes at you have things like Social Security if you're fortunate enough to have a pension. You know putting that in there. And maybe you're thinking about some sort of part time work as well. You can put that in there and then finally. Beginning to track what you're assumed future expenses are in. This means taking a look at what fixed expenses may be if you have a mortgage and retirement or maybe some car payments or you know things like electric bills and so on and so forth that are priest. Entered and then also take a look at the variable expenses and make sure in those variables are planning for the fun stuff that you wanted to and that might mean that trip it's hectic couple we just met with recently. They had this great concert that we don't within which is taking a look at all here. List of their assets in calculating their income and helping them decree that consistency of income that. Met their needs in retirement but also gave them some variable expenses there. And gave them make clean clear budget for fun why not. You know the reason we're talking so much about. Following certain steps designed to help in retirement. Is because we want to have confidence. As you decide to make that leap to retirement the best way to. That confidence is to have a plan and if you think about it. Retirement is really a fairly modern concept in the past. People would work until they just didn't work anymore but today retirements lasting 10203040. Years. It's only in the last eight years or so that people have been able to work for part of their life accumulating money savings. And then spend their savings over twenties or thirty year period of time not working but living office eight weeks. So what we're talking about is permanent unemployment and by golly you'd better have a plan. The question is how you live off of your savings for twenty or thirty years and not running out of the money. And that's the number one fear for Americans to day I make sure that I. Don't run out of money in retirement finding the answer this question may be the best way to you. Retire financially independent and it's challenging. And this is where things like the stock market and low interest rates can make you really tough right. Good news is. Then it's entirely possible to maintain your lifestyle in retirement. Yes. This is important. If you asked the right questions and make the bright decisions. For your situation. And also working with a trusted. Financial management team that can help you along the way to make sure that you're staying within the what we call the rails of your finances. Not spending too much but also giving you permission to spend money because you have done so well saving them money up. ID discover what questions asking choices to make. And you contrast. Well it starts with becoming more educated. In your journey really should begin with hope our financial group now part of the hope our financial group blueprint for retirement. He is taking a look at your income because reality is income is keen for people of retirement age and isn't really whether or not your read. You wanna be absolutely sure that you're gonna have enough money coming again. Every month to cover your expenses. And really live that lifestyle that you can match that. Lifestyle that you dreamed about step number one to eight and you work so hard to save your money towards now. Now the first process for us in the us is to get it completely customized financial analysis. From one of our firm's financial professionals this is someone who has more interest at heart. And someone who can provide you with a fresh professional perspective. On your entire income picture oh this isn't something that's generic it's not. A cookie cutter report. We build customized. Reports unique T your needs and your goals. Give us a call 70474921. Post. Take advantage of an opportunity to get eight. Financial blueprint that's gonna give you clarity. Better understanding. But more importantly the ability to say to your house when you won a city bus see you later I got the income I need in retirement. I'm out here again on number 70474921. On three. Give us call now 7047492103. Well we're halfway there are two of the four action steps you need to take it that you can retire sooner. Rather than later but when we come back with the founder Pope our financial group Chris so hard. We're gonna putting to the task about the things that. They say. Not want to miss. You're listening to the hole march financial hour. On their retirements news network. Call now at 7047492103. That's 7047492103. It never hurts to get a second opinion on your retirement plan. 7047492103. Ask yourself this did you pay more taxes this year than you want it to you would you like to keep more of your hard earned money in your pocket. Hey it's Chris Hope mark if you said yes to either of these questions than you may need a PTA. A portfolio tax analysis from my team Bart financial. PTA can help you discover where you have tax money following through the cracks and what you can do about it plus this analysis will X ray your portfolio and show you how are you could be investing your money more tax efficiently. Now this analysis is best suited if you have at least 250000. Dollars saved for retirement and you must be one of the first ten collars today to take advantage of this offer don't delay. Time is money get your free portfolio tax analysis for me and my highly skilled team at 704749. 2103. 704. 