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"I Read the News Today, Oh Boy" Trivia

What was unique about King Louis XIX (19th) rule of France?

Answer: It lasted less than an hour. Actually it lasted 20 minutes

The first meal in this place was roast turkey.

Answer: The moon. It was eaten by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin

When you buy one of these it's typically about 15 years old.

Answer: Live Christmas tree

The electric version of these made their debut in 1895.

Answer: Christmas lights

Every four seconds, somone opens a can of what?

Answer: Spam

The average health nut eats 450 of these a year.

Carrot sticks

Over your lifetime you'll do this around two hours and 14 minutes in your car.


When this product first hit stores, Sears refused to carry it because it was "too sexy".

Answer: Barbie Doll

The greatest number of these to open in one day - - 39 - - happened on October 29, 2003

Answer:  Wal-Marts

The average life expectancy of one of these is 50 years. Hint: You're using it every day.

Answer:  Toilet

If you use it, you use it an average of 55 minutes a day.

Answer:  Facebook

23% of wives say they do this without their husband's knowledge.

Answer:  Toss his torn, worn undies

One-third of Walt Disney World's visitors have this in common.

Answer: They're adults who go without children

The top food at America's baseball parks is hot dogs, followed by peanuts, popcorn and nachos. What's 5th on the list?

Answer:  Pretzels

You'll spend 5 hours and 16 minutes doing this today.

Answer: Looking at a screen. And that doesn't include television!

Today, 3,000 U.S. kids 14 and under will do this for the first time.

Answer: Smoke their first cigarette

By the end of a typical person's life they will have used 3,840 of these.

Answer: rolls of toilet paper

New York City spends close to $100,000 each year on what?

Answer:  Body bags

It is estimated that half of 15 year olds do this every week.

Answer:  Drink Alcohol

46% of women and 38% of men do this daily.

Answer:  Take a vitamin

The average person spends three years of his/her life where?

Answer:  On the toilet

Researchers say we become "visibly agitated" if we have to wait more than 40 seconds for what?

Answer:  An elevator

The average American will do this 1,811 times in their life.

Answer:  Visit a McDonald's restaurant

Each day in the U.S. there are about 1.200 people traveling the country in what way?

Answer:  By train hopping, or jumping onto box cars for a free ride.

UCLA receives more of these than any college in America.

Answer:  Applications

Americans eat over 400 million of these each year.

Answer:  Snickers candy bar

5.9% of a typical NFL game is made up of what?

Answer:  Actual action

The average adult will go through 12 pounds of what this year?

Answer: Cereal

When using an escalator, one in four people do this.

Answer: Walk

Hey bosses,  allowing your employees to do this could increase their effeciency by 13%

Answer:  Work from home

In a survey, 29% of adults think it's fine for high school students to do this.

Answer: Drink. As long as they don't drive.

 In order to host a Super Bowl, a venue must have enough space at least 40 what?

Answer: TV broadcast trucks

 Humans start doing this at age two.

Answer: Fibbing

 One in Three women don't know how to do this. Four percent of men don't either.

Answer: Change a flat tire

There are around 640 of these in the U.S.;Hint: They start getting attention in the fall.

Answer: College football teams

 Since the mid-90s more single women have bought one of these than men. What?

Answer: A house! 20% of single women have taken the plunge into home ownership vs 12% of single men


 In 2001 there were 70,000 in the U.S. Today there are over 4 million.

Answer: Porn websites


 When trying to kick the habit, 35% of smokers say they avoid being around what?

Answer: Friends who smoke

 Sixty percent of women will do this sometime during this summer. What?

Answer: Ditch their significant other and head out on a "ladies-only" vacation.


 Your family might like to know that the average one of these costs $2, 570.

Answer:  Creamation. The average body burial is $7, 750.

 More workers (18%) call sick on Friday than any other day of the week. What day of the week has the lowest percent of absenteesim?

Answer:  Tuesday, at 11%

  In the U.S. 800 in 1,000 people own one of these. In India just 18 people in 1,000 own one. 

Answer:  A car

 Contestants with the recent Miss USA Pageant used 268 of these.

Answer:  Cans of hairspray

  The average person wastes about 20 pounds of this each month.

Answer:  Food


 There are 47,000 miles of this in the U.S. 

Answer: The Interstate Highway System

 Around 15,000 hours of video are shot for this.

Answer: A season of Survivor


 In 1910, each American consumed a little less than two pounds of this a year. Today that figure is over 24 pounds.

Answer: Ice cream


 Researchers say doing this for 60 minutes improves alertness for up 10 hours.

Answer:  Napping

 The woman next to you at work may say she doesn't, but she probably does. In fact, 75% of women do.

Answer:  Color their hair


 6.5% of us are afraid of this we never, ever do it.

Answer:  Fly


100 million Americans will do this today.

Answer: Drink coffee

 At 96 feet high and 117 feet wide, the largest of these in the world is installed in Sydney, Austrailia.

