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Time for the annual filling out of the NCAA Tournament brackets.  When I was younger, I would stew over my selections for hours, pouring over the numbers.  I think I spent five minutes on it this year, as I do most years now.  Clicking and dragging works much quicker than writing on a newspaper cutout bracket.

I am also a victim of what I've seen most recently, which was Florida State beating Duke and North Carolina in the ACC Tourament.  I'm convinced, enough to put them into my final four and all the way into the national championship game where they lose to Kentucky.  It pains to me put John Calipari and Kentucky in as my champion, but outside of losing to Vanderbilt in the SEC title game, there wasn't much to pick apart with the Wildcats.  Missouri and North Carolina also make my final four, with the Tar Heels again losing to the Seminoles.  Again, I didn't spend all day on this.

Congrats to Davidson for reaching the tournament.  We've had Coach Bob McKillop on the morning show twice in the last week so look at us jumping on the bandwagon.  McKillop grew up playing hoops against Louisville coach Rick Pitino in NYC, so should make for an interesting coaching matchup.  Would love to see Davidson pull of an upset or two, but there is not Stephen Curry to take the Wildcats on a long run like four years ago.  Still, they did beat Kansas in December this season.

Among my early round upsets, 13-seed Ohio University beating 4-seed Michigan and I like Shaka Smarts' 12-seed VCU to win over 5-seed Wichita State.  Duke is in my sweet-16, but they lack the strong inside game to make a deep run in my opinion.  NC State wins their opening game, but can't push them past Georgetown in the 2nd round.  There is not a much better time in sport than the opening four days of the NCAA Tournament.

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