Braun, Not Brains

Most of the MLB players who have been caught using PEDs have lied.  Yankees pitcher Andy Pettitte has been one of the few exceptions.  But Ryan Braun not only used PEDs, but helped himself to a NL MVP trophy and Brewers playoff appearance while also vehemently denying that he cheated. 

Braun has since been suspended 65 games, negotiating a deal that will have him back on the field next season.  So he forfeits all of $3.5 million out of a $120 million dollar overall salary.  From a financial standpoint, he is still a winner.  Baseball and the Milwaukee Brewers still have not confirmed exactly what Braun did and for how long.  Has his entire career been a sham from the start?

The only reason Braun was not suspended 50 games last year was on a technicality.  That was because his urine sample which showed he tested positive for synthetic testosterone was not transported quickly enough after it was collected over a weekend.  Braun knew he was in the wrong but still took a microphone to lie to a pool of reporters in addition to his teammates and friends.

Alex Rodriguez will be next.  MLB apparently has more evidence against A-Rod than they had on Braun.  A lifetime ban from baseball is being considered with Rodriguez looking to negotiate it down.  Either way, A-Rod's career is on the down slope with age and injuries.  Braun's case is really the first time an active player of his caliber, in his prime, is being suspended.  Too bad for the Brewers there is no provision to let them out of his contract should they not want to deal with the aftermath or reduction in performance.

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