7492103. There's no cost or obligation so you've got nothing to lose 7047492103. This is the hallmark financial on the retirement news network. I'm Robert Pearce with the retirement news network. You're listening today to hope our financial our. Thank you for spending some quality time with this to really talk about. Your retirement and you know some of the some of the challenges that you might have along the way and I hope you're picking up great information as Chris has been. Helping us walk through a four step action plan. Are retiring sooner. Let's go for our. I thought this is something that would we hear a lot and a few people are regular listeners to this. A station and maybe even you know other financial programs. You might hear a lot about the 4% rule and some people have a belief. That and laid out this way they say. When you retire you can withdraw 4%. A year from your investment portfolio. And then you shouldn't run out of money. What this whole Bart say about this. Robin I wanna give you a little history books. Can we hear it as 4% rule we have to take a look at wind it will as developed. And the 4% rule was born in the nineteen eat the end. If you really think about it. In the 1980s. Interest rates were what thirteen to 18%. On fixed investments what this tells us is that 4% rule was theories vary vary east accomplish at that period of time because we had theory high interest rates and we had. Not really tremendous volatility in the stock market. With all that coupled together to simply withdraw 4% from your portfolio over period of time. Not too tough to do and still have money at the end. Now here we are 2070. And when we look portfolios of one will look at the market. Understand that. Interest rates are now it all time lows in the stock market holy smokes it just seems volatile or like it could it pull back at any moment. Which is perfectly natural when you've been expanding for as long as we have. With that said. It's important understand that the 4% rule which is such a simplified rule. May not be possible in today's will detect a study came out several years ago when taking into account that downfall of 20012002. And the downfall in the market of 2008. Found that he rule should not be the 4% rule anymore but the rule should be about one point 8%. This is depressing. If you think about it we calculate what investors are dealing with today's volatility the low interest rates the lack of pigeons anymore. And happy. Adjustments on your Social Security. Is becomes much more difficult so they may say to follow up 4% rule. Hope or says follow. Ups land. That allows you to create and build an income that you know you can have in retirement. That you know you will not outlive and then planned for inflationary bumps throughout that period of time is it 4%. Or up. Not for everybody depends on the type of risk you're willing and wanting to take. What it really starts with building a proper plan and protect letting things like costs and taxes and volatility in low interest rates in there as well if you're hearing from your advisor horse from time your friends that. 4% rules don't work for yet it may you might have enough money and not spending enough money retirement where you can write up that volatility. It well when you look at historical numbers and you look at these things called Monte Carlo analysis. They show us folks pulling 4% from their portfolio. Have a good chance about living their money. That's nobody's goal or nobody street. Which is why we could develop our hope our financial group blueprint this is a chance for us to did you clarity around. What you should be drawn from your portfolio. Given under currently investing but more importantly. Are you optimize and talk about optimize this simply means creating more income. Less taxes for longer periods of time I don't know about you. But the thought of paying too much in taxes and retirement is frustrating I feel like I. Party paid the taxes I need to want to minimize what I can't I don't wanna partner with Uncle Sam forever and I want to make sure that my money doesn't last as long as I do. Take advantage of the Hulbert financial group blueprint today by calling 70474921. 03 again at 704. 7492103. This is complimentary. It's customized. But most importantly. It's built to keep you. The insight and the knowledge Teddy comfortable. Retirement 7047492103. All right Chris one more day say. Rule. They say that there's this rule out there to figure out how much money you should have invested in the stock market or the percentage of money. They you have invested in the stock market called the rule of 100. And according to this rule. IE if I implement this it will tell me what my stock ratio. To bonds should be so is what they say. Accurate. Al rob I need to be really politically here and hate yes and now. Do you like that two like that. Are once again the rule of 100 it's also what's called prudent man rule and it's ruled it was built years and years and years ago and the concept behind it is actually scary do it. The problem is since that rule has been developed people are living longer. And because of that instead of the rule of 100. What we're finding is it maybe be more prudent to use the rule of 110. Or the rule of 120. In other words that may mean because you're gonna be living a longer time. That you she good in retirement have a little bit more exposure to proper. Management. In equities or things in the market no reason for this again is because people are living longer. And the second reason is because the portion that's left in the bond component of your portfolio. Quite frankly is not making any money because of the low interest rates so Robin that rule works. But we might wanna make it 110 to 120. Instead of 100 the other thing is and this is where I probably make the biggest argument. Investing in retirement is not as simple as stocks bonds so the rule of one under 110 and 120 simplifies it to a point where I still think it's too dangerous because interest rates are too low. And the stock market represents too much risk more success in retirement. Says let's follow that rule of 110120. But more importantly. Let's do it by introducing anywhere from seven or eight or nine or ten. Differently related or what are called differently correlated types of investments. Truly allow you to reduce the overall risking your portfolio. And give you a more consistent and predictable rate of return. Throughout retirement. All right Chris so what they say might be applicable but it needs some adjustments they're so far make those adjustments and I do that. All my supposed to know what my split actually yes. On Robin this is where plan comes. And part of our hope our financial group blueprint plan. Is where we take a look at the structure