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Debate 3: Feeling Big & Strong?

So the third and final Presidential Debate is in the books. It had its moments, but it sure sputtered out of the gate. Funny how that pesky economy kept masquerading as Foreign Policy. There were cameos by Libya, Syria, Iran, and even Russia. But the conversation kept coming back to people's checkbooks, despite Bob Schieffer's imagination... where Israel phoned to say "bombers are on the way."

Maybe people were hanging on every word of the candidates' answers to Schieffer's question about drones. Both men were given the chance to make one last plea for voter support in the closing statements, but I question who was still around to be swayed one way or the other.

Obama was the aggressor... eager to remind people that this is not his first rodeo, even if Denver seemed like his first debate. The President won the zinger sweepstakes, complete with "airbrushing history" and a few "horses and bayonets."  Perhaps Romney was content to concede a few zingers to avoid the stinger: not looking Presidential. 

Romney has officially gone from the GOP "next in line" to legitimate Obama spoiler. He's gotten people to consider him as a safe alternative. It's been a rollercoaster ride of an October for the President... but he has effectively dusted himself off for the stretch run. As he likes to say, this battle is like a seven game NBA series: he can lose a few games and still win it all.

Schieffer's closer, borrowed from his Mom: "Go vote... it makes you feel big and strong."

I'm not sure who will be biggest and strongest on November 6.

I couldn't say that before these debates began.

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