Answer:  IMAX screen. The biggest IMAX in North America can be found in two places:  Lincoln Square 13 in New York City and Metreon 16 in San Francisco. Those screens are 75 high by 97 wide.


1.5 billion gallons of this stuff is made in the U.S. each year.

Answer:  Ice Cream. This includes frozen yogurt and the like.


New York City residents clean up about 40 million pounds of what each year?

Answer:  Dog poop

By the time they graduate from high school the average kid will have eaten1,500 of these.

Answer:  Peanut butter  and jelly sandwiches


 It's estimated there are around 3,000 of these held around the world each year. Hint:  Boston has one of the most famous.

Answer:  Marathons

 Every day around the world this happens to 12 newborns.

Answer:  They're given to the wrong parents.


 In a survey of office workers, 37% say they've caught a co-worker doing what?

Answer:  Picking their nose


 If you're an average 45-year-old, you have owned approximately 1,350 of these.

Answer:  Pairs of socks

 Supposedly sales of this increase 20 percent the day after Super Bowl Sunday.

Answer:  Antacid


 Since this disaster, about 800 books on the subject have been written.

Answer:  Titanic

At least 30 people died during the construction of what?

Answer: The Brooklyn Bridge


 The average person eats 50 pounds of what each year?

Answer:  Lettuce

 Eleven percent of women absolutely refuse to wear these even if it means missing out on the fun. What?

Answer:  Bowling shoes


 In 2012, Philadelphia had the most while Tampa Bay had the least. What?

Answer:  Major League Baseball spectators. The Phillies sold just over 3.5 million tickets; Tampa Bay just over 1.5 million

 Every day, Americans are accountable for $25 million in what?

Answer:  Shoplifted items


Twenty years ago the average person sent 40 of these a year. Today that number has fallen below 20.

Answer:  Christmas cards

According to the Guinness Records people, the most people doing this simultaneusly is 48, 870.

Answer:  Shaking hands. The record was set in India in January 2012


 This organization has nearly 98,000 employees.

Answer:  IRS. At it's peak in 1992 the IRS had over 116,000 employees

 These can produce up to 30 gallons of sweat each year.

Answer:  Your feet.


Each year, this causes around 200 deaths.

Answer:  Barbecuing


 Most of these that occur in hotels happen above the first but below the seventh floors. What?

Answer: Burglaries

 Police in London, England, say 314 of these are stolen each day.

Answer: Phones

 The six Fast and Furious movies features 124 of these.

Answer: Car crashes


 The U.S. has over 607,000 of these.

Answer: Bridges

 It was first called Decoration Day. Today we know it as what?

Answer: Memorial Day. Established by Civil War Union veterans, Decoration Day was first celebrated at Arlington National Cemetery in 1868.


 The average printed dictionary has 50 of these.

Answer:  Misspellings

 The average woman will do this twice a day.

Answer:  Complain about men


Nearly 40% of McDonald's profits come from this.

Answer: Happy Meals


Forty percent of adults do this and about eight percent of them get caught

Answer:  Regift


Americans toss 30,000 of these a day.

Answer:  Televisions

 The largest one of these ever caught weighed 44.4 pounds.

Answer:  Lobster


 This company's first mascot was a character named "Speedee". Name the company.

Answer:  McDonald's


 A survey found that 15% of these are humorous.

Answer:  Mother's Day Cards

According to a study, the object hit most by vehicles - - besides other vehicles  - - is the tree. What's #2?

Answer:  Wood utility pole


 If this is going to be stolen from you, it's more likely to be stolen in July or August.

Answer:  Your car

  While you've probably seen and eaten only one or two, over 1,200 varieties of this are grown worldwide.

Answer:  Watermelon


 Over 15,000 of these are created every minute.

Answer:  Coins at the U. S. Mint

 Eight in ten adults have it but never use it.

Answer:  Some sort of exercise/gym equipment.


One in five kids say if they were president, they would do what every day?

Answer: Eat ice cream


 The average American eats 270 pounds of this a year.

Answer:  Meat

 The average four-year-old will do this more than 100 times a day.

Answer:  Ask a question.


Since 1970,  the average size of one of these has increased nearly 42 %.

Answer:  House. In 1970 the average home was 1,500 square feet.

 According to a recent poll asked, 55% of singles said this was their most embarrassing dinner date moment.

Answer:  Having their credit card denied.


 You'll lose 100 pounds of this in your lifetime.

Answer:  Skin

Four in ten women admit to do what on their way to work?

Answer:  Using their rear-view mirror to apply or check make-up or work on their hair.


Every person who lives here costs U.S. Taxpayers $904,000 a year.

Answer:  Guantanamo Bay prison


  2,060 gallons of this will be used at the Kentucky Derby.

Answer:  Bourbon

 180 tons of this will be created at the Kentucky Derby.

Answer:  Trash


While the average one of these is built for 20 people, it's most often used by 3.

Answer:  Conference rooms

 The average one of these last 25 1/2 minutes.

Answer: Commute to work

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