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I Read The News Today: 1/13/14

"I Read the News Today, Oh Boy" Trivia

What was unique about King Louis XIX (19th) rule of France?

Answer: It lasted less than an hour. Actually it lasted 20 minutes

The first meal in this place was roast turkey.

Answer: The moon. It was eaten by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin

When you buy one of these it's typically about 15 years old.

Answer: Live Christmas tree

The electric version of these made their debut in 1895.

Answer: Christmas lights

Every four seconds, somone opens a can of what?

Answer: Spam

The average health nut eats 450 of these a year.

Carrot sticks

Over your lifetime you'll do this around two hours and 14 minutes in your car.


When this product first hit stores, Sears refused to carry it because it was "too sexy".

Answer: Barbie Doll

The greatest number of these to open in one day - - 39 - - happened on October 29, 2003

Answer:  Wal-Marts

The average life expectancy of one of these is 50 years. Hint: You're using it every day.

Answer:  Toilet

If you use it, you use it an average of 55 minutes a day.

Answer:  Facebook

23% of wives say they do this without their husband's knowledge.

Answer:  Toss his torn, worn undies

One-third of Walt Disney World's visitors have this in common.

Answer: They're adults who go without children

The top food at America's baseball parks is hot dogs, followed by peanuts, popcorn and nachos. What's 5th on the list?

Answer:  Pretzels

You'll spend 5 hours and 16 minutes doing this today.

Answer: Looking at a screen. And that doesn't include television!

Today, 3,000 U.S. kids 14 and under will do this for the first time.

Answer: Smoke their first cigarette

By the end of a typical person's life they will have used 3,840 of these.

Answer: rolls of toilet paper

New York City spends close to $100,000 each year on what?

Answer:  Body bags

It is estimated that half of 15 year olds do Read more...

Happy Father's Day!

Thanks for all who participated in the broadcast and pancake breakfast! Read more...