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Heard On The Show:

  • Jordan Gross hosts Keith's show.

    Jordan Gross and Travelle Wharton host the show. Click HERE to listen. Read More
  • Alicia Clark

    Alicia talks about Elijah, who will benefit from Keith's Ride. Read More
  • Cassidy Hooper 4/3/14

    Cassidy Hooper celebrates her 18th birthday, talks about her live, and her hobbies like curling. She want's to start a curling club and would like it to be added to the Paralympics. She also donates $50 to Keith's Ride. Read More
  • Dylan Morley

    Dylan Morley speaks with Keith about moving to Colorado for their daughter Mia to get CBD oil legally. Read More
  • Charlie Daniels B-Roll

    Charlie joined Keith on Friday and he gave us permission to post this video, he said no one else has it. Enjoy! Read More