of your financial house in as we talk about that we really break your financial house in three components. Foundation which is really about security of money the walls about income generation of money and structure. And finally the roof about taking risk and that would be things like the stock market. And as we've been talking about most people have cash bonds and stocks to represent those or cash and mutual funds that represent ponds stocked something we do our hope our financial group blueprint to answer these types of question Robin. Is to look at where your money is currently divided in the house structure. And then we showed you other ways to build stronger walls and stronger foundation and smarter route. This allows you to have a better understanding of what does it should be but more importantly. That often times there's different materials it should be going into the wall Wallace not just two by fours and it's not just. Drywall but it's also nails and it's also. Insulation and it's it's everything in the roof is not just plywood but it's shingles as well the same thing goes for our finances. Were properly building or structure. An easy answer Robin is sit down. Sure hope our financial group blue print on part of that is going to be looking at your fiscal house. And seeing how strong you currently are more importantly how strong you can be. Give us a call for at 7047492103. Again this a chance to get a complimentary. Review of where you are but more importantly a structured build out of where you need ego. The number again 704749. 21 O three give us a call 704. 74921. I was. Three so we're rounding the final bandwidth we. Q on the record financial power the founder toward financial crystal report lays out the final Q action steps and she. Are you ready to retire now. Or eight. You're listening to the whole mart's financial hours on their retirements news network. This is a hallmark financial our funded retirement news network. I'm Robert Hughes with the retirement. News network computer today founder hopeless financial group. Chris Hope that Crist today has been laying out the four step action plan. So you can retire sooner. Rather than later we could the first 21 one what are you want to do what if you thought about this lately if you. You know figured out is that spending time with the grand kids is it touring the world is it just hanging out on a boat. Trying to get those little fish to turn in the big fish. So you can cook them up later on. Whatever your dreams for retirement are. That's step one figuring that out step to taking the inventory. All the work you've done over your lifetime the for a one case that you have the the stocks the bonds you know that that Wall Street account that you can keep over here that you don't focus on a lot and maybe you've got a pension once you know. Those pieces. That sets this up for step three Chris and what he is step three in the four step action plan. Robin step three is probably the most difficult step for most retirees in fact just the other day I was sitting down with a married couple. And they were still nervous about retirement because they say Chris we have been saving our whole lives and we just don't know how to take money out of our retirement accounts. It's it's just under it's it's not natural forests and we're talking about step number three is creating proper income. From your portfolio. While we're gonna call why he's income from your portfolio. To help supplement your social security and if you're fortunate enough your pension a big question is how do you live off of your retirement savings. Over the next twenty or thirty years. And not run out and finding the answer to this question. This question many beat the best way to retire financially. Independent. Those that are best able to assign. What type of income your investments can produce on a consistent and regular basis. Are the lows that are going to be most comfortable in most confident as they walk through retirement. Often times I have people ask me hey Chris you have enough money. Double loaded question I'm national IT because we see people that have money if money. If they've lived a certain lifestyle but the reality his you've got plenty of money but they spend. Like crazy. Well we got other folks may not have the biggest pile of money sitting there but they spend very responsibly for what they have so here's a thing. There's always the questions I need a million dollars to 92 million dollars to 85 million dollars to retire now what you need. Is he need to understand how to maximize what's your money to do. And we talked about that I mentioned Social Security pension terrific the problem is both of those can't have tax consequences. More importantly in my opinion. Is saying how do you make sure the rest of your investments. Are creating tax efficient income for you. In retirement. Now a lot of times people of built up retirement accounts. Sul which means that for retirement. All of your money's gonna be taxable and that's perfectly fine if that's what you've done. Let's still make sure we have a strategy. Eddie structure. To give you a net of tax income in retirement. That you will not outlive and that will consistently bump up. In the future. Best way to do it is it's pretty clean and clear. It's not discounting on water to sources of income generating investments it's actually looking at several different ways to generate income from several different sources. To make sure that you're taking advantage of what we call income diversification. Plain and simple. The best success and retirement that we tend to seek our people that have income coming in from several sources. It'll out of this hate if one didn't work out exactly as we wanted. Everything else is over producing and were perfectly fine. I guess the question house. How would feel if you could retire and know with certainty. You've got enough money coming in each month to support your lives. How you feel if you had that. Tighten the financial confidence. We can work with you'd help you determine if together. We can engineer custom plan. That isn't entirely