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Billions of Cicadas Break Out

Beware of the invasion! Billions of cicadas are expected to swarm the East Coast from New England to North Carolina this spring after remaining underground since the 1990s. (Photo credit: CBS News) Read more...

See the GQ interview of Brooklyn Decker!

She's a fast talker. She speaks her mind. She looks bonkers in a bikini. Yes, She's still married to that handsome tennis player who almost always makes it to the quarterfinals. But don't worry—she says we have permission to stare. That's why Brooklyn Decker is, now and forever, the kind of girl who really floats our boat

Read More http://www.gq.com/women/photos/201205/brooklyn-decker-photos-gq-may-2012#ixzz2Yr3bYdUU

Watch News Anchor Obscenities, first day on the Job!

Talk about an awful first day on the job. A news anchor in North Dakota has been fired after uttering obscenities for his first words on-air in a video that has gone viral across the country. Check it out here. Read more...

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