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    Bo began his career in radio at WBT in 1990 as an intern for Mike Collins. He was hired part-time at the station in high school and worked various WBT production jobs throughout high school and college, learning from people like Collins, Henry Boggan, and Ray Gooding. He served as WBT Creative Director from 1997 to 2005, working with Al Gardner, Gerry V, John Hancock, and Keith Larson. He returned to WBT in 2012 to succeed Gardner as host of Charlotte's Morning News.


Debate 3: Feeling Big & Strong?

So the third and final Presidential Debate is in the books. It had its moments, but it sure sputtered out of the gate. Funny how that pesky economy kept masquerading as Foreign Policy. There were cameos by Libya, Syria, Iran, and even Russia. But the conversation kept coming back to people's checkbooks, despite Bob Schieffer's imagination... where Israel phoned to say "bombers are on the way." Read more...

Romney vs. Obama: Long Island Sequel

Wow. For a second there, I thought we might need a boxing ref. Read more...

2012 Veep Debate: Who Am I? Why Am I Here?

“Who am I? Why am I here?” I’ll never forget the first words out of the mouth of Admiral James Stockdale, the then-running mate of Independent Presidential candidate Ross Perot, at the three-way VP debate in 1992. In the wacky battle between incumbent George H.W. Bush, upstart Bill Clinton, and pesky businessman-turned White House wannabe Perot, there was, as there always is, a contest between the aspiring second bananas. Stockdale was a deer in headlights, at one point asking moderator Hal Bruno to repeat a question because his hearing aid was turned off. Read more...

Presidential Debate 1: Mitt's Moment

I love the Presidential debates. I always have. I wrote my college thesis on the Clinton-Dole showdowns of 1996, which may have been the most lop-sided affairs ever. Bob Dole, despite all his years in politics, never stood a chance in those battles… just like John McCain four years ago. Perhaps President Obama was expecting McCain to show up in Denver last night. How else do you explain that thud of a performance by the man many pundits had all but conceded the election to in the wake of the jettisoned 47%?                   Read more...

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