dependent on the uncertainty of the markets. Rather a plan that can ensure that you received predictable income. Each and every month of retirement. How would you feel if you had that type of financial confidence. You might be asking yourself that question you really don't know I'm happy the time that we need to sit down and kill puke. Answer that question so you can truly feel the difference of knowing that type of information. Over financial group might team that put together we focus on helping people transition from a working lifestyle to retirement lifestyle. We do it every day of the week. We do that because that is the biggest transition network when you face at a certain face life let's face admired as they transition our first job was of the transition hating our kids it was a big transition and then what the next day transition. Israel a retirement. And reality is none of us donut or. Don't do it very often I guess you'd say but over financial group were we retire quite frankly several times a week. Multiple times a month and a lot throughout the year with our clients. And you might be that person that needs that clarity and understanding of what your finances can do for you in retirement. That's where we start with the hope our financial group blueprint. Give us a call right now having a 474921. O three. And we'll sit down with you talk about your goals and dreams but more importantly put an. Action plan together. That allows you to understand. How to reduce your taxes and retirement had increase your income the best ways to invest your money given today's current economic conditions. And how to make sure if you don't use that money. That Uncle Sam is not the primary beneficiary of all of your accounts again and number 747492103. Give us a call today 7047492103. Right Chris what's the final step. While Robin final step is pretty clean and clear. And that's bringing all of these prior steps together in a clean and concise way. It's called proper plan. The reality hit somebody folk might focus on one earth he other parts of these plans and they don't follow through with everything. But the first three steps that we talked about by themselves don't really matter. You know if you just have a dream for your money but you don't take inventory and then converted to use some form of predictable income in retirement. Well you have a century. And you don't know the purpose of your money but you know what you have it's really hard to make plans from here in other words the best thing that we can do. And I again let's go back to that illustration of traveling let's have a dream as to where we wanna travel. Let's follow GPS map that tells us exactly what we have to do and we're yet to go in a car that is properly fueled and let's be able to get to that final destination we're gonna call retirement. And celebrate and so we're talking about a number four bringing everything together so we can have that celebration. Robin at the beginning of the show we talked about being able to tell our box. When we want to see you later were down and were out of here now whether that's a long term plan that you wanna have in place. Or one day you just wake up and say oh my gosh. I'm done with this I don't have to work anymore. We want that confidence or user that competence. Why not follow step 12 and three so you can get to number four which is bringing it all together pretty and nice I guess you'd say bow on it. To know with confidence. That when you're ready to retire you can't retire. So we do and hope our financial group. To dream to understand an engineer what your inventory of your finances are you able to do for you and then to create income for your retirement. Now on top of all that. We see for ways to reduce your tax cuts we seek for ways to make sure that if you don't use the money goes properly to the next generation or maybe you. Wanna pass to the next next generation. Whatever the goals are. Let's define him let's see what you have but most importantly let's put that plan together. And let's play action and accountability behind. Essentially. Let's have a hope or financial blueprint for you. You wanna take advantage of that. Give us a call the number 7047492103. Again at 7047492103. I realize it just takes action steps forward and can encourage you to do. Because the folks at PC having the greatest success retirement are those that take action. And I don't what they have and put action behind. Your hard work the past 203040. Years to ensure that the next 203040 years for success. To give us a call today 7474. And. You've been listening to dull parts. Financial arm and on the retirement news networking. Investing involves risk including the loss of principal no investment strategy can guarantee a profit or protect against loss in periods of declining values any reference is -- protection benefits or lifetime income generally refer to a -- insurance products never securities or investment products insurance and annuity product guarantees are backed by the financial strength and -- sustainability the issuing insurance company are firm may be able to identify potential retirement income -- -- me introduce insurance products like -- as a potential solution talk to your financial professional and your tax advisor about -- Social Security benefits can fit into a complete retirement income strategy financial professionals are able to provide you with information but not guidance -- advice related to Social Security benefits -- -- -- is an investment advisor representative and insurance professional -- our financial group -- -- financial group is an independent financial services firm that helps people create retirement strategies every day using a variety of insurance and investment products to work toward -- their specific goals we are not permitted to offer and -- -- made during the show shall constitute tax or legal advice -- -- talk to a qualified professional before making any decisions about your personal situation we are not affiliated with the US government or any government agency investment advisory services offered -- a wealth management LLC.