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September 08, 2017 - 3:37 pm


UNDATED (AP) — Janet Jackson says she isn't bailing out on Houston — even as the big Texas town is bailing out from the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey. The pop star says she will keep her commitment to playing tonight's show — as a way to bring a sense of normalcy to the region. Jackson also says in an online video that she will spend time before the show visiting victims of the storm before doing the show.



003-a-08-(Janet Jackson, singer, in online video)-"show in Houston"-Janet Jackson says she will be doing her concert in Houston this evening. (8 Sep 2017)

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004-a-08-(Janet Jackson, singer, in online video)-"for the victims"-Janet Jackson says the Houston stop will be more than just an in-and-out thing. (8 Sep 2017)

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NEW YORK (AP) — Jennifer Lawrence is reaping gales of backlash online for suggesting monster hurricanes here are somehow nature's way of getting back at America for electing Donald Trump president. She made the comments in England, where she's promoting her new film "Mother!" When asked about changes in the U.S., she hinted the storms were the product of what she called "Mother Nature's rage." The comment prompted some Twitter users to call for a boycott of her movies. Lawrence hasn't been shy about her dislike of Trump; she once said his election just might be "the end of the world."


TORONTO (AP) — Lady Gaga says she's feeling worn out these days — and that may prompt her to take a "rest" from music. The singer is in Toronto today for a pair of concerts — and to premiere a new documentary about herself. The film deals in part with her struggle with chronic pain. She describes her health issues as difficult — and that she will use her time away from touring to generate new tunes. Gaga said earlier this week that she was ill, attributing the latest problem to singing in the rain during a show at Citi Field in New York.


EVANSVILLE, Ind. (AP) — You can say it is an "a-MAIZE-ing" tribute to the late Carrie Fisher. A farmer in southern Indiana has created a corn maze featuring the face of Fisher's "Star Wars" character, Princess Leia. Jeremy Goebel says he designed the corn maze in February, not long after Fisher died — and planted it in the spring. It's just now taking shape because, well, it takes time for corn to grow. But now that the plants are mature, you can clearly see the outline. The maze opens to paying customers this weekend.


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LONDON (AP) — It was song originally meant to go on George Michael's 1990 album, "Listen Without Prejudice" — but it didn't make the final cut. But now the tune "Fantasy" is getting new life. It has gotten a makeover from producer Nile Rodgers — and will be on a reissue of the album, due out next month. Michael's publicist says the original version got "lost in the either" — and didn't make it on the original. George Michael died last Christmas Day.



008-r-39-(Excerpt of George Michael, performing "Fantasy," a new single released nine months after his death)--Excerpt of George Michael performing "Fantasy," a new single released nine months after his death. (8 Sep 2017)

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NEW YORK (AP) — Demi Lovato says she sees only one logical explanation for President Donald Trump's decision to scuttle the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program: racism. Lovato says the opposition to the program "is just a race problem." She says it's "just not right" to take children of immigrants and kick them out of the only country they may have known "for no reason." She says she has been spurred to take political action to restore DACA — and suggests that other Americans do the same. Lovato says it's time people "stand up for the things that we believe in."



007-a-13-(Demi Lovato, singer-actress in AP interview)-"we believe in"-Demi Lovato says there appears to be only one motivation behind the ending of DACA. (8 Sep 2017)

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005-a-08-(Demi Lovato, singer-actress in AP interview)-"it's very emotional"-Demi Lovato says she is opposed to President Donald Trump's decision to do away with DACA. (8 Sep 2017)

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006-a-11-(Demi Lovato, singer-actress in AP interview)-"for no reason"-Demi Lovato says the dismantling of DACA is an injustice to people who want to live in the United States. (8 Sep 2017)

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BANGOR, Maine (AP) — Stephen King was a surprise visitor to a screening of his new movie "It" the other day. He attended a showing of the movie Wednesday night in Bangor, Maine — the town where he lives and owns a radio station. King has said the movie about a mayhem-bent clown is set in a fictional town modeled after Bangor. The movie opens nationwide today — and is expected to top the box office list this weekend.



009-w-41-(Shirley Smith, AP correspondent, with excerpt from Stephen King's "It")--Writer Stephen King had a surprise for people attending his radio station's event in Maine previewing a new movie based on one of his scariest books. AP correspondent Shirley Smith reports. ((opens with sound)) (8 Sep 2017)

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010-r-11-(Excerpt from, Stephen King's "It")--Excerpt from movie of Stephen King's "It." (8 Sep 2017)

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HOUSTON (AP) — The NFL season is just getting started — and already J.J. Watt has collected an MVP award. He has been named the NFL Players Association Community MVP for raising more than $29 million for Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. Watt has been all over the media, urging people to donate to help rebuild the city after Harvey devastated major parts of it. In addition to raising money, Watt worked with his foundation to fill 12 semis with supplies — which were brought to Houston and distributed by him, his Texans teammates — and other volunteers.


LOS ANGELES (AP) — They could have called it "Snooping with the Stars." But "Celebrity Big Brother" has a nicer ring to it. CBS says it will be airing a celebrity edition of its reality show "Big Brother." The network hasn't named any of the stars participating in the series. But it says Julie Chen will host of it, as she does for the "civilian" version of the show. Contestants live together under constant surveillance in a custom-built house and are eliminated through an eviction vote.

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