Bracketology: Study of Wasted Office Time

NCAA tournament brackets are like opinions and noses, most people have one.  In some cases two or three (seldom with noses), depending on the rules of your particular office pool.  Most of those will allow you to fill out multiple surveys because your co-workers are more than happy to take your money over and over again.

I will start from the end and work backwards here on the eve of the tournament, yet somehow in the midst of the "First Four" which used to be called the "play-in" games until they added more play-in games and had to come up with a new name.  It's more like college basketball purgatory, stuck somewhere in the universe of not bad enough for the NIT and yet not good enough to be placed in the field of 64.

Louisville wins over Miami in the championship game.  I have the Cardinals advancing regardless of the outcome of the NC A&T vs Liberty game.  Ohio State and Florida also make my Final Four.  Some early underdogs I like are (14) Davidson upsetting Marquette, (12) Oregon beating Oklahoma State, (11) Minnesota over UCLA and (10) Iowa State over Notre Dame.  Sometimes it's better to pick games based on mascots or uniforms, and the Irish highlighter green unis made this an easy decision.

It's one of the most unpredictable years of college basketball in a longtime, so you have just a as good of a chance as anybody else.  To prove it, you can log on to and enter our bracket challenge.  Since I am ineligible to win, I will root for you.


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