End of Days

Today is December 20, 2012.  Based on the Mayan calendar, some believe the world will either end tomorrow or the calendar will reset for another 5,200 years.  So, this is either my final blog or the first of many more.  I don't own a Mayan calendar, therefore I will stick with the traditional 12-month wall calendar (photos of Italy thanks to my wife's purchase) which sometimes extends into the following January to give you an additional month to purchase another one. 

The Mayans are important to the world of sports because they appear to have invented basketball.  Technically, they brought us what is called the Mesoamerican ball game or Pok Ta Pok, credited by many to be the first organized team sport. The ball was made of rubber from local trees and weighed up to nine pounds.  The losing team would be sacrificed and the blood would be given to the gods. Thankfully for the Bobcats, games no longer conclude in this manner.

However, some historians claim the losing team captain would behead the captain of the winning team as it was considered to be a great honor to be sacrificed.  In that case, LeBron James would have been in grave danger and fans in Cleveland may have rooted for the Heat to win the NBA title.

I guess James Naismith and his peach basket owe some residuals to the Mayans.  Would an ancient Mayan Dean Smith have used the four-corners delay to shorten the game?  Would an ancient Bob Knight have slung a stone bench in disgust?  Would a Mayan Dwight Howard done any worse on an uncontested shot.  By the way, in the very old school games, only the hips, elbows, knees and head could be used.  In other words, soccer.

And wouldn't it be just our luck for the whole world to end on a Friday right before the holidays?  You work all week, and all year really, to get some down time and then this happens.  Christmas, college bowl games, a couple of days off work...we ask for so little.  Can we re-schedule this for say a Monday in mid-January when the credit card bills come